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Govt consults public for petrol sniffing prevention

Extract from Australian Broadcasting Corporation - ABC Online, on 15 Feb 2003

Federal Education Minister Brendan Nelson says his staff have consulted
extensively with Indigenous groups across Australia to form a new strategy
to prevent petrol sniffing.

Brendan Nelson has launched a program to help families and teachers
educate pre-schoolers and primary school students about their bodies and
how they work.

Dr Nelson says both urban and remote Aboriginal communities were consulted

"It's what their parents and those children think will work," he said.

"That's what we've listened to, and so what we've got is a series of
things that look at issues, who I am, my community, the body, food,
physical activity, resilience... I mean how do we get our kids to stay
strong? what protects them throughout life? then specific issues that go
into drugs, tobacco, alcohol cannabis and of course petrol sniffing."




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