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Indigenous leaders call for welfare debate to move forward

Extract from Australian Broadcasting Corporation - ABC Online, on 7 Oct 2002.

An Indigenous leader has come out in support of today's comments from
Aboriginal activist Noel Pearson that young Aborigines get their 'dole'
money too easily.

Bob Weatherall, from the Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research
Action, in adding to the comments, says the expectations of young
indigenous people need to be raised to reduce their dependency on welfare.

Mr Weatherall believes it is time to move the indigenous welfare debate

"Because we have to sit back and we have to reflect," Mr Weatherall said.

"I think we've been sitting back far too long in regards to the
inappropriate programs that have been established in allowing Aboriginal
people basically to not be provided with employment.

"I'm not just talking about here, generally in the aboriginal communities,
but right throughout."



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