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Haase defends Indigenous health spending

Extract from Australian Broadcasting Corporation - ABC Online, on 5 October 2004

The Liberal Member for the Western Australian seat of Kalgoorlie, Barry Haase, says Aborigines need to start taking responsibility for their own health.

The Rural Doctors Association says the standard of Indigenous health across the country is a national disgrace and the Coalition and Labor need to commit an extra $400 million a year.

But Mr Haase says enough money is already being put into the area and the Government is being unfairly criticised.

"Too many people, of course, will be very happily going along abusing their bodies with all manner of circumstances and substances and, of course, then in their later years expect the government of the day...whoever that might make them all better again," he said.

The Greens' candidate for Kalgoorlie, Kado Muir, has accused Mr Haase of being out of touch with Aboriginal issues.

Mr Muir says the Howard Government has turned its back on Aborigines and Mr Haase has done little to improve Aboriginal health in the region since he has been the Member.

"This is an outrage. We have families suffering, people are dying and all Barry can do is blame the people. What does he expect us to cake stalls to buy dialysis machines?"

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