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NT Govt to negotiate future of 50 parks

Extract from Australian Broadcasting Corporation - ABC Online, on 25 Oct 2002

Land councils, tourism operators and the mining industry have welcomed the
Northern Territory Government's decision to negotiate over the ownership
of 50 territory parks floating in legal limbo.

It was revealed today the parks were invalidly declared leaving many
subject to land or native title claims.

A High Court ruling has left the legal status of the parks in doubt and
has opened the door to challenges under the Native Title and Land Rights

Claims on at least 11 of the parks are considered to be strong.

The Government has agreed to negotiate, claiming a legal battle could take
decades and cost millions.

The Central Land Council has agreed to the Government's terms for
negotiation including guaranteed free public access.

But the Opposition leader, Denis Burke, has reservations about the
Government's willingness to negotiate.

They need to be sure they don't too willingly give that ownership away,"
Mr Burke said.



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