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What inspired you to learn the didj?

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Name and Country

What inspired you to learn the didj?


I wish to learn and become an expert someday!

Andrea Papaiz from Italy

The sound.....

Andreas from Germany

Making a great sound only with this "nature-tube". History of Aboriginal people. Dreamtime Stories.

Andrew from USA

I love the background of the instrument and its ability to soothe anyone.

Anne from New Zealand

Its beautiful sound which can be quite relaxing.

Anonymous from USA

I felt an immediate affinity for it and it came naturally.

Bob from Australia

The challenge, its the best instrument I believe.

Boris from Slovenia

Life! I play various instrument and felt in love in didge sound instantly when I heard it.

Carlos Andres Muñoz Diaz from Chile

El sonido mistico qtiene los armonicos

Catherine from USA

I like the sound and for the meditation and healing proprieties

Anonymous from USA

I'm primarily a guitarist and singer, but I've recently gotten into trance/space music, and am looking to broaden my horizons with a new instrument and learn about a fascinating culture at the same time!


I love the sound, meditative quality... ease of playing own style

Chris from Australia

I love Aboriginal background and weapons, bushtucker and instruments, etc.

Christian from Spain

A family member living in Australia, CD (D Hudson, Axis/playing in tongues), Wirrimbah, A. Bartos, etc; a trip in Australia (2004, red centre, northern parts).

Anonymous from USA

Friend influence



Cody from USA

I always knew what a didge sounded like but I never knew the NAME of the damned thing. when I found out, I immediately became interested and tracked one down. I've learned how to play quickly.

Cory from Canada

I blew into a pvc pipe one day when I was about 12 and discovered it and didn't realize that it had already been discovered!!!!!!!!!! I just new it sounded cool and was probably never gonna stop!!!!

Daniel from Canada

My Daughter lives (temporarily, we hope) in Perth. She has been there going on 2 years.

David Robertson from Australia

I've been intrigued by the didj sound for a long time and was offered the opportunity to get lessons about 2 years ago. On a recent trip to northern and central Australia I tried a number of didges and finally bought one.

David from Canada

A friend of mine brought one to a bbq. I asked him if I could try it out and I've been in love with it ever since

Anonymous from Finland

Traveling to Australia, hearing it's amazingly relaxing sound.

Anonymous from USA

Sleep apnea treatment and music background. Also, since I'm interested in zen meditation I'm curious about that possibility here. Also, I'd like to explore the creation of group trance states.

Fernando from Argentina

I like music. lots of styles. I play percussion and used to play guitar. a friend of mine has a didj and show me how to play. he also told me a little of the didj's history. since that day I became really interested in the instrument and its sound. I think the only bad thing about it, it's the low volume, which makes it really difficult to play with other instruments, specially percussion. but that is easily fixed with a microphone


After watching the native aboriginals playing the didj for hours on end it made me really relaxing, so I thought it was a good idea to start playing it myself.

Ian from USA

Honestly, I saw my first at a gift shop. It's embarrassing, I know, but it peaked my interest. Thank goodness, because I'm quite glad I discovered this amazing instrument!


The amazing sound, and what it could add to the craft of my band...


Loving music


I am on my way to shaman. didj is very significant part of my path.

Jeff Fozard from USA

It seems interesting. A friend has made some.

Jeremy from Canada

Australian culture and an Xavier Rudd concert in Winnipeg.

Jesper from Denmark

I have some family in australia, and I've always been fascinated by the sound. And since I can't play any other instrument do to the fact that I can coordinate my finger, hands, feet very well together do to some left/right issues with my eyes.

Anonymous from USA

Used to play guitar and trumpet, but smashed up one hand so can no longer play these. The didge always interested me and since it doesn't require moving fingers I started playing around with a plastic one.

John Armstrong from USA

My mother-in-law gave it to me about 20+ years ago. I recently joined a didgeridoo circle.

John from USA

The band of brothers that I was with at the time - one of us showed up with a didj and the rest was like a riot of us all falling over ourselves to figure it out. we worked for months - we had no money - we constructed them from pvc and, since we were living in Mississippi, we found giant bamboo that worked until it split. eventually I was able to build a couple of didges out of agave that I harvested while visiting my family in Kenya - these are the didges that I have to this day.

John Van Der Woude from Netherlands

I found my first instrument by coincidence on a market and much to my surprise I could get a beautiful drone. Since then I'm on a journey in discovering the didgeridoo.

Josh from USA

The sound and I hear it is easy to learn.

Anonymous from Germany

To play my own style an meditate with yidaki, to play with voice und vocals and trying every day new things and train this, I play very often with my best friend and I bought didges self in my free time

Ken Bodrug from Canada

My brother

Anonymous from Malta

A local band playing a didj


Reading about them


I think they sound cool and the aboriginal aspect is very interesting.

Lauren from USA

It's beauty and history.

Leon from South Africa

I heard a friend play and also tried it. Its very unique instrument with a very attractive sound. Circular breathing is quite cool to learn.

Mario Rinder from Austria

I like it what else is their to say.

Martijn from Netherlands

Didj sounds in music I just love the didj sound

Martin Izzo from Argentina


Matias Mazzo from Argentina

I've investigated about Australia and discovered the aboriginal culture.

Matt from Canada

It sounds awesome

Max from New Zealand

Hearing it in an english band called Global

Michael from USA

Comparative music programs which I teach.

Miguel from Costa Rica

It's an interesting instrument. The first thing I thought when I heard it was how great sounds can come out of such a simple instrument.


I am a music teacher and was in Australia. I have a son that is also very interested in the didgeridoo. I would really like to get him one too.

Richard from Netherlands

The SOUND of course:> the PPL:> always freaked out bout australia before the english got there:> never been there pitiful:<

Robert E. from USA

I love the sounds. It is meditative.




Watching a video of the musician Yanni. One of the band members played one. Also, while I was visiting Australia this past July, there was a fellow playing one at a market & it really piqued my interest

Anonymous from USA

The unique sound that comes from a didge

Shawn from USA

Never had one.


Interest in the unusual. Trance work.

Steve Barton from United Kingdom

Its always been in the back of my mind for as many yrs as I can remember, where the inspiration came from I don't know, I heard it being played on the tv I think. 3 yrs back Bron and I went to Australia and that was it. I just didn't realise I could buy a didge and the culture was so big outside of Australia, if only I had

Steve from USA

I went to Australia. Plus it is so unique.

Susan from USA

The feeling of calm and something I can not describe in my soul. It makes me happy and strong.

Anonymous from USA

I've always wanted one, they sound so cool! I already make lots of weird noises on my own, so should learn fast!

Tanguy from France

The life...All what I see or listen, touch or smell could inspired me...

Themis from Germany

I loved it when I 1 heard it

Anonymous from France

My friend had on,I've tried and now I'm loving this instrument!


Xavier Rudd

Tyrell from USA

My mother got me one for my birthday after I saw a Aborigine play and the Powwow At the Gathering of nations.

Willy from Germany

We (my father, brother, friends and other people) participated in a sweat lodge, there one who was with us played a didge, others drums and shakers, and the sound of the didge really mesmerized me, so I got me a bamboo didge and also learnt to play.

Zain Griffiths from United Kingdom

The feeling it gave me the first time I heard one

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