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What inspired you to learn the didj?

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Name and Country

What inspired you to learn the didj?

Alan from United Kingdom

Seeing Jeremy Donovan play in Sydney


I stumbled upon this website.

Anatoliy from Ukraine

My friend who can play didge pretty well and heals people with didge

Anonymous from Canada

As an primary teacher I always wanted to specialise in indigenous education and then the book "unearthed" came out and proved my lineage and I felt it would be great to travel the world and promote aboriginal rights.

Anette Solgaard from Denmark

My mother.

Angela from USA

I tried a really nice one and was able to play it, I'm a musician (play the flute) and I love to play.

Anthony Dias from Portugal

Once, after a tai chi class I was meditating...and I heard a unique sound near my dodjo...i was completely perplexed by it...i entered in another world, left the ground, my contact with the ground/heaven was being made, and I wasn't even playing that beautiful instrument. Music can often make me cry of joy and sadness, and didj makes my chest tremble, its almost like an hypnosis state...

Bob from Canada

As a child a friend of my parents could play and I was always amazed by the sound

Anonymous from USA

I really enjoy the song and how a REAL didgeridoo is made. not interested in a fake didj

Bruce from USA

A concert at my church


Very unique and beautiful instrument, can be played alone or in a band

Carlos from Portugal

My best friend who plays the bass guitar (free jazz & alternative) and owns a bamboo didj. He once showed me his skill and I just loved it, I felt chills and gained an addiction to listen to it's sound. And one of the greatest Portuguese bands, Primitive Reason, who played a live jam session with Didgeridoo in Super Bock Super Rock festival in '07. OMG it was awesome and you can watch in on youtube. Because I play heavy metal and rock, and because I love the didj and the bagpipes as well, one of my dreams is to record and become famous (haha xD) creating music that joins metal with the didj and the bagpipes. Hopefully you will hear from my band in the future =P

Anonymous from USA

I have heard them played by several very talented performers and fell in love with the wide range of beautiful sounds the didj can make.


It was something I just I wanted to play even without really knowing what it was. My first didj just kind of came to me at a festival about 12 years ago

Chris from USA

Its unique


Having seen and heard didjes played during travels to Australia I fell in love with the sound

Chris Thorn from United Kingdom

Have always meditated and tried various relaxation techniques..the didj just came along into that 11 years ago.


Seeing Rolf Harris on English TV, hearing it in the media growing up in England.

Christian Robert from France

I found out about didgeridoos a long time ago, much before it became a fashion and I found it amazing. Yet, since I am very busy, I play the bagpipe in an association in which we teach music and dances, I never got the time to start and maybe I was not ready for this long and profound trip. Now I think I am and I have decided to buy one.

Colin Hawkins from USA

The way they sound when played solo or with other instruments. the history

Cristian Neely from Chile

The great sound and the spiritual and meditation use of it

Damien Broens from Belgium

Original sound, gambling and the potential of didge

Anonymous from USA

Neat sound...I apply unorthodox effects to it

Daniel from Spain

Aboriginal tradition I always liked

David from USA

Contact with various native peoples and my attraction to the sounds of the didj.

David Klein from USA

I was completely fascinated by it. I went to a Celtic festival and the band Brother was performing, I knew I wanted to play.

David from USA

Jesus told me to

Anonymous from USA

I liked it

Dean from Australia

Learning about my background

Ed from USA

The sound

Elliott Deighton from Canada

I have been interested in the Didj for many years now and was always drawn to the occasional player we would happen to come across from time to time. One was seeing Oka, and Aussie group who performs in Toronto at Buskerfest. Their Didj player is called DidgeriStew and awesome player and a real nice guy to talk to. I also met a couple of Didj players in the Drum Circle I was in and they prompted me to look up some sites on making a Didj from PVC pipe. Gary Diddins, who bought a Didj from you about a year ago, has tried my Didjes and was truly impressed that a guy who knew virtually nothing about the instrument could actually make one before knowing how to play it and have it turn out reasonably well.

Emile Gluck-thaler from Canada

Videos on Youtube of street performers in Australia playing the didj.

Emily from USA

I have also been very drawn to the sound of the didj, and when I met someone that played that was enough inspiration as I needed! I picked it up pretty quickly

Eric from USA


Florent from France

The philosophy of this instrument

Frank Wagner from USA

Seeing Ash Dargan

Gerard from Sweden

I watched the Rolf Harris show when I lived in Canada as a child. Then 20 yrs ago while in London I listened to a street musician playing the didge and was fascinated. Finally about two months ago I took the plunge and bought a didge. Better late than never!

Gerrit from Netherlands

Ahhh that is a long story. but in short; it started long long time ago with a movie I once saw. The title was or so I believe: the wave. In this movie I heard the didge being played. I wondered what it was that made this sound. Many years later I found out about the didge and it's unique sound. Since then I am hooked to playing didgeridoo.

Greg Thorn from United Kingdom

Meeting aboriginal men on the very edge of arnhemland when the truck broke down,it was 'bush coffee and didj solos' all night...fantastic


Like the sound

Hans-jürgen from Germany

The didge of my brother was standing at the wall. I had many problems. Then I wanted to learn playing

Isaac Firesmith from USA

The fact that is is the oldest wind instrument in the world and that it comes from such a beautiful culture.

Jared from USA

Have always been very interested because I herd it at a young age and was astonished

Javier Rembado from Spain

Something strange sound seemed poseerme, The biggest decubrimiento for my music

Joe from USA

Like the sound, not a normal type instrument in my area

John Tasch from USA

It is the only musical instrument I have any propensity for.

Juan Boulter from Australia

A love for the sound and feel of the didj. I spent a lot of time as a young fella in the N.T.

Julio Peña from Paraguay

Rationally I don't know, and I'm not very interested to know; the important for me is that I simply fall in love with didge.

Kari from USA

Being able to connect and sink roots right into the ground through this form of music.

Kathryn from Australia

I was told that as I'm an Aboriginal woman I can not play the didj, but I'm hoping my little fella will.

Kei Tomono from Japan

Nice Sounds

Kelsey from USA

An australian at a camping trip. I ordered one, and the day before I received my first, someone introduced me to x rudd, and then it was ON.

Ken Betteley from Australia

Since a teenager I heard an aboriginal busker in melb, since then always wanted to learn

Ken from USA

I had been wanting to get one for a while. I am very drawn into learning about ancient cultures and ancient wisdom. The music is very meditative for me and I love its other uses as well.

Kirk from USA

Hearing it on You Tube. Loved it, bought e cheapo on ebay now thinking about a better one.

Kris from Canada

Xavier Rudd, he is awesome.

Kristoffer Stewart from United Kingdom

I had been in australia for a couple of days it was amazing it really was the best place ever. I went into the store with my family and a man who worked in the shop asked me if I would like a go I was shy bout it cos I didn't want to make a fool out of myself. the man showed me what to do, I tried it and got it right first go( I say right in the lightest term it basically didn't sound like a fart) I was really impressed and so within a few days I got a didge. that is what initially set me to learn the didge but now I learn it because I find it so interesting.

Kylie from Australia

I would love from my little boy (10yrs) to be able to play and have a stronger connection to his culture. At the moment he dances but apart from that there is a lack of cultural information where we are.

Larry from USA

Interest in new things and other cultures.

Laszlo from Switzerland

It calls of german: Hühnerhaut When I have heard first this sound was going through ma body, I have almost cried like a child. It was a great feeling.

Anonymous from Italy

Difficult to say without using stereotypical expressions. I am very much interested in all phenomena of sound. I love drone instruments and harmonic scale. I started off as bass player when I was 13. When I discovered this instrument I just thought it was perfect for me.

Luciano Aguiar from Brazil

Vi na internet, e toco gaita, saxofone, flauta, trompete, violão, e me apaixonei pelo didj!

Mac from USA

I can't really say

Marco Paoletti from Italy

La respirazione circolare e il suono di ogni nota, visto da musicisti come stephen kent

Mark from USA

Your website

Mark Hickinbotham from USA

I discovered the instrument at the Texas Renaissance Festival and bought one at a booth. Then, I realized that it made the sounds I had heard before in movies. I was determined to master it, but David Hudson was a HUGE inspiration to me. Also, my friend Javi Villaneuva was a great teacher and had monthly jams at his home.

Mary Lindhart from USA

My boyfriend Gary

Nigel Mason from United Kingdom

When I first heard the instrument I was amazed by the range of sounds and the meditative quality so began to seek out a didge, my fist one was a bamboo one, I learnt to circular breath on a hoover tube then bought my first termite didge and the story continues

Pablo Sebastian Meza from Argentina

I know the Didgeridoo in Lucca, Italy. when I heard it I think: this is amazing! later, in Argentina, I know a friend who makes didgeridoos, so he give me the first lesson. 3 days later I was making circular breathe. I'll play Didgeridoo all my life

Palle Kjær Laursen from Denmark

I just love everything about it.


My father owns a traditional Eucalyptus termite hollowed, Aboriginal Didj.

Anonymous from Spain

All the things that involve the didj, the concentration, the breathing.


Different, great sound

Pieter Hamming from Netherlands

Just liked it to try

Ricardo from Portugal

A cd that I hear called a day out of time

Richard Craven from USA

I love the sound of it. And at a Summer Solstice celebration several years ago I was laid on the ground and one was played over me. While a group of about 20 others were drumming. It was the most incredible experience I've had.


A friend had one he got from mexico. he never played it so I asked if I could use it, then boom I loved it.

Rodney from USA

I was drawn to play the didge for healing purpose by energies of the Rainbow Spirit.

Anonymous from Israel

Its sound is so real. and it heals you and it makes you reflect on yourself. also allows you to be very creative, using only your body..

Rowena from Australia

Always loved the sound, other people, meditation spiritual purposes, no other instrument like in the world, has its own distinct personality.

Sean from USA

It appeals to me as a form of meditation and entertainment.

Sean Jackson from USA

I'm a musician, and the sound is one of the most beautiful in the world

Shae from Australia

Beautiful sound


Love sound and novelty

Stephen from Canada

Well listening to Rudd play has inspired me. But my friend Zach is the source most of my inspiration. He can play the didj amazingly and kind of energy that he can give you while he is playing makes me want to play every day.

Steve from United Kingdom

Rolf harris and busker richard bridge

Susan from USA

Contest and a demonstration at a concert

Tamara Suey from Australia

I would like my children to learn the didj, to feel that part of their culture come alive through music. I can't-I am a woman.

Teresa from USA

Heard a didj, fell in love... trying to learn, but life has been interesting.


Sounds like it would be very interesting to learn and show the grandkids

Tim from USA

Once I heard it I had to learn.

Tony from USA

I meditate often and love tribal types of music

Tony from Canada

Just wanted to play it

Tyler from USA

Listening to other people playing it.


The myths and PERFECT sound.....

William Bode from USA

When I was 15 Two guy came into a world history class and played for us... ever since

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