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What inspired you to learn the didj?

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Name and Country

What inspired you to learn the didj?

Aaron from USA

My beautiful girlfriend

Alejandro Dominguez from Mexico

I love how it sounds


Xavier Rudd and my friends didj, he has one made and cut by an aboriginal, it is wonderful

Andris from United Kingdom

I think everybody should know how to play at least one instrument. So I decided to learn Didgeridoo - which for me is something exotic and mysterious as I come from Latvia, which is East Europe. So I wanted to explore and learn new things from different countries. I saw few years back in Amsterdam guy busking on street with weird stick making all kinds of wicked rhythms and drone sounds and I found out that it's called Didgeridoo. Since then I always wanted to play it and learn circular breathing. That's what happened 3 weeks ago:)


I loved the sound from when I was a little kid listening to rolf harris

Benjamin from USA

The music of Philip Glass, specifically Australia from the Album Orion.

Betsy Sauther from USA

I can play pretty well but still learning to make nice sounds when circular breathing. I love the sound. I was inspired years ago by a young man who came to (crashed!) a skyclad (nude) circle I led at halloween on a local island, and we were doing a "rebirth canal" where people crawled through everyone else's legs while we chanted and drummed...this guy slithered along playing his didj and it was fantastic...I looked down and FELT and then SAW the didge first! People talked about it for years to come.

Blake Roberts from USA

A man on the beach in san diego was playing. it looked so cool.

Brian from USA

Great sound --- totally unique.


The trance melodic mood it puts me in, the connection I feel with it and the sounds it produces, I've always been attracted to its charm


I haven't learnt it yet

Cezar Cayom from Brazil

The connection with the mother earth and the aboriginal people.



Cyrille Thoumazet from France

The good sound calling from very far in our history

Daniel from USA

My daughter bought it for me on fathers day and I cannot stop playing since!

Anonymous from USA

Meditation,uniqueness of sound, cultural reasons,health reasons

Ed from USA

Some character came to my church and played one

Emmanuelle from France

A friend when I was yang...

Erwin Persoon from Netherlands

The sound, when I heard it, my ears where immediately in love.

Garrett from USA

The amazing tone and sound you can produce. I love to play it with a guitar or with a djembe.

Anonymous from USA

Meeting someone who played, cd's, learning about it.

Grant from Australia

It just felt right...before I even played my first one. I love the sound, love timber and love embracing part of indigenous Australia.

Heath from USA

I was at a rave concert in the desert. Rabitt in the Moon, was playing one off and on all throughout the night. I was hooked.

Jake from Australia

Jono Callow

James from USA

Trip to australia

Anonymous from Czech Republic

The sound of didgeridoo. When I have heard it for the first time I fell in love.



Jessica Buchanan from USA

I did a project on it for a class and one of my favorite bands use them and I've always been interested in their sound.



Joel Purvis from USA

I first heard the sound, at a young age, it was magical, the rhythmic vibrations went threw my heart and soul. I was hooked for life.

John Spierings from Australia

The culture of our Australian aborigines and the sound of the didge.

Jon-eric from USA

Its trance qualities and it's a lot of fun

Joshua from Canada

I Loved the didj for many years but when I heard Indijka perform in Halifax Nova Scotia in 2002 at the busker festal. after that I got my first one, and met Jessie from the band and hung out with him until they had to go back to Australia. I've been playing ever since.

Kate from USA

Xavier Rudd and Aborigines, there history has always fascinated me.

Keith from Australia

Love the sound and the cultural history - believe in vibrational healing and want to improve my breathing.

Kieff from USA

Just the meditative use, and the relaxation properties that follow along with it. I love the low drone and since it is unlike many instruments, it appeals to me

Anonymous from Hungary

Hearing some world music with the didj sound


I am part aboriginal so have an interest in owning it.

Linda West from USA

Reading about Aboriginal people and leaning about alternative methods of healing.

Lr from USA

Harper. I play harmonica, too, and the didj not only works but feels good.

Marcin from Poland

My father. He tried PCV pipe so I've bought him a cheap didge for christmas. When he died I took it and now trying to make it right.

Martin from South Africa

I have never listened to any ethnical musical instrument which has struck such an accord within me as the Didj. It was like a spell was cast, and I was captivated, caught hook line and sinker, mate. I have heard many instruments played here in Africa, but nothing does it for me like the Didge. It's like your first girlfriend, that first kiss, when you hear it, you never forget it.

Massimo Beccarelli from Mexico

I love the sound and I think that it's therapeutic too

Massimo from Italy

Its sound. Nothing less, nothing more.

Michael from USA

I love the sound and I want to be able to make it for myself.


I love Australian culture. And I'm a musician, and I wanted to add something new to my material. A didj definitely added that raw touch I was looking for.

Anonymous from Portugal

When I saw for the firs time a didge I ask my friend what is tat I show me but I can't play then I was looking for didge players and make my own search in internet books and music and now I'm addicted to this piece of story

Nathan from Australia

The instrument resonates with me very well

Oliver Aoun from France

Spirituality, art, tribal cultures


A friend show me and since when I am addicted!!its very a powerful instrument to the body and soul because it expands our inner energy to high levels!!!

Peter from USA

Love the sounds. Interested in finding spiritual grounding energy.

Rhea from USA

Never played one, but would love the chance to try one!!!

Richard from USA

I fell in love with the sound when I was very young. It just calms me.

Robert from USA

The sound and the fact that it carries across distance

Robert from Netherlands

See question one.

Rochelle from USA

I think it sounds amazing and I love the historical aspect of it.

Scott from USA

I like the sounds

Scott from USA

Liked the sound and especially interested after a trip to Aus.


My husband and I have a friend from New Zealand who loves to sing and I've accompanied him for programs where he talked about the Maori Tribe. I love music and learning all about instruments used around the world.

Stefani Fox from USA

I really want to play I was at a festival and they had a drum circle and someone had a didj and it was amazing.

Stephen Jones from USA

The sound mainly. That and knowing it was one of the first musical instruments, I made it a goal to get as good as possible.

Sylvain Loustaunau from Japan

Relaxation by his sound, incredibly spiritual instrument and sound

Tom from USA

None of the above replies really hit it. I can play indefinitely long in a meditative way, and am very good at that. Other kinds of sounds and playing that I have heard I am not good at at all- like animal sounds for example. About 4 years ago my youngest son came back from a summer church retreat excited about having learned to play the didge. I got excited too, and after a bit of web surfing bought the aboriginal one I mentioned above. It took quite a while to learn how to get any sounds out of it, let alone circular breathe. But I stuck with it until I got it right. This encouraged me to buy a few for my retail hammock and surf shop. Then I started making them out of pipe, All very exciting. Now, some years later, I just play occasionally.

Tom from United Kingdom

Listening to other people at festivals


Its straightforward intuitiveness

Tony from United Kingdom

A hippy playing down a spiral stone staircase in a Fort in Portsmouth UK. He made his own didges and his wife was making him sell some off at a craft fair.

Anonymous from USA

We are homeschoolers and are studying Australia. Also my husband and I went to a concert and saw and heard an extraordinary Didj player.

Warren from USA

The physics of it, age of instrument, etc.

Zachary Heidemann &/or Ryan &/or Arrildt from USA

The same friend who gave me the didj as a white elephant gift. He had purchased a didj from this site, and didn't need his anymore, so after he taught me, he GAVE IT TO ME! ITS PRICELESS! (he asked for nothing in return, but I gave him the original die-ast steel voltron as a white-elephant gift as well {a white elephant gift is when you possess something that someone else desires more then you do, and so by good karma as a good human & a good friend, you just give them your possession with the ultimate knowledge that their happiness will buy you greater peace then the possession ever could...}) And so we played, and we played, and we played until life circumstances tore us apart across the world & we lost contact... Good ol Mr. Rogers, Steve...

Zack from USA

Don't remember

Anonymous from USA

Living in Australia for 6 months.

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