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Carr rejects calls for new inquiry into Hickey's death

Extract from Australian Broadcasting Corporation - ABC Online, on 13 February 2005

The New South Wales Premier, Bob Carr, says there will be no further investigation into the death of Aboriginal teenager TJ Hickey, despite ongoing allegations that police were involved in the accident that claimed the boy's life.

Hundreds of people gathered at Redfern in Sydney today, to mark the first anniversary of TJ's death.

Among the crowd gathered at the place where her son suffered his fatal accident, Gail Hickey held up a plaque created by the local community that reads: "TJ Hickey was impaled on a metal fence arising from a police pursuit".

The State Government is disputing the wording, saying a coronial inquiry found the police did not chase TJ.

Today, the Premier Mr Carr suggested the plaque is still under negotiation and has resisted calls to repoen an inquiry into the teenager's death.

"There is no evidence before us to justify re-opening an inquiry into his death," he said.

Mrs Hickey says the wording on the plaque is non-negotiable.

"I ain't changing the plaque for no one - what's on the plaque's going to stay on the plaque," she said.

Many members of the Redfern community remain convinced the role of the police in TJ's death has been covered up.

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