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Minister under fire for Yanner plan

Extract from Australian Broadcasting Corporation - ABC Online, on 17 December 2004

There has been no sign of Aboriginal activist Murrandoo Yanner on Palm Island in north Queensland, where he was expected to take part in meetings to help restore peace.

Mr Yanner and community leader Brad Foster had offered to join Queensland Indigenous Affairs Minister Liddy Clark on her trip to the island.

The "healing" trip is intended to bring peace to Palm Island after Cameron Doomadgee died in police custody last month.

Ms Clark boarded a commercial flight from Townsville this morning with the Member for Townsville, Mike Reynolds, and Mr Foster but there was no sign of Mr Yanner.

He was not on the following flight and has not turned up to a meeting this morning.

Ms Clark says she is not disappointed activist Murrandoo Yanner failed to turn up for today's visit to Palm Island.

There has been tension between police and Mr Yanner since he called for payback over Cameron Doomadgee's death.

Before boarding the flight, Mr Reynolds called for calm from both sides.

"We need to cool it and be a little bit calmer and not provocative in the way we're dealing with the situation," he said.

The acting Opposition Leader, Jeff Seeney, says Ms Clark should be sacked for wanting Mr Yanner to go with her to Palm Island.

He says the Premier stepped in this morning to make sure it did not happen.

"He recognised the stupidity and the foolishness of it as soon as he knew about it," Mr Seeney said.

"He acted decisively to stop it. He should act decisively to ensure that this foolishness doesn't happen again and the Minister is replaced."

Ms Clark says that is not the case.

"That is totally incorrect and Jeff Seeney, like the police union, is working without facts and that sounds just like Jeff Seeney," she said.

Premier Peter Beattie says if Mr Yanner and Mr Foster do not pay for the flights the Government booked, he will make Ms Clark pay for them.

He says he stands by his Indigenous Policy Minister and has rejected Opposition calls for her to be sacked.

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