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Claim Govt needs to do more to recognise indigenous artists

Extract from Australian Broadcasting Corporation - ABC Online, on Aug 10th, 2002.

Federal Opposition Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Arts
spokeswoman, Dr Carmen Lawrence, says the Government is not doing enough
to recognise indigenous artists.

Dr Lawrence is in Darwin for a shadow Cabinet meeting next week and has
attended the 19th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art
Awards last night.

She says it is also unfortunate that Aboriginal Affairs Minister Philip
Ruddock treats the portfolio as a recreational one and as secondary to his
Immigration Minister responsibilities.

"I do recognise the importance of indigenous art but I think it is often
in order to purchase it and place it on the walls of galleries, rather
than saying this is the integral part of the identity and the future of
the communities," Dr Lawrence said.

"It's not just something for looking at, it's actually very important to
culture and language and to self-determination, which is not often
language we here from the current Government," she said.




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