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Visitors Comments about healing with a didj made during the month of Jan to Apr 2003: Back to Previous Page

Name and Country

 Visitors Comments about Healing with a Didj

Aaron Sweet from USA

I sometimes will take a warm bath and play in the tub

Adam Davidson from USA

I played the didj for some friends who were stressed and tired and the low droning sound was far more relaxing than anything else.


I like to use it for stimulation of my mind f.e calm me down or bring myself into a rush


Same as above. Cellular clearing can be phenomenal!


not the same sound healing that is talked about most of the time. But time spent playing didj alone or with others has been very healing.


Once I practiced a sound massage and it was very exciting and for the other person it was very relaxing.

David Black from USA

My dog was sick and had puked all over the floor. I played my didj for him and he got up and walked away. Was he healed or annoyed? I don't know.

Anonymous from Canada

With my young son in British Columbia in Penticton city.This is the beautiful instrument. I feel is near the sense and the earth.

Gabe Churray from USA

I use for for my own personal experience mostly. I play until I move into a meditative state. The didg connects me more fully with the world. I am the world the world is me.

Gerardo Guerra from Peru

Now I am playing my didgeridoos everyday but is time to get a original didj I am learning alone and I make a good job I want to learn much about this mode life and I want meet with people like me in may country just a little group of people knows what is a didj. I am very happy because I found your web site.

Guido Van Hove from Belgium

Hetr is een verry goud failing tho give you'r didge sound away from oyr boddy


I recently purchased a bamboo didj. I myself as a healer. have found its sound a great importance for calming. I recently lost my spiritual guide who was an owl I had a funeral pyre for him and have his ashes in a bag tied to my didj. Plying my didj sends me into a visionary state of mind. I'm from indian decent and playing my didj sooths me more than anything.


A lot of visions of plant life and animals


In southern California there is a place called the Integratron. A beautiful dome building where the sound is superb!! A few different people were playing didj over people. At the same time others are keeping light rhythms by tapping on the floor and by mouth OMMMMMMMMMMMM. A great experience!

Anonymous from England

I say yes but it wasn't really healing exactly. I incorporate the didj into my western style magic.

Philip Morris from USA

While I have not experienced this phenomena I firmly believe that the didj taps into an energy source that we do not completely understand. I have much interest in this.

Randal Ford from USA

But I will be looking into this. It sounds interesting and I would like to learn more.

Anonymous from USA

As mentioned above--playing and hearing the didjeridu is a salve to relieve stress and make life look even better than it always is!

Rick Ellis from Canada

Just starting to explore this. Have learned some basics and done a few sessions on friends. Also playing for group meditation

Sandy Sullivan from USA

I was always attracted to the sound of the didj even when I was a small child. I took several workshops to learn how to make my own.....they are not as good as I would like them to be. So I have been to several sound healings.....I play CDs as often as I can at my work etc. I believe that everything is energy and vibration!

Sterling Green jr. from USA

Didj brain massage

Anonymous from USA

Chakra energization for my wife

Ali Sabah from Sweden

But I don't know if it did any good; I think I will do some more reading about it and give it a more try; (but just playing the didj makes me feel relaxed and mellow in a good way)

Gareth Callister from Taiwan

I have a prostate cancer client in my shiatsu practice I treated with didj in the form of a ritual- playing didj over the body and around the cancer I then pointed the butt end of the didj at the cancer and the mouth end towards a flame of a candle I asked the client to visualise ants picking up the cancer cells and then walking through the didj out of the mouth piece and into the flame - to burn and remove the cells; To cleanse the didj before and after I burnt sage leaves and blew the smoke though the didj; The client had the cancer surgically removed and tests show he is free from cancer

Humberto Parada from Chile

Lo uso a menudo para sesiones de relajación convinadas con masajes; como vivo en una "gran ciudad" ayuda a aliviar el estrés;

John Coles from Norway

Help some of my friends who get headaches (strange but true)

Judy Echols from USA

My grandkids like to lie on the floor at the end of the didj; I also think that it helps my migraines;

Justin Allison from USA

On my girlfriend with Jeremiah the guy from the lasy Q

Anonymous from USA

I have received didj healing and have given it to myself to get rid of headaches and to aid in relaxation;

Marcelo Balhas from Australia

I used to play the didje for my babies before they were born which would help ease the aches and pains my wife experienced during pregnancy;Currently I am working as a substance abuse counselor and find the didge to be very powerful in dealing with the spiritual "cancers" which ail those who are sick from substance abuse

Mark DiFilippo from USA

I have played the didj and performed brain massages for many many people - most of them looking for the meditative qualities that I discussed above; I have never portrayed myself as a "healer" but some people come to me so that I will play for them and heal some malady or mental stress; I have never taken any money for it because I do not proclaim myself as a healer and I wouldn't feel right Guaranteeing people that they would be healed; Many have been soothed by my playing though; And my wife insists that it helped physically throughout her pregnancy; I would play for her and the baby playing directly toward her womb and up towards her head; She found it quite relaxing and says that it helped with cramping and bloating and that the baby would DANCE inside her as I would play; BTW - now little Gracie loves to dance to the didj and even plays her own - its an old paper towel roll designed by my wife!

Michael Freilino from USA

To clean the vibes in certain areas

Miika Etula from Finland

Sure - playing is self healing :)

Anonymous from toulon

3 years

Stane Andolšek from Slovenia

When I have bad fillings I begin to play and every time it is better than;

Stephanie Frenock from USA

Used it on my Rex house rabbit;

Wim Vandeveld from England

On my wife who suffers from back ache


I have giving numerous "didj massages " and they are very good for relaxing people

Alison James from USA

With self and clients.

Amon Barth from Germany

I just tried it at my girlfriends body. She enjoyed it very much. Her headache was blown away.

Bernhard Sattler from Germany

I cured myself from snoring


Not in the Aboriginal sense...I use it to destress from long workdays...helps ease my physical state.

Chris Robson from USA

I routinely use mine for headaches congestion and body aches

Craig Carter from Korea

My son had a migraine headache so I placed my didge on his shoulder and played. Within about 5 minutes his headache went away!

Craig Gertley from Canada

My fiancee is pregnant and if the baby is moving around and making her uncomfortable I play my didg close to her belly and the child almost immediately calms down.

Edward Gardner from USA

I do performances with the didj and what I do I call Aromatherasound. That is the use of essential oils didgeridoo Tibetan singing bowles gongs and I also play wind chimes.

Frank Eisenblätter from Belgium

I used to do sound sessions with a friend. People would lay down in a circle with their heads in the center. We would start with small bells and sprit catchers to distract the mind of the people while my friend would speak an introduction. Then play handheld drums on the lower parts of their bodies. Then I would go to everybody and play on their body. Then we would use simple flutes singing tubes kalimbas and several gongs in a loose order. After more or less an hour the people would be left in silence so they could 'come back' at their own pace. In the summertime we would even have people come into a big park at the end of the day. But since it rains a lot here it's difficult to plan ahead.

Frank Lovecchio from USA

I have played my didje for my wife who has experienced inner peace.

Fred Appeldorn from Netherlands

Some chakra's spontaneously opened and people get emotional or they hated it but that is rare.

Anonymous from Sweden

I use it in meditation reunions with people who hear the sound and enjoy the vibes.

Jason Anderson from USA

As I said above I heal myself with a didj.

Jason Choy from Australia

The healing goes both ways I felt invigorated after giving the healing session.

Jason Mulcahy from South Africa

It was with a deaf friend. I mostly wanted him to experience the vibrations given off during playing and it ended up being quite an awesome experience for both of us. He was left feeling great as he was able to experience sound and felt great cause I could share it with a person that would not normally experience any sound.

Jeremy Lembo from USA

The reactions that people get from a didge healing is quite unique. I have had people react with love and kindness as they are carried away to people feeling sexually violated by the reverberations.

jordan brubacher from Canada

I read a little about some secret healing ways of the aboriginals and so I tried it on my friend whom was suffering from back pains. it was 40 minutes or so of circular breathing following an "X" pattern on his body while keeping the drone fairly constant while moving it in a circular motion. He was extremely relaxed afterwards and said the tension had really decreased. we then went for a sauna and he was feeling 100% again!


I had never thought of it like that before but in times of stress or sadness I break out the didge and play something about it is like meditating I recently lost my fiancee and I m dusting off my acrylic didge and started looking online to make a real one or buy one kinda expensive for me now since it is of season for us


For my relax

Marceli Gawryœ from Poland

Beautiful :)

Matt Duffy from USA

It actually makes me feel better when I play it

Nick Gates from England

It worked and was very relaxing.

Pedro Pereira from Portugal


Pete Blayney from England

I teach Aikido the experience and understanding of sound vibration and energy is all part of the non physical world that surrounds us. My experience was of energising and balancing the bodies vibration but also in inviting the non-physical energies (spirits?)to help as well

Peter Koonz from USA

I carry my didj around sometimes to shows or down crowded streets or to gatherings. On more than one occasion I wind up playing the didj around someone's body trying to play intuitively and hold steady frequencies. The most acute memory I have of this is while I was at a reggae festival in Humboldt CA known as "Reggae on the River." People were strewn across the river bed soaking up the sun relaxing doing whatever they were doing. I had my didj with me which was a massive pvc bass eating didj. I decided to pop a squat and play some didj. I closed my eyes and played for awhile. When I opened my eyes several people had gathered around the mouth of the didj including a pregnant women. I kept playing and as the didj slowly hypnotized these folk into a trance I began to play at points in there bodies. I played around the heart chakra the solar plexus anywhere the intuition lead my didj. I played around this woman's bulging belly for a long time. Throughout this session I felt subtle energies embracing something very fluid was happening emotionally and spiritually. I sort of drifted off as they sat or laid tranced. I didn't stop playing until I was out of sight just a vibration in the wind.

Ramesh Kannan from USA

I played the didj over a persons chakras and the response of the person was very therapeutic.

Rande Schulze from England

In meditation and spiritual matters my wife calls me "The Iron Bubble". Most folks have to work to ground themselves. I have to work to unground myself. I had found myself in rather a plateau. The Didj is proving my greatest ally in Shamanic conscious shifting through breathing techniques.

Reetta Pöyry from Finland

Yes as I was telling for myself.But it would probably be much stronger if somebody would do it to me.

Rex Womack from USA

General well being. Done at a Chanting Circle

Sara Johnson from USA

One of the didges I own is extremely resonant and plays in the key of C and it seems to work very well to alleviate the chronic pain of my mom's arthritic knees and my boyfriend's 4 times broken ankle. The discomfort disappears for a couple of weeks at a time but never goes away for good.


I'm a massage therapist by trade and use them in my practice on an almost daily basis. The experience is always different and just as varied as are my clients.

Shannon Slate from USA

I try to share the benefit I have received from playing with others by both in circles and one on one sessions I have been able with Didge playing and story telling stop muscle spasms and asthma attacks

Anonymous from USA

My friend has chronic back pain. Sometimes I play my didj over her. She says it relaxes her.

Anonymous from Australia

have cds of the didj and crystal bowl healing

Tom O'Brien from USA

I start off at their toes and work my way up to their head and arms then back down to their toes and off into the ground. It puts them in a completely relaxed state and they usually stand their for awhile afterwards even though I've already stopped playing.

Veronica Mussons from Spain

I try to relax my little girl (6 months) she sleep a lot better and quicker :-)

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