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Governor-General returns traditional lands

Extract from Australian Broadcasting Corporation - ABC Online, on Aug 27th, 2002.

The Governor-General, Peter Hollingworth, has handed back the Barrow Creek
Telegraph Station Reserve in the Northern Territory to its traditional

The 12.5 square kilometre area was the first piece of land taken from its
traditional owners and it is also the first to be handed back.

The area's Kaytetye people gave the Governor-General a tour of the
historical reserve before the start of this morning's ceremony.

The telegraph station was built in 1872 and brought non-indigenous people
to the region.

In 1874, several Aboriginal men killed the station master and linesman,
which resulted in a severe reprisal and an unknown number of Aboriginal
people were killed.

The Kaytetye people continue to live on the land, despite a lack of
housing and facilities.

The security of the tenure will allow them to obtain money for such



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