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NT politicians push to outlaw petrol sniffing

Extract from Australian Broadcasting Corporation - ABC Online, on 31 March 2004


The Northern Territory's Assistant Indigenous Affairs Minister, John Ah Kit, has endorsed a push to make petrol sniffing illegal in the Territory.

The idea was raised in the Territory Parliament last night, with the Member for Sanderson, Len Kiely, suggesting the destructive practice will only be stopped if becomes a criminal offence.

The comments were applauded by the Country Liberal Party Opposition.

Mr Ah Kit also supports the idea and says the issue should be on the national agenda.

"We need to bite the bullet in terms of seriously considering legislation to outlaw petrol sniffing," he said.

"It's sad and tragic when you go to these communities and see that kids are walking round with petrol in cans under their noses or sitting in creeks at Angurugu and places like that.

"If the police can't do anything, the parents can't do anything, we might have to enact some legislation."


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