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What inspired you to learn the didj?

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Name and Country

What inspired you to learn the didj?


Hearing Rudd play live. Seeing them at drum circles. Etc.

Andrea from Italy

The really old tradition

Anonymous from Japan

I have an Australian International Course that I teach here in Japan. I work along side many other people from around the world. My predecessor was from Australia and she let me try to play the Didgeridoo, so I could show my class a preview, but after she returned to Australia I haven't had the chance to play or even show my students what a Didgeridoo looks like in real life. I would love to have my very own so I can share more about the wonderful Aborigine culture of Australia before my students travel over there. They really love learning about Australian culture and I love teaching it to them, even though I feel as if I am constantly learning about it as well.

Andrew from USA

I think it is a magnificent instrument.

Anonymous from Netherlands

The amazing sound

Anonymous from Switzerland

First the sound, than the cultural background of the instrument, then my wish, to build one on my own

Bernard from USA

The haunting and unique sound

Bert from Guam

Cultural dancing

Blake from USA

An Aboriginal man in my home town in NSW.

Bob Yellin from USA

I like the primordial sound.

Bradley Barrett from USA

I play the trumpet and placed at state competitions at it and my dad was looking up world instruments on You Tube and he came across the didgeridoo and he said that must be hard to play so I went to the hardware store and got some pvc pipe and beeswax. I found your site and saw what length to cut the pipe and how to make the mouthpiece and since I already knew how to circular breathe from playing the trumpet I picked it up very fast. I am learning beats and stuff now on it and I have been researching everything about didjes and watching videos on how to play stuff on them.

Brian from USA

Seeing a Didgeridoo group all playing different parts of a harmony


My son encouraged me to learn


After hearing it at a psi-trance gig I became interested in it. After trying it for the 1st time (on a pipe) I decided I definitely wanted to play the didge!

Chri from Italy

The meditation and relax

Chris Murphy from Australia

My wife worked with asics and we travelled around a lot up north

Chrissy from USA

A lover of music and the power of feeling of the sound

Anonymous from South Africa

Heard the sound and wanted to learn how to play.

Clinton Russell from Australia

I loved the sound of the didj,was always fascinated when I heard it played

Anonymous from USA

Hearing it

Curtis from USA

My friend Rob plays the Didgeridoo and hearing him play inspired me to get one and learn as well.

Dam Brick from France

The first time I heard emergency on planet hearth

Dan Vidler from United Kingdom

A man called Mark Robson who plays didge and whistle with a band called Kangaroo Moon.

Daniel Alfonzo Rivas from Venezuela

The sound natural of the world, and the space, magics worlds and the ancient aboriginal, I fell aborigine to inside of me

Danny from USA

Xavier Rudd

Danny from Canada

The Aboriginal people of australia and its wonderful sound that makes me feel so alive.


Saw it in a movie

Enrique Garcia from Mexico

I went to a concert.


The genius sound of it

Anonymous from USA

I love the way it sounds.

Geoff from Canada

Spiritual awakening

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I love the deep vibrational feeling

Guido Cifali from Australia

The love of Aboriginal people, culture and history and the need to contribute to reconciliation.

Anonymous from Germany

The great sound and the feeling

Jacqueline Carpenter from USA

It sounds so intriguing

Anonymous from USA

The sound

James Mott from USA

My Band and love of horn playing and the sound.

Jammy from USA

I love the sound.



Janice from Canada

I play other wind instruments, and this was a challenge. I like the sound also

Jason from USA

I heard a friend play, learned to circ breathe on his and was hooked!

Jayne from USA

A dream. I am drawn to it. It is always calling me.

Jeff from USA

A friend played a little. I liked it!

Jennifer from Australia

A spiritual awakening

Jennifer from USA

I met someone I got along with very well... liked her style, and she played and loved it. I wanted to play in drum circles, and I love the sound.

Anonymous from USA

This would be for my nephew. News report that said "crazy" cure for sleeping disorder.


Interested in sound and breathing

John from USA

My friend eric

Anonymous from USA

Something different


Fascinated by the instrument

Anonymous from USA

My friend told me about it, and then I bought some cd's of people playing them and the sound was so peaceful and soothing, I just had to try to do it myself.

Jutta from Germany

I wanted to learn a music-instrument that needs no notes and strictly rules.

Karen from Canada

Spirit,,, when I first heard of didjeridus something clicked inside me, then through a series of coincidences I was led to someone who had some for sale, then after buying one I needed to learn how to play which connected me to Shine Edgar, who is from Australia, the story goes on,,,

Anonymous from USA

I think it is an interesting looking instrument.

Kathleen from USA

I love the sound and the culture


I would like my children to have the opportunity to learn more. I home school them and both are very musically inclined.

Larry from USA

Seeing and hearing aborigine players like Larry winiwini and the passion they have for playing.

Leandro Javier Montesino from Argentina

I heard the sound playing by my friend Carlos del Valle (Argentinean Player), I like very much the vibration and the effect on me.

Linda from USA

The haunting sound

Anonymous from Argentina

The amazing sound and all the tones you can make just with your lips

Luke from USA

I heard it and instantly loved the sound. My cousin played one with a band and taught me a few tricks to learning


I love the sound produced by the didgeridoo.

Marc from Ireland

It amazed me and on of uncles can play it unbelievable well


I would like to learn.... I have been to a few concerts and have bought one cd...which I later ordered several of and have given as gifts to five different spiritual friends

Mark from New Zealand

Very I want to master the didj

Markus from Finland

I first saw a didge being played around 5 years ago. Back then I wasn't too interested. Around 6 months ago I started listening to music which had didgeridoo as a backing sound. Interest grew and I bought my first didgeridoo (it was a cheap one made of bamboo). When I got to play the instrument myself, I was instantly taken away - I love the calming/trance sound and vibration on my lips when playing!

Martin Izzo from Argentina

The resemblance between didj sound and tibetan tantras of meditation


The great sound

Anonymous from USA

Like I said before I have always been inspired by the music of Xavier Rudd. I bought a PVC didgeridoo and learned on that. I found a great peace with my self when I played it and used it a lot for meditation. people kept telling me that it was a very powerful instrument and I wanted to make a connection with that energy.

Matthias from Switzerland

Once I heard a Band called Outback, they played a song with a Didji....one day later a bought a didj:)


Xavier rudd. the reaction it gave to the crowd and how it took you to another planet when he played. Also I've always had a bit of an interest in it.

Micah from USA

Hearing them in Australia.

Michael Auerbach from USA

My kids play music and I can't. I figured the didj sounds so strange that nobody would know if I was any good or not. I was right.

Anonymous from USA

Inherited instruments


Visiting and was impressed

Anonymous from USA

Hearing other people play at music festivals and listening to artists like Dr. Didg and Xavier Rudd.

Mike from Canada

I am totally musically challenged, so what better instrument to learn - one which requires no musical ability and allows me to still make music!

Pat from Australia

Heard it once and was hooked


Do not have one to play at this time wish I did hint,hint

Patrick Nielander from USA

I love the sound.

Patrick Ray from USA

I have a deep passion for sound healing and a profound respect for the indigenous cultures that have been aware of and practicing sound healing for centuries if not thousands of years. I feel the didj is a simple, elegant and incredibly powerful way of focusing the human voice into a healing instrument.

Paul Murray from Ireland

I have been fascinated with aboriginal music and peoples since I was very young.my uncle emigrated to the northern territories when he was 18yrs. he died a year ago, his name was Morris Gallagher, originally from Belfast. I came upon the didj here in belfast.my way of learning how to circular breath was getting nowhere, fast. and after a few months of practice, I asked the help of my guardian angel, another aboriginal angel then told me to relax my mouth and the next moments were spent absorbing the sound. which I took grate delight in feeling reverberating of the tiles in my bath room. excellent for listening to the returning sound,you can hear every individual tone

Peter Buckley from Canada

The sound and the potential for healing.

Petri Aitta-aho from Finland

The great sound of didgeridoo.

Philip from USA

Love the sound!


The sound

Rafael Janczak from Poland

I heard the instrument for the first time in South Africa when I was about 10. It sucked me in so deep that I couldn't stop listening to the guy playing it. I was hooked then already but only started to play 15 years later.

Rainer from Germany

A Swiss guy (Marc) working for you

Anonymous from USA

Heard one played I person

Rawson from USA

I am a fan of traditional instruments

Rhonda from USA

Helps with snoring

Rhonda from USA

Phil Jones gave a workshop at our church (Unity) and demonstrated the beauty and effectiveness for meditation.

Richard Holub from USA

Playing online - very interesting

Rick Roberti from USA

Loved the sound


I love the music

Rob from United Kingdom

I've never learned to read music and have a lot of friends who meet up and jam ( guitar, flute, clarinet, piano, djembe etc ), and didge happened to be one of the few instruments that no one could play so I thought "why not", I've always loved the sound and colour of didge music so I bought a reasonably cheap one and set about teaching myself to circular breath and it just snowballed from there.

Anonymous from USA

Meditative sound; primitive instrument. A good complement to my percussion interests.


Since the first time that I listen a didj I was captivated by her magical sound.

Rodger from USA

Love the sound.

Ronaldo from Brazil

Hearing a owned man playing it, and making various sounds. And the feeling of being within the Ajna Chakra.

Rony from USA

Just love music

Salvador Gonzalez from Mexico

Once when I was like 13 years old I heard wallys from jamiroquai.And was the most spectacular sound I had ever listened.

Sandra from Germany

The beautiful sound, and the variety of sounds


I love australian culture

Anonymous from Australia

A friend of mine always wanted to learn how to play, and I also remember when I was six, a kid in my class brought his grandpa in to play one for show and tell. I just remember thinking how amazing it would be to learn how to do that one day. Plus it has such an amazing sound.

Sascha Wolsfeld from Luxembourg

I was always interested in Australia and the bas sound of the didj impressed me.

Scott from USA

Was just always very intrigued by the sound of a didj

Anonymous from USA

The art

Shaun Wallner from USA

I never learned but would love to

Stefano Brutti from Italy

Curiosity, meditation

Steven Furman from USA

By accident. I bought my first one as a decoration and then started playing and found out how much fun and relaxing it was. Then I started learning more and continued.

Susan from USA

I had no intention of learning to play and had never heard the instrument until I was at a craft show one day. Once I heard the sound, I thought I would just buy a CD but the people selling the CD's and didjes encouraged me to give it a try. I was able to produce a drone straight away and have been hooked ever since. It took me two weeks to learn circular breathing. I was obsessed or my likely possessed by this instrument and knew someday I would travel to Australia, which I have now done. For me the didj is a connection to the ancestors and the universe. It has changed my life.

Terry Warren from USA

I have sleep apnea. This condition has caused me grief for many years however, I cannot afford the proper medical care for it. I read on this website that didge playing helped with sleep apnea by strengthening and toning the air passages so that they do not collapse as easily therefore, reducing the chance of apnea from occurring. As long as this apnea exists, I can not live peacefully. I want to know what peace is like.

Thomas from USA

Watching and listening Aborigines play the didj on a documentary about aborigines

Thomas Smith from Australia

Ray Hurst, husband of our Elder, Pat Davis-Hurst

Tim from USA

I am interested in the instruments and music the people of the world make

Travis Morgan from USA

Novelty, and potential to treat snoring/ sleep apnea


My step father got me into it, and I can't get enough!!


This sweeps

Vittorio Kasten Avery from Brazil

I've seen very good players in a music festival that I went to. and I'm very interested in different kinds os ancient instruments

Warren from United Kingdom

Fusion electronic music and stephen Kent.

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