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Larrakia woman gives evidence at native title hearing

Extract from Australian Broadcasting Corporation - ABC Online, on 1 Oct 2002.

A deaf and dumb Larrakia woman was the first of five witnesses to give
evidence "on country" as part of the first hearing of a native title claim
over an Australian capital city.

The hearing was held on clifftops west of Government House in Darwin this

Deaf and unable to speak except through sign language, Molly Baban gave
evidence through her daughter Pauline.

She said her mother was born in 1924 at Lameroo Beach, below the site
where Government House now stands.

She told the court of a spring that in Larrakia Dreaming relates to the
eye of the trevally fish.

Mrs Baban said she was evacuated from Darwin during the war but when she
returned, she and her husband used to fish and camp on the beach with
their children.

Another witness, Lorna Talbot, told how her mother used to take her to the
beach as a child to search for longbums and crabs.

The hearing continues.



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