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If you have any question you would like us to ask our visitors, please let us know.

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Name and Country

First Experience with a Didj

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Wanted to learn

Adam Clark from USA

It was awesome, when I herd it for the first time I was amazed and I loved how deep the sound was. I have such respect of the Aborigines of the outback and I want to know more of there beautiful sounds!!!

Alan Salz from USA

Very interesting sound

Alejandro Alvear from Chile

I think that the didj sound is the expression of the soul of every person is the connection white the spirit

Aleksandar Arsov from Macedonia (FYR)

Wow, how can that pipe sound like that


Great thing

Alex Bloomfield from USA

I was absolutely amazed at how many unique sounds could be produced from a tube!

Alexandra Logotheti from Greece

I was very young when I first heard it,in 1991, because my mother was playing it and I thought that it was the most relaxing sound I have ever heard!!I could imagine myself being in a heavenly place surround by beautiful nature.

Amy Smith from USA

I thought they were quite different and unique. I loved the sound they made.

An Detemmerman from Belgium


Andreas Goeransson from Sweden

It gave me a truly amazing chill down the spine

Anonymous from New Zealand

I knew then, I am definitely learning to play one of these! :) I can't explain the feeling I get when I hear a good didge tune, it just sends something through me, love it!!

Anonymous from USA

Physical impact of the vibrations



Andy Gerzina from USA

It is the coolest thing. It took me 20 minutes to learn how to circular breathe.

Andy Morrison from Canada

As one who is interested in interesting and unusual instruments I was quite attracted to it.


Felt amazing

Angel Cruz from USA

Powerful projection

Anthony Aleman from USA

I felt like something went in me and never came out the didje sound


I thought that it was a strange and fascinating instrument.

Anthony Collet from Australia

The vibration

Anonymous from USA

It was something strange that I've never heard before. almost otherworldly, but at the same time completely of this world

Antonio Torres from Spain


Anonymous from USA

I was very interested in how they worked so I bought one and fell in love


Nice, different

Ashley McGehee from USA

I thought it sounded funny.

Aurélien Palacios from France

Un instrument très spirituel, qui rend bien. I have thought it was a spiritual instrument, and the man who was playing look like very calm!!

Ayeshah Munshi from United Kingdom

It had an almost hypnotic effect on me as I listened. It can fade into the background, but the second it stops, you miss it.

Barbara Dye from Canada

I saw/heard one on the beach outside Sydney - it was wonderful - really got a feel for the aboriginal art/music

Ben Schiettecatte from Belgium

Pretty eerie


I had to have one!

Anonymous from Germany

A very emotional sound

Bill Murphy from Ireland

It was a mysterious sensation. The feeling of sound and the haunting animal calls were excellent.

Bill Radel from USA

The instrument for me.


Thought it was unique

Brad Lackey from USA

I was awed that such a sound could be produced.

Anonymous from USA

It was neat.



Anonymous from Canada

Very cool

Brett Daniels from USA

The low frequency sound relaxed me


Awesome instrument, I loved it

Brian James from Us Minor Outlying Islands

Thought it had an unusual sound and was amazed that it could produce such a variety of sounds for a pipe and couldn't understand how they could be played for so long

Bruce Thomson from Canada

Very interesting very different very beautiful I wanted to learn

Caleen Haun from USA

I thought it was very vibrant and primal. I felt like I was transported back through time a couple of millennia.

Camilo Carvajal from Chile

My first think about the yidaki was a 100% aboriginal sound because in my country (Chile) we have an instrument that sounds very same the yidaki. it calls "trompe" and it's original from the "mapuche" culture. but centralize in the question, just the fact that yidaki comes from a very ancient culture, I practically "falling Love", and it's because I'm a big fan of the all kinds of ancients cultures, specially the australian. And the First feeling of the yidaki was very relaxant and mystic. a very warm feeling (excuse my orthography if I have a mistake in this and the other answers!).

Carl Hirschfeld from USA

"I gotta get one!"

Anonymous from USA

I briefly lived in AU in 2000. I heard didjs played at Uluru. It was relaxing and spiritual at the same time.


Great site with loads of info

Cherisse Cooper from New Zealand

I felt the moods,motions,rhythm and spirituality of the sounds that came through the wood,which made me feel like I was on a journey where Id never been before.

Cheryl Free from USA


Chris Burd from USA

I first heard the didgeridoo played in the movie The Coca Cola Kid. It had such a soulful sound.

Chris Fleming from USA

I thought it was a amazing sound that would be pretty cool to learn to play

Chris Pieplenbosch from Netherlands

I thought it was the most awesome instrument ever, I felt this very special vibe, I said to myself I want to do stuff like that if I get the chance.

Chris West from USA

Moved, animated, chilled, thrilled

Anonymous from Canada

Sounds relaxing

Anonymous from Canada

Gave me tingles in my spine



Claire Hutchinson from Australia


Anonymous from Italy

"Che figata!!" (cool!)


I thought how is he making all those different noises

Anonymous from South Africa

Intrigued to play. Wanted to know exactly how it was played, especially the breathing. Sound went right through my body.

Clive Workum from Australia

I thought Rolph Harris was quite a talented painter.

Anonymous from Germany

What is that?!?!?!?!

Cynthia Tierra from USA

It felt natural, like being reintroduced to an old friend.

Anonymous from USA

I loved it. It has such a warm earthy tone. It makes you feel as if you are a part of nature.

Dan Kaplan from USA

I was in Awe of the Aboriginal recordings

Dan Kilbury from USA

I loved the sound. I thought it was a cool instrument.


I thought that the sound of the didji was very strange


The vibrations of the didj feels good and it even feels better when playing!

Dave Colontino from Canada

It was literally amazing! A work of art.

Dave Johnson from USA

What can possibly make that kind of sound?

Dave Robinson from Canada

That is a very cool looking instrument

Dave Tighe from United Kingdom

Made me relax

David Birmingham from USA

Hauntingly strange,but peaceful

David Hunter from USA


David Ponicki from USA

I wondered what it looked like.

David Scruggs from USA

Primitive synthesis... awesome

Dean Humphreys from United Kingdom

I was blown away,speechless, amazed and I wanted to know more!!


Deep sounds as if it comes form deep inside a giants chest

Deborah Schamann from Canada

Very interesting

Den Grosjean from Belgium

I had a deep relaxing moment



Derek Bell from USA




Anonymous from France


Don Schraier from USA



I have Never seen anything like them...They are very interesting

Anonymous from USA

Coolest instrument ever!

Doug Stoker from United Kingdom


Douglas Ellis from Canada


Douglas Michon from USA

Wow! I first heard the didj in a dream.

Douglas Vroonen from Belgium

I was plunged into a inner world

Dragos B from Canada

I loved it!!!


Awesome and very interesting

Ed Ed Steever from USA


Anonymous from United Kingdom

Confused as to how it worked. 'A tree, essentially, making these mystical, magical noises. Surely not?' My opinion has changed. The didj is an amazing instrument.


Pleasing sound,,calming in a way



Anonymous from Canada

Great Wonderful

Eldon Graves from Canada

Still trying to decide

Enrico Lai from Italy

Wow!!! It's very amazing!

Eran Heller from Israel

Very relaxing sound. Takes your mind to different places


I felt like I feel when I meditate, grounded and in tune with the world.

Eric Kovach from USA

I loved the low ethereal droning sound.

Anonymous from Canada

Makes you want to dream

Anonymous from Canada

I thought this sound to be very different but very pleasing.

Eric Richman from USA

It was a truly amazing sound for an instrument, a very unique sound that is like no other sound from a wind instrument.

Eric Shindledecker from USA

Wow,I need to learn how to play that

Eric Young from USA

I thought that it was one of the coolest and most moving sounds I'd ever heard. The sound grabs you; body, mind, and soul.

Anonymous from Canada

Loved it!

Erin Langley from USA

I felt as though it collection and harmonized all the distractions in its general auditory vicinity.



Evan Stanfield from USA

I thought it would be a cool instrument to play and I wanted to learn more about it.


The sound is so relaxing for my character

Francois Deslandes from France


Frank Lovecchio from USA

I thought it had a strange haunting sound

Gabe Churray from USA

Sweet sweet sweet sounds

Anonymous from Brazil


Gaye McGill from USA

Really cool!

George Corey from USA

I thought it had a soul wrenching sound like someone mourning for a lost relative


Your web site is fairly clear except at checkout. Each time I entered the USD as currency choice it took me to the home page and I was confused. Consequently, it took longer than expected to check out. You have some very beautiful Aboriginal or native Australian stuff! Georgia Hallman

Gianfranco Tedeschi from USA

I'm sure I've heard it way before 2004 in movies but I never new what it was till now. it's assume

Gina Lusby from New Zealand




Gregory Jepsen from USA

Very cool sound

Anonymous from France

I fell like if the sound wakes up my ancestral feelings .very very profoundly...

Gustavo Wiesel from Brazil

It's an a spiritual experience, relaxing and healthy

Hanuman Zhang from USA

Loved the low throbbin', the higher pitched "barking," the spectral inharmonics, it's the primal sound like the _ma_ sound of the Japanese _biwa_

Helen York from USA

Wanted to play it but got dizzy trying

Anonymous from Canada

Entranced! I was only about 10 yrs old. My Grand father took me to Klondike Days, a local festival, and Australia was the "feature country" that year. There were didj players performing & I found them mesmerising.

Hugo Bezerra from Portugal

Feel like a nice smooth sound, coming from the vibration of a beautiful pipe.

Ian Stork from United Kingdom

Cannot really say but it was rolf harris playing then the wobble board

Irek Rychlewski from Poland

Great magic instrument, very powerful

Jack Arlanda from France

I had never hear such a mystical music,it was at a hand made products exposition in reunion island, the guy was selling bamboo didges, but was playing with a big piece of wood from australia. I could just listen to him and I became very calm,I was standing up in front of him,the place were crowdy but I didn't hear anything else. After a few minutes the guys stopped playing and I could ask him all the questions that could! and of course I bought my first didg, in bamboo.

Jacob Jacob Collins from USA

It was something that I at my age knew I wanted to play

Jaime Parker from USA

It was the most beautiful sound I ever heard

James Davis from Canada

What a cool instrument and sound, very relaxing

Jan Ryom from Denmark

It was Unplugged with Midnight Oil (The Dead Heart), and I thought that this instrument has been overlooked. It plays great rhythms, and makes a good substitute for a bass guitar - but more versatile and complex.


Exciting sound

Anonymous from Canada

I didn't know to much about it

Anonymous from Canada

It was unique and beautiful

Jason Ksepka from USA

Wasn't sure what it was, it was in a movie who's name escapes me. However it has made quite an impression on me.

Jason Lukjanenko from Australia

Interesting sound

Anonymous from Spain

I liked it, the rhythm goes to the heart


I love this sound, I will buy a Didj

Jeff Nelson from USA

I was mesmerized by the unique sound the weird stick made. I first herd the music when I made friends with a guy from down under while a young boy scout attending a jamboree in Canada. I asked him if he could send me some aboriginal music and I have been entranced with it ever since.

Jeffrey James from USA

That I can not describe. It Is simplest to say that the sound struck me at a very deep lever and I wanted one ring then and I wanted to learn to play right then.


Love it

Jeph Gilfillan from USA

It was a sound completely unfamiliar to me but it was amazing. I remember not paying close attention to it until it stopped. Then I suddenly missed that crazy therapeutic growl! I thought,"I must make that noise!"

Jerry Cowan from USA

I loved it. The sound was magical.

Anonymous from USA

It was very interesting to say the least

Jessica Harris from New Zealand

Its cool

Jesus Perez from USA


Jillian Barrett from USA

AWESOME!!!!! I'd heard some recordings that had didj on them, but never had heard a didj concert prior to the one I attended in 2000. It was INDESCRIBABLE!!!!

Jim Barrett from Sweden

Moving trance engine of country

Jo Bamberger from United Kingdom

Glorious guttural sound - unreal!

Anonymous from Germany

I felt great excitement

Jodie Merrill from Canada

It was mystic and woody. I love the outdoors and it was very earthy and made me feel more with nature.

Joe Banko from USA

Wow, what a cool sound, I could never make anything sound like that.

Joe Schacher from Canada

The sound was just amazing!


It's a nice vibrating sound

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Amazing instrument, how do you play it


Wonderful sound and should be fairly easy to learn

John Elliott from United Kingdom

I was fascinated!

John Fisher from USA

I thought it was a very unique sound that was very mysterious. I can understand why folks feel it has healing power.

John Lolis from USA

A primal resonance, the down-under version of OM


Weird sound

John Robinson from United Kingdom

Awesome! It was a truly haunting experience.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Unusual but dynamically natural sound !

John Watts from USA

Moved,Very Moved! It was a very deep resonating sound and it had this beautiful,yet haunting Drone,and the animal sounds blew me away!

John Weiler from USA

I fell in love with the great sounds!


It's my culture

Jon Martin from USA

I thought it sounded really sweet.

Joop Nohlmans from Netherlands

Intriguing sound

Jordan Mills from USA

It was so awesome

Josef Roeck from Germany

A great sound and feeling comes to my ear...a good one

Joseph Compton from USA

Very strange...

Anonymous from Germany

Wonderful vibrations I was remembered to the voices of whales

Julien Lejour from France

The first time I heard the sound of a didgeridoo, I was impressed by its strangeness. I could not believe it was possible to produce so many different sounds with a simple hollowed piece of wood.

Justin Codd from Ireland

Liked the sounds that could be made and wanted to make those sounds....

Anonymous from Sweden

That it is a fantastic instrument, which sound gives you a feeling of inner calm.

Karl Whiteford from Australia

Sounded amazing




Really relaxed feeling


I thought it was such an amazing sound and wanted to find out more

Kelly Slate from USA

It was so eerie, resonating in my guts like it was shaking my very soul. VERY moving.

Anonymous from Canada


Ken Ralph from United Kingdom

Fairly unimpressed, however it was on a vinyl record and not particularly well played!

Kent Olson from USA

I loved the sound and the feeling, its sounds very ancient and percussive as well

Kevin Ringer from USA

Loved it. I wanted to learn how to play it so much!

Anonymous from USA

I thought it was really interesting and instantly I was interested to learn.

Laurent Baig from USA

I thought the didg had a very cool ethereal sound. It felt primal, raw, like part of the earth.

Le Perkins from USA

Like the sound




First it sounds a bit funny to me. But now I love the sound of a didgeridoo. I've bought a cd with didgeridoo music on it and it's very relaxing to listen to it.

Lindsay Upcraft from USA

I thought it was very interesting. the depth of the sound and the culture poured into the art and design on the didj.


Attentif, interessé

Anonymous from Canada


Anonymous from Canada

It was cool.

Anonymous from Canada

Loved the sound very much


That it was a traditional instrument of Australia

Anonymous from USA

Great soul sounds

Lynda Routley from Canada

I find it to be very interesting and unique.

Anonymous from Canada

I loved it - such an eerily beautiful sound.

Malcolm Reynolds from USA

There is something very ancient in the sound and it resonated deep inside me.


Most amazing insturment I had heard

Anonymous from Germany

Great thing, must have one.

Mar Mar Devine from Canada

It gave me shivers

Marcelino Andipatin from France

A sound of Eternity...

Anonymous from Sweden

Moving yet just a little strange

Marian Eselson from USA

Haunting. It was in a college anthropology course and I've never forgotten it. It seems most cultures need music for whatever reasons their psyches demand. So to my way of thinking, Plato, who banned music, comedy et al from his Utopian Republic, should have taken an anthropology course.

Anonymous from USA

Thought "Where has this been all my life?"

Mario Di Giulio from Italy

That it was wonderful, but that I'll never learned how to play it

Mark McNevin from Australia

I was only a young child when I first heard the didj played. It filled me with awe. I now understand the technique used to play it and that strikes me with wonder now.

Mary Daly from United Kingdom

I was very deeply moved by the sounds.

Mary Franklin from Canada

Pretty neat


Something different


Strange but pleasant

Mathieu Dube from Canada

What's that strange sound? It sounds so organic, so different...


It's strange and very hard to do one sound off the didj

Matt Banks from Japan

I was young at the time so don't remember; however, when I heard for the first time a live performance (in Australia) I was intrigued.

Matt Chacey from USA

Very moving and mystical. The basic drone is such a soothing sound.

Matt Risell from USA

I loved the interesting sound.


The first time I heard a didgeridoo all I could think of was how cool it would have been to be able to play such a beautiful and unique instrument.


I love

Matthew Brewster from United Kingdom

Mellow,dreamy and soothing on my heart and soul with a rhythmic dance to my feet. For me the didj is alive, part of ones self, spirit and soul. You can feel a part of the earth and get away from the world in lost, floating amongst the vibes the drones.

Matthew Cribley from USA

It seemed to connect deeply with the emotion of the player.

Matthieu Bourdon from France

It was a revelation for me! I bought a yidaki a few days after!


It was so amazing the sound and vibrations that came from it

Merv Frye from USA

This is a spiritual connection

Mich Andrews from United Kingdom

Powerful, Haunting and unusual sound

Anonymous from Canada


Michael Corcoran from USA

"I have to learn how to play these!"

Michael Duffy from USA

It may very well be the reason why I am a spiritual person today. Something inside me stirred when I was about 5-6 years old and ever since I have loved indigenous music. I was born Australian but now live in America.

Michael Goulding from USA

I thought the sound was amazing from such a "simple" basic instrument and that the possibilities are endless

Michael Lowe from USA

Incredible, resonant sound, felt it right to my bones


I found it to be an incredibly interesting instrument, and have been captivated by them since I first heard them when I was quite young


Very interesting


I felt like the drone beat was touching my soul and transform all the waves inside me as one with the didjeridoo

Miguel Cuesta from Spain

Amazing sound, it took me the ancient age

Mike Albers from Netherlands

Mystical sound. Can I ever play this myself...

Mike Magnet from USA

It's a very enchanting sound, mystic in its form, mysterious. I loved it.


Other worldly, like sitting down at the dawn of the birth of human consciousness

Mike Sands from USA

This is music?


It has a beautiful tone

Anonymous from Netherlands

I found it such a peaceful and stimulating sound at the same time! And fascinating to see how people play on it!

Anonymous from New Zealand

I thought how hard it looked to blow into, but I loved the sound.

Nicola Johnson from Canada

I felt very mellow, it was beautiful

Nicolas Dolfus from French Guiana

Sound of Mind and Heart together. Can be expression of the spirit, incarnated or not.


Positive experience

Nigel Mason from United Kingdom

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. the sounds and the relaxed and excited feeling from within

Nol Caine from France

I was awe inspired, I just wanted to get my hands on a didj and learn. it took a few

Norman Quednau from Germany

A deeply impressing sound, which seemed to penetrate my hole body. It sent showers down my spine.


Love it

Omar L. De La Tejera from Mexico

A beautiful instrument with an amazing sound


My core woke up to improve its comfort

Anonymous from Spain

I thought it was a great sound and that I'd like to try it.

Pablo Bertone from Argentina


Pascal Durand from France

As a revelation

Anonymous from Australia

It was a peaceful/relaxed sound. I was mesmerised by its sound. It was great. So much that I wanted to play one.

Patrice Masthoff from Hungary

I found it very interesting and special.


Pretty neat sound

Patrick Golliot from Canada

Wowww, this is the earth music

Paul Bishop from USA

I loved the haunting, natural sound

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Interesting and unusual sound

Paul Fletcher from United Kingdom

Great sound

Anonymous from USA

I found the sound to be spell binding, primal, like some ancient truth was being whispered.


Unique and eerie sound

Per Hultquist from USA

I was instantly mesmerized and wanted to be able to help others experience the same feelings I had at that moment.


Wow what a sound

Peter Rookyard from United Kingdom

I loved it

Anonymous from USA

I loved the primitive, yet complex sounds that the didg makes.

Pierre Martin from Canada

Bought one the next day

Polly Hall from USA

Beautiful Didgeridoos

Anonymous from USA

Well actually, I've noticed the sound in background music for movies and such. I've always felt that it gives more depth towards scenery as well as thought.

Anonymous from Austria

Interesting sound; I'd like to play it myself.

Ralph Huizinga from Netherlands


Anonymous from Canada

I wanted to play one

Randy Wilson from USA

I thought it was surreal. Something I've never heard before

Renaud Warson from Belgium

I found it very mystic and attractive. I wanted to play it since then. But I was imagining it easier to play :-)

Renée Guenette from Canada

Loved it so much I bought one

Anonymous from Canada

It has a trance feeling to it



Richard Grossman from USA

Wow! That's a most amazing sound. This is an instrument I have to learn.

Rick Baldwin from USA

Great sound.

Rick Gonzalez from USA


Rob Spear from USA

Cool, how do they do that!?!?!?

Anonymous from USA

I thought it was super rad.

Robert Caluette from USA

I thought it was the coolest sound and wondered how the sound was made. I later saw a didj on television and wondered how they got the sound to keep coming out uninterrupted. I imagined an elaborate series of baffles and reeds inside the didj. I was amazed when, years later, I learned it was simply a hollow limb. I later bought one from Rob Thomas when Inlakesh was performing in my town. I am still entranced by this ancient instrument and it's unique sounds.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Something stirred inside. never forgot that feeling, went on to learn circular breathing. play everyday.

Anonymous from Canada




Rodrigo Viterbo from Portugal

It was amazing, I still can remember the feeling!

Roel Adriaensens from Belgium

Wow, I want to try that!




I thought it had a very haunting sound, unlike anything I'd heard before

Roxann Gatliff from USA

I have heard didj music all my life (it is used a lot in background music in movies) but did not realize what it was until just a few years ago. Upon realizing it was a musical instrument I was really quite in awe and thought it most beautiful. It has been in the last year or so I have become more interested and am determined to teach myself how to play.

Ryan Beach from Canada

When I first heard one, I had no idea it came from a hollowed limb.. it was simply amazing... I felt all warm and tingly inside

Ryan Muff from USA

The haunting yet spiritual vibrations swelled in my soul. I had to know this instrument.

Sachin Singh from India

Rodney was playing at the Circular Quay in Sydney (it was my first visit to Australia) and I heard him as I was coming down from The Rocks Cafe. ..then. At that moment I felt an immense wave of love and tears started coming out. After a couple of hours of, Rodney asked me to ply the sticks for him, I did and it was real hard. Tony (who also played the digj), Chris (jazz guitar)and Phill (on the harp)and I played the Sticks!! This busking went on for the next 3 full days, (despite the police!!) and then sadly I had to return to India. At that moment I decided to learn the Didj, but was too low on cash to buy a good one.

Sara Johnson from USA

What a cool sound! I gotta get me one of those!

Sarajayne Morley from United Kingdom

Liked it straight away


It was a wild ride! Such an unusual sound - I became captivated instantly.


It was kind of like a feeling/vision of ancient people walking and feeling the mountain (serra da estrela)

Anonymous from USA

Awesome, unique instrument


I thought that it was very informative and fun.

Sherry Mason from United Kingdom

Didj music is so soothing and relaxing..


I thank it was a strange instrument, I had never heard something like that,it was deep, I like!

Stephen Procter from United Kingdom

It was awesome sound that made me feel like I had gone to another planet, it took away all the hurt I was feeling at that time :)

Sterling Green Jr. from USA

What is that sound?

Anonymous from USA

It was hypnotic.

Steve Trowbridge from United Kingdom



Beautiful sound.

Anonymous from Canada

I enjoyed the sound

Suzen Vizzoni from USA

I didn't know what it was and was simply drawn to the amazing sound at the craft show where I heard it. Thought I would simply buy a CD and then realized they were selling the instruments as well. I tried one and became absolutely possessed. THere is simply no other word for it. Possessed. Have been playing everyday since.

Anonymous from Canada

Haunting and natural


It was a beautiful sound


Cool we first seen it at the australian pavilion a part of our local folkrama festival they also had native dancers-WOW

Anonymous from USA

It was relaxing


Weird sound

Tijmen Veen from Netherlands

Amazing sound

Anonymous from Netherlands

Great it's if you go into a trance

Tom O'Brien from USA

What the heck is that NOISE!?! What on earth would make such a noise? What kind of instrument is it?

Tony Krogh from USA

First of all, I love loud droning things (I play the Highland pipes) so I was immediately drawn to the sound. I didn't know what type of instrument was making that drone. Then the player started in with rhythms and vocals etc. and I had to find out what it was and how to get hold of one so I could learn how to play it. It really got me excited.

Tony Rickett from Canada


Travis Brisini from USA

I'd had the desire to play a didgeridoo since the first time I'd heard it, but I was always intimidated by people telling me "It's too difficult to circular-breath." I'm living proof that it's not, and that anyone can get a piece of the action.

Anonymous from Canada

Fell in love with the pure rhythmic motions of Bace.

Anonymous from Canada

Something like a bagpipe

Anonymous from Slovenia

I was impressed, as I have never heard a sound like that before.

Will Fish from USA

I was hooked. It stirred my soul.

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