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What inspired you to learn the didj?

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Name and Country

What inspired you to learn the didj?


Love the sound


I love the sound and the feeling of playing. See also the next two entries!

Adriane from Australia

I think it's a beautiful instrument. I love the history behind it and find it very relaxing.

Amy from USA

I am interested in instruments from around the world. I own a djembe, a native american flute, and many more instruments, I am always looking to expand the collection and expose my children to as many music cultures as possible.

Andre from Germany

I love this sound and the different ways to play the didj. I love to sit on a fire and play the didj,that's a kind of meditation for me

Andrea Valentini from Italy

To rise my concentration

Anonymous from USA

I have always been fascinated since my visit to Australia about 15 years ago.

Aury from Brazil

Extremamente inspirador

Baptiste from France

My uncle, coming back from Sydney 15 years ago, then, a friend who makes his own bamboo Didjes

Bart from USA

Over an unknown period of time I heard about and eventually investigated them on the internet. My wife gifted me a bamboo didge and I began to learn. I bought a DVD from Didjshop. Some day I hope I can afford an authentic didge.

Anonymous from Australia

An interest in alternative music with a cultural background

Anonymous from Australia

Love the sound

Brian from USA

I'm half Aussie. Its part of my heritage.

Chad from Canada

I have always felt a connection to aboriginal music forms of the world, I cannot READ music, and don't wish to, I feel that this has naturally directed my interest toward music making based on listening and feeling.


I just tried, and... that's just... you know when you feel the vibration of the air column, it's fantastic!

Chris Bittner from USA

Sounds so cool, looks like fun!

Chris from USA

A friend of mine one day was playing one oneday at a festival and I immediately feel in love, it is the most organic, beautiful, and life changing sound, it has helped me in more ways than one. I do believe it to also be a healing device, spiritually, mentally and physically

Colm O Nuanain from Ireland

The sound has always transfixed me. I was also interested circular breathing being a trumpet player. Also the power of the sound appeals to me and the variability that's limited only by your imagination and vocal chords

Dennis from United Kingdom

I love the sound

Anonymous from France

A friend of mine who played, and a band called didgemdi

Eddy from Australia

I love the sound as being very natural and soothing.


I was under stress and couldn't sleep, it was like ten years ago. I turn the the TV on (it was like 3 am) and I saw a tv program featuring an Aboriginal playing. I knew immediately that this was something for me... 4 years later I divorced and the first thing I did (before finding a new home) was to buy my first didj...Its now my everyday friend!

Eric from USA

Fascination and curiosity

Ezequiel Klauser from Argentina

A travel to ibiza, there was a lot of Didgeridoo players, amd I say wow I want to doing

Fernando from Portugal

I don't now for sure, I've just have interest on the instrument and in the cultural essence of it...

Flemming from Denmark

Many years ago I read about aboriginal culture and the didgeridoo. so one day I saw a man playing, and then I just had to get one my self.

Anonymous from France

The sound when I first heard someone playing

Anonymous from USA

Hearing it in person.


Quite bit


I liked the sound and then when I started to play and circular breathe I enjoyed the feeling it gave me. Listening to others play inspired me to continue playing and learning about the didgeridoo.

Jason Steinman from USA

I'm an art student and was at an art festival. Inlakesh was there selling didges. The sounds were beautiful. I had to have one.


The sound

Jeff from USA

I have always been fascinated by the sound of the didj and in the aboriginal people. A friend of mine had a didj at his cottage and when I picked it up,I just knew how to play it, and no one else could get a sound from it. I bought a cheap practice didj to learn more with and have been playing about an hour a day ever since then.

Jim Griffiths from United Kingdom

Love the sound and cultural links

John from USA

Very inspired. I have been practicing my circular breathing with a straw and glass of water.

Jon from USA

A buddy of mine played and showed me how to and since it is so original, I decided to stick with it.

Keith from USA

Always loved the sound. I love many instruments, this being a favorite.

Kellie from USA

My love for indigenous instruments and the beautiful sound I've heard in movies.

Ken Hrycyk from Canada

The hypnotic sound is very soothing,calming, rhythmic. I love it!

Kevin from United Kingdom

The sound!! It's ear sex!

Kevin from USA

I heard it on an Outback Steakhouse commercial and thought it had an interesting sound.

Kris from Belgium

14 years ago, my aunt came back from a holiday trip in australia. She brought a small, very easy playable didge with her. She told me how to circulate breathe and it came very quickly. Back at home I made my first didge from a plastic pipe and a paper (!) mouthpiece and I practiced for hours and hours until I didn't feel my lips anymore. It was very hard to find a didge those days in Belgium. Finally I found one made of bamboo.


Love the sound

Anonymous from USA

I have all ways love Aboriginal cultural I've tried to learn as much as I can.


It's old and mystical background.

Mark Bailie from Australia

Sitting around the campfire at night in kakadu hearing our guide play. The sounds are so earthly and powerful.

Mark from United Kingdom

Just love the sound and how calming it is

Anonymous from USA

I heard one played at my school and really wanted one. I have invested a lot of time in learning how to play it.

Michael from Australia

My culture..it has called me to play for my people

Mignon Haslar from New Zealand

After travelling around Northern Australia and listening to didjes played

Nikita from Russia

Its sound. I've heard it once at circus show, so I've got mad about this tremor-like sound

Pat from USA

The unique sound

Patrick from USA

The fact that the didj was crafted by nature is what inspired me.

Paul Arguijo from USA

It found me


It interested me.

Peter from USA

I don't pretend to have even tried to learn the didj.


Hearing Xavier Rudd mainly but I also like the culture and seeing it played live wanted me to learn it

Ricardo from Chile

2002 I went to Australia and I saw an aboriginal playing for 1 hour. Last year I went to Barcelona and I saw the guy playing in the street. Definitely in both cases I felt something very special, a connection and this year I decided to learn.


Something that has always interested me and I hope that I will be able to continue to learn more about playing the instrument

Rick from USA

Not sure. The sound. The mystery of circular breathing. The challenge of learning to play (which is ongoing). How I feel when I play and after I play - relaxed, grounded, a little altered in a sense of consciousness. The humpback whales in Hawaii.

Robert from USA

Meditative aspects of most interest

Russell from USA

I suppose it was when I first heard it used in modern music. I think it was when I heard "Alien Dreamtime" by Terence McKenna that I fell in love with the didj.

Ryan Anderson from Australia

A didj making workshop at Woodford folk festival in Queensland.

Scott Watkins from USA

My dad introduced me to the sounds of didgeridoos from down under, many years ago as a child. He tried to learn how to play, but gave up. Since his stroke several years ago, I felt if I could learn to play a didj fairly well, and played it for him, the enchanting sounds and rhythms would give him great pleasure and put a big smile on his face I'm going to surprise him with my didj in a few months after my technique improves.

Serena from USA

Hearing them when I visited Kuranda.


His wizard sound Su magico sonido

Stephen from USA

I love the sound and I saw a show once.

Steven Laplante from USA

A friend plays one and I thought it had an interesting sound

Susanna Reichling from USA

For class demos (world music) to inspire students to explore the art form

Terrence Holmes from Netherlands

My Australian girlfriend & seeing Xavier Rudd live.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I find them fascinating but have barely started

Tyler Little from USA

'The Rescueres Down Under' and 'Crocodile Dundee.'

Tyler from USA

I have always dreamed of playing the didj. Ever since I was very young and heard the didgeridoo for the first time.

Tyler from USA

The sheer sound of this awesome instrument

Anonymous from USA

Just like the sound.


Its hypnotic sound

Anonymous from Portugal

A friend

Yvonne from Australia

I am not allowed to play it

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