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Playing the didgeridoo for your own meditation

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Name and Country Feedback
Anonymous from Canada Breathing deeper and the vibration helps me to tune in
Aaron from USA When I began playing the didge it was all about meditation and breath.
Anonymous Not a very good player, but will get the hang of it.
Adrienne from USA Clear my mind of thought, and listen to the sounds being channeled through. Trance like state established and maintained. Frequently amazed at the sounds that are sent through.
Alex from USA I listen to myself playing, it is great to concentrate solely on the sound emanating from the didj, it is one of the few things that I can concentrate exclusively upon (i didn't see this field when I was answering the question about live didj music for meditation, I believe that I qualify for both though?)
Anonymous Exhausting but gorgeous
Alexis from Canada Profoundly purifying experience
Allan from Brazil Its me playing..so...none other thing its so good in the Earth
Amy from USA Not yet...but I can't wait to try this!! The didjeridoo dances with my soul.
Andi Branston from United Kingdom It is really easy to focus on empty head (no internal dialogue) when I play.
Andrea Cammarata from Italy Optimus
Anthony Curmi from Malta Hard to explain in words. It's like letting a real hidden you express himself, no limits.
António Campos from Portugal I'm still learning how to play,but the sound of the didgeridoo is very similar to the ôm sound that I use in Yôga.I love to ear the drone sound of the didgeridoo.but I'm fascinated with the the others sound that it produces
Anonymous from Iceland I find that the drone of the didj helps me to block out other thoughts. My world transcends into a world of pure rhythm and tone. And every nuance of the didj weaves into the experience. Creating a very peaceful state of mind.
Ayal from Israel In your world wide meditation event.
Badu Bardthesque from Belgium For a moment, I was released from any cultural influence.
Barry Wiltshire from United Kingdom Makes me feel very calm, and less stressed.
Anonymous from Spain I was only thinking on the circular breathing and I start to feel the ground vibrations caused by the didj and
Bob Robinson from Australia In touch with Spirits of this great land
Anonymous I plan to as I am purchasing a didj for that purpose
Brad Evergreen from USA Great! The only way that I feel I can meditate
Anonymous from Australia Just play it to be alone and get some quality time to myself
Brendan from Australia I think just playing the didge is kind of meditation but I guess I should actually say no
Brett from Australia As above
Anonymous I played long smooth notes, nothing much to it
Bridget Walker from USA Easy to meditate
Bruce Rich from USA Wonderful
Cameron from United Kingdom Didj music allows the world around you to melt away, it enables you to focus on your breathing and to clear your mind and keep it empty. It also enables me to feel like I am 'Deeper' into the meditation. The drone is hypnotic, your tempo and style of play give form and shape to the meditation
Carolyne Williams from USA My breathing became balanced, I became balanced, and afterward, my friend and I heard a didg playing by itself (we were not on drugs!) He said that happens all the time to him.
Anonymous Makes me feel calm and connected to the earth
Anonymous from France Already say ^^
Charlie from USA I tend to play softer and more slowly when I play for meditative reasons, and the sound carries me places.
Chas from USA Long periods of circular breathing. just droning
Cheryl Ludwig from USA I travel into other places, other worlds, and get messages. This coupled with the things I've already said about the didj.
Chris from USA I'm not very good and can't circular breathe very well, but I tried.
Chris Halliday from USA When ever I play I try to bring out what is inside
Chris Murphy from USA The use of my didjes are a central part of my meditation
Anonymous Great relaxation;
mantra didge playing
Cliff Garnier from USA Yes I play for about 20 min then just go inside of my self for ten and then play again
Clive Wilson from United Kingdom Not a lot I can say. Interesting and different
Anonymous from USA I have played didj's several times for general pleasure and for deeper spiritual satisfaction in a variety of settings
Courtney from USA The breathing in addition to the music helps me fade out everything else
Craig Dupriest from USA I'm not that accomplished on the instrument yet
Craig from USA Creating music is meditation for me. It helps me to relax and escape.
Crystal from USA I can't play for very long yet, soon (very soon) I will be able to!
Daal from Australia As above
Dale from Australia Just relax and play
Dale Elliott from Australia I used my own pace to relax me.
Dan House from USA Long slow drones
Dan Stoner from USA Closing my eyes to enhance my audio senses and draw mental images while playing in so rewarding, especially when you're able to add to the sensual experience via didj sound waves which you can actually, physically feel.
Dan from USA I lose myself in the breathing and the vibrations. My stress just goes from me
Daniel from United Kingdom Helps focus the mind, get totally absorbed into the sound and vibe, become one with the instrument and with nature.
Daniela from Japan It's easier to feel union between body, energy and mind
Darren Searle from Australia Playing my didj relaxes me, it makes me happy when I'm not feeling the best.
Dave from New Zealand More of a 'not yet' really.
David from Australia Simply playing is soothing. I've never had any formal meditation sessions.
David Naftalin from USA Focusing on breathing has an amazing effect on the body. you become so in tune with everything that is going on within and around you.
David Overacre from USA I have sat on my roof and played until the sun went down, just watching nature.
Anonymous from Australia Well, I just started, but I find the sound very soothing. It's great to play in a study break during exams.
David from USA I am in the process of learning to circular breathe. I can do it, but don't have it mastered yet. I find the practice of circular breathing and just playing meditative. It's a great way to lose the self.
David Watts from United Kingdom Sit in room with good acoustics and let your lungs and mouth free your mind and soul
Dean from Australia Not yet just learning
Dean Fargo from USA Found the vibration soothing
Dennis from Australia Cannot feel the vibrations as well whilst playing, but clears the perceptions somewhat. Am looking forward to enhancing this as I improve my playing.
Anonymous from USA I just get in to a rhythm and don't realize I am still playing and drift off
Denny from USA See above. I also stage a didj and drum circle twice a year for the local park district. I bring lots of PVC didjes for the children to play and we all have a great time around the fire playing didj and telling dreamtime stories.
Diego from Argentina It concentrate me and let me express in quite way. It is very good because it helps to take control in the meditation and show how it goes. May be as another instrument but is much easy to play than piano for example so I can concentrate more in meditation.
Dominik from Germany I often pack my car with my didj and my girlfriend, sometimes friends too, and go to a place a few kilometres away from my home to play the didj and some drums. This place is a sunny field of grass and flowers beside a mixed wood and just perfect to relax and play without getting disturbed.
Dorian Moriarty from USA Occasionally I sit in the corner playing the single drone constantly to relax.
Doug from USA The sound is incredible, though I have a difficult didj to play, I'm still struggling to circular breath, I can do that on brass instruments but not this didj, yet. but I'll get it eventually
Douglas Burson from USA Still not yet able to really deeply meditate while playing my didj...I'm probably too much caught up in figuring out how to circular breath (i sort of have congested frontal sinuses which make it difficult to breath in through my nostrils)..not to mention that the didj I have is apparently quiet difficult to play.... I don't play that plastic imitation one I have because the sound is just yucky!
Douglas Michon from USA I was too preoccupied with my breathing.
Dustin Henderson from USA Often...on a calm starry night I might sit and play the A for hours until I reach that perfect equilibrium...
Dustin from USA A month or two ago my back started bothering me greatly. Just one of those spasms you get sometimes that puts your back muscles in knots for a few days, and leaves you nearly immobile. I called in sick from work, since the chair I have there only makes it worse, and instead stayed home.
With extra time on my hands, I picked up one of my PVC didgeridoos (I LOVE my low G), and just started playing and playing. After a matter of a minute or two, I had totally forgotten about my back. I played for 10 minutes or more, and when I was done, I found that my back had MUCH relaxed.
The rest of the day whenever I would get really stiff, I would just pick up the didj and play, loose track of everything, and relax.
Dzarul Emran from Malaysia When I feel stress,i play didgeridoo.then after played, I feel very relax n comfort. peaceful in my mind.
Anonymous I have never played a didj.
Eric Klaus from USA Just beginning to learn to play
Erman Seles from Turkey It was good for my soul and body energy
Anonymous I play the didj ( with my eyes closed) till I don't need to think the rhythm I'm doing, directly from my head to my lips and the didj
Estela from Brazil Well, you feel that your thoughts stay more quiet, and during the meditation, your breath becomes more regular an calm.
Evan Broad from Australia I just find it so soothing
Evan González from USA Sitting by myself on carpet crosslegged allowing the rhythm and sound to do me in, to relax and dance my body staying pretty much still and seated.
Fernando from Italy I felt stronger.
Anonymous from Germany Very fine :)
Frank Segui Franck from Canada Very positive
Anonymous You can make then jour own world
Anonymous from USA Most times I play for myself but at a friends house we'll both meditate together sometimes more if people are there.
Fredrik from Sweden See above.
Gabriel Zamora from Sweden It is very relax to play and I used to try this in my bathroom ...there I have better sound and resonance
Gabriella from Italy Easier to play
Gareth from Australia I play to relax after work and my son loves it. It quietens him down
Gareth Knight from United Kingdom I usually drift off somewhere, Once when playing on the beach to the sea I became a mermaid out at sea looking back at myself and I hadn't smoked a single thing !!
Gary from Australia Whenever I'm feeling stressed I just pick up one of my didges and after a minute or two I feel a whole lot better..... it's that simple!
Gary from Australia Feeling of calmness and I feel very earthy almost tribal...very Australian
George from USA Breath control and sounds all play a role in my meditation. I've tried just sounding very long drone notes on the didj while I empty my mind. I'm try adding the circular breathing now. The sound resonated through the body. Reminds me in a way of some chanting meditation I've done.
George Haddad from Lebanon I practice Yoga breathing, playing didj can give the same meditative and cleansing results
Gert Ledelay from Netherlands Didj music off myself gives me complete rest and make me happy.
Greg from Switzerland More difficult as I concentrate on playing and am not very good
Heather Star from USA For meditation- This is why I want a didj!
Heather from USA I enjoy meditating to the sound of my didj on a regular basis.
Hector Adrian Peralta from Argentina Relajación
Henk Stange from Netherlands It give me a pleasant feeling
Anonymous Like I answered in number 2, usually I just try blowing slowly and rhythmically and let the didj carry. I guess it even ends up revealing what quite is going on inside me.
Ian from USA I have not come to a point in my ability to play the didj in which I can stop focusing on maintenance of the sound.
Anonymous from Germany Name it a first try....it felt very good and I was in a very relaxed state of mind afterwards
Jack from USA The same as above..but with the personal satisfaction that I am doing it myself
Jacob from USA Playing and listening helps tension flow out
Jai Kartar Singh from Chile I started letting the sound do his job, transporting my soul to where the sound wants to, then I added some words, like sa, and prolonging the sound with this vibration.
Jaime from USA Playing my own didj during meditation helps to clear my mind. Without the didj, I am more easily distracted and cannot achieve as deep a level of meditation.
James Mott from USA It waways washes away the tensions that I may have. Leaves me refreshed and peaceful.
James Pierson from USA Whenever I play it is meditative. well when I play with a lot of other instruments it can get a little crazier.
Jan Vermeer from Netherlands Relaxing ,feel complete etc.
Jarret Myers from USA Very nice spiritual sense
Anonymous Ethereal
Jason from United Kingdom How can you describe this, words are not enough ! Ommm...
Anonymous Very helpful in gaining a focused and deep meditative state
Jean Paul from USA Most anytime I play didj it is a meditative experience for me.
Jean-Baptiste from France It was great, but the meditation were not easy....
Jeff from USA I find that it's very easy to get swept up in the sound. I tend to forget about the body somewhat and "trance out"
Jeff Nelson from USA My skill as of yet made it hard to meditate as I was trying to learn to circle breath. I look forward to better experiences in the future.
Jeff from USA See above
Jennifer from Canada Almost instant connection to the world of vibration
Jérémie Terral from France Slackened
Anonymous Fantastic, a sense of personal enjoyment
Jezz from United Kingdom Highly relaxing, it's a great instrument for experiencing a separation of mind from body mechanics. in other words, you just think and it's done.
Jim Davis from Canada It takes you too another place, a place too relax and find yourself, I hear sounds that I cannot explain
Joan from USA I don't do it very often, but it really takes me away from everything and I "come back" refreshed
Anonymous Playing=meditating
Anonymous Long, sustained circular breathing helps me to "switch off".
John Heusler from USA I have definitely brought myself to another plane of life with my own playing. First time it was a bit scary but since it has happened several times now I am welcoming it with open arms.
John from USA Playing relaxes me after a hard day. I play into a corner to large vase to get the back reverb.
John from USA The feeling I get is an immediate sense of awareness within myself and the Earth. It's a connection that can hardly be measured in words.
John from Canada I can't describe the feeling really. It almost becomes effortless after a while as I get carried away while my mind relaxes and body and breathing becomes absorbed into the didj.
Anonymous from Germany Silence in my head, body feeling of being wider or bigger
Jon Harnum from USA Very calming, focus-inducing, after 15 min a sort of trance state takes over. Magic!
Jon from USA But plan to start
Jon from USA Hen a good drone builds, I can just take off into my own personal realm where noone cares or criticizes me.
Jon from USA It's a gut level feeling.
Jonathan Benham from USA I live on an old farm and there is a huge silo on the property with great acoustics inside. I go in there and play, often at night. I have had some amazing experiences in there with the sound reverberating off the walls.
Joseph from USA The mix of sound and concentration helped me to clear my mind much easier than usual
Jouni from Finland The best way.
Julian from Australia Play the didj daily to release tension
Anonymous from Australia But I want to learn to play so that I can
Anonymous For practice
Anonymous Cd
Karl from Canada I do it on occasion to relax. I'm still working up to circular breathing but find the overall experience great.
Keith from United Kingdom Enables shut down of stressful thoughts
Kennth Brown from USA Earth tones help me connect to Earth and it's life, of which I am a part.
Kev Bates from United Kingdom Find that the didj creates a rapid and deep trance state particularly when used outside.
Kevin Patry from Canada It was difficult to relax enough while playing to really clear my head.
Anonymous from United Kingdom I consider playing for a time of 30 minutes or more an excellent from of meditation, because the result of concentrating on breathing puts me into a meditative state and I am able to look 'inwards' very clearly.
Kirk Jaskoviak from USA I have been trying to play my didge to put me into a state of concentrated effort.
Kristin from USA Recorded, it as mentioned before.
Kua from USA But I'm going to look for some CD's until I can get my own hands on one!
Lance from USA Deeply calming
Larry from Australia There is a great sense of the body/mind being cleansed.
Lars Ley from Luxembourg The music takes all the attention, so the flow of thoughts can be stopped for a while. (a short while after all) But sometimes, I feel like the didj is playing me, not inverse
Lidia from France The vibrations made me feel relaxed and happy
Lloyd Goldstein from USA Just long tones and deep breathing last few days.
Louis-Philippe from Canada I sat on my bed, in front of the mirror, I take a deep breath and I blow in my didg. I felt the vibration in my mouth, my arms and my toes. I let the inner rhythm take place and rapidly I become really connected to my center and I feel grounded. In the same times, the toughs just disappear. Even on a really short period, this meditation light me up deeply.
Anonymous A couple of different ways.
One is just getting grounded and knowing my breath and feel of everything.
Second is letting the sounds just come as a form of expression to de frag feelings and thinking.
Three Is listening to what feels like the right sound and resonance.
Anonymous I sit and play with my eyes closed and relax thinking about various things.
Luke Neill from Australia I play the didj often to calm myself. Using spontaneous thoughts, if any creep up, to guide the music and lull thoughts back towards the basic drone. Works wonders for stress.
Anonymous from USA Release and let go of blocks...
Anonymous Relaxing and exhilarating all in one. It's like no other experience.
Marcel Schut from Netherlands After playing for about 15 minutes it is very easy to enter a meditative state.
Marciano Corona from Mexico Estar vibrando con el didjeridoo te mete en un estado sorprendente
Marcus from United Kingdom Cool ,but need to practice
Mario Peters from Netherlands The combination of sound, vibrations and circular breathing brings me in a trance.
Mark Earhart from USA I try, but I still spend most of the time concentrating on what I'm doing.
Anonymous How else would you meditate?
Mark Mark Andrews from USA It is a little unnerving to my western mind, and I like that. It makes me think of things far away and ancient.
Mark from United Kingdom Good for focusing and uniting mind / body
Mark from Australia Relaxed afterwards
Marthinus Botes from South Africa You just lose yourself and even though I am a beginner, I suddenly realised that I got the right sound every now and then, but could not quit get it when I just sat down to play
Mateo Ripple from USA Holy Tolito!
Matt from United Kingdom First I play a sound and let the sound relax me, then I let the sound just happen without conscious interference. Its like letting the usual tension in the awake mind drop for a while. *sigh*
Matt from USA I would like to learn.
Matthew Peterson from USA I don't own a didge(yet) But a friend of may uncles does. He has let me play his a few times.
Mauro from Italy I play thinking to a place that I try to reproduce (forest, sea, desert etc,) by didj feeling to be there.
Max from Switzerland Just explained it above
Max from USA Very relaxing. It's just me and the didj
Merv from USA Pleasing even though I cannot yet circle breathe
Michael from USA Made me wish I was in Australia watching the sun set on Uluru with more friends who love and respect the Earth like I try to.
Michael Del Quadro from USA Helps me to put everything more into perspective. I let my ideas flow through my mind without pondering on any of them; while pouring air through my didge.
Michael Forster from USA It teaches me about myself and teaches me about itself. In a way it is similar to Ayahausca in being a teacher of breath where A is a teacher of the plant. It has captivated me and I continually seek out didj sounds whenever I am at a festival or hear music.
Michael from Australia I have used it to relieve stress from work. Also when my mother passed away with Cancer I used it to take away her pain and so she could talk to me.
Anonymous When I finish I feel to go out of another world, like if I enter and another space
Anonymous Nice. Time flies.
Mikko from Finland But I sure would like to!
Mil Grindstaff from USA I was on a river one time when the sun was near setting and many fish began to feed quite near where I was sitting. I then realised that the sound seemed to attract life forms. Taking a dig to the out doors seems to have a calming effect on me
Moses Frederic from USA I empty my mind of everything very quickly, it flows right out my mouth, through the didj and empties me out.
Myke from USA I find when I am particularly stressed out, the didj helps to bring me back to a grounded place.
Nathan Barnard from Australia I always feel very relaxed, even stoned
Nathan Robson from USA I like to put all my stress, worries, problems and energy into the songs that I create on my didjeridoo. It's very relaxing and addicting.
Nicolas from France Excellent
Nik from United Kingdom I just find the drone calming and feel focussed. also the circular breathing helps calm me.
Oguz Anil from Turkey Bit exhausted but not exactly knackered when the exhaustion released I feel more energetic I don't know how to put this in words though..
P.j. Belic from USA Most of the time I play while alone I often fall into a meditative trance.
Patricia from Portugal Because of the circular breathing, and the systematic, sound and vibrations..i start to feel that the sound I myself ..we are one..and I start to get in the place where my mind and the music create a world and a dimension for me and the perfect things to happen.
Patrick Anderson from Australia Playing until I'm so completely relaxed that I cannot move for minutes
Patrick from USA Personal
Patrick from France The sounds I produced shook my body, I was only focused on the sound and the vibrations
Anonymous from Sweden The brumming sounds really feels in our hole body
Paul Bishop from USA It is a very free feeling in which time has no meaning. An hour can pass as if it was 10 minutes
Paul O\'Keefe from Canada I find that the breathing is very relaxing and I lose track of time.
Paul from Canada I find it very easy to get lost in the sounds of the didg. I am regularly drawn away from the things around me by the sound. I forget what's going on around me and usually end up burning my food because the didg makes me forget I'm cooking.. ahah
Pedro from Portugal Like I said that I just close my eyes and think about everything, it helps me a lot by making me more conclusive, relaxed and peaceful.
Peggy Adams from USA The breathing increases the power of the meditation.
Peter from USA I quickly feel myself part of the larger universe.
Anonymous from USA It's relaxing
Ralph from USA I mix vocals and drones and I play in pulses till I find a chord that strikes me just right.
Richard Gillis from USA I tend to feel the musical drone instead of concentrating on technique. I establish a rhythm with the pace of my circulating breathing and hum from the back of my throat.
Richard Grossman from USA Sometimes a bit frustrating, but with time it becomes a very deep practice. I often wonder if that aspect of didge playing and listening isn't something that needs to be encouraged and furthered. It would seem to me to be a helpful adjunct in the various communities where drug and alcohol addiction are such a problem.
Rob Pelletier from Canada Peaceful and happy
Robbert-Jan from Netherlands I like it very much..But if you play, you hear the sounds much different... (sometimes..)
Roberto Fioravanti from Canada This is more it! to me playing is a form of meditation on it's own
Rolan from Netherlands I get into the meditation while I play. It depends on my playing and my 'letting go'. I don't want to play with my ego but with my soul you see.
Ron from USA The inner voice stops babbling pretty quickly, heart rate seems to slow too.
Ron J Berkhout from Netherlands Not meditation exact, but it always relaxes me.
Anonymous from Ireland It's not as relaxing as listening to someone else but still good.
Rowan from USA I start to go into trance after about 10 minutes straight of playing. My breathing is all my mind is concentrated on, and my soul is free to commune with the infinite.
Roy Páramo from Spain After the first 5 minutes you become part of the sound...can't really explain, you must try it.
Ryan from USA The deep resonance qualities help clear the mind.
Ryan from USA New experience every time. always deep and relaxing. I think that it is because of the total concentration on breathing
Sam Boys from USA It serves as an accelerator into higher states of consciousness
Sam from Australia I live on the coast and try to get up on a big sand dune every day at sunset and play my didge, beautiful spot, playing didge, its a good way to level myself out and relax.
Anonymous from Belgium Long time of quietless
Anonymous It is much better than the others
Scott Michael from USA Very relaxing, peaceful.. hard to describe.
Scott Turner from USA But I hope to.
Anonymous It's a wonderful tool for pranayama exercises.
Sean from USA When I was stressed from studying at Uni in North Ryde
Sean from USA Increased concentration
Anonymous from United Kingdom Same as above: Improvisation, I play and I let my mind free to think and produce images.
Anonymous from USA The only time I meditate is when I'm playing my didj. I just sit on the ground in a corner usually so I can hear myself better and just play. After awhile I'm not even thinking, sound is just flowing and its weird. There really is much else like it.
Anonymous As said above, I believe any time I play the didj continually for more then 15 mins it induces a state that I can very strongly relate to a meditation.
a feeling of deep serenity, enhanced senses, refined alertness all come as the affect of a good didj session.
Shawn Nelson from USA As a way to "retune" myself after a days work or errands. Kind of like a "tuning fork" effect or like a Tibetan bell, If I find myself out of tune or "stuck in my head", I will play my Didj to re-entrain myself to my true center and to keep myself from getting "off center".
Siebe from Belgium It feel peaceful.
Siobhan Mcelwee from USA I totally lose track of time/space. Easy to achieve a "non-thought" space
Anonymous from USA I was in an extremely high consciousness state and felt very open, and my boyfriend began instructing me on how to use my tongue and lips and I got it right in a few minutes and I practiced for a good half an hour or longer and felt like I was making some progress. But that was the only time I ever attained that level with the didj myself so far.
Soren from Belgium After a hard stressful day it's really relaxing...
Anonymous I fell me relaxed and sleepy each time.*lol*
Stefano Fusillo from Italy Something blind, and other things open a mew point of view
Anonymous I do it all the time, when I play I enter in meditation , I feel my energy running in my body
Stephane Guerraz from Canada I feel the energy comes in strongly with the didgeridoo. I like to pause from time to time, not to take a breath but just to feel the energy.
Steve from United Kingdom While playing I find a different level of meditation. Deeper and more relaxed
Steve Weber from USA I loose track of time. Alternate state of consciousness.
Stuart Kirkpatrick from Bermuda Most of the time I am unaware just how long I have played for...an hour will go by in what seems like 5 minutes
Anonymous from France I play long and slowly and try to have no energy expansive play. I concentre myself around the sound and the images who comes to me.
Tautvydas Strazdas from Lithuania I play with my didj, so it gives
Tero from Finland The whole act of playing is meditation, simple and plain. these two aren't separate things.
Thaddius Davis from USA It just helps me clear my mind and get rid of the worries of everyday life and just relax and enjoy life
Anonymous from France If I want to relax my self I play for meditation. Sometimes, I play fast rhythms and feel that I need a slow and meditation playing. So I do it.
Anonymous from United Kingdom It calmed me down when I was stressed
Thomas from USA I found that my mind and breathing were more distracted at first, but once found my rhythm, there was nothing else, I was alone to find myself.
Thomas Webster from USA It is very nice to relax and play and to feel one with the sounds and the instrument
Anonymous from Portugal The fact of being able to play a didjeridu gave me a lot of confidence and self-esteem. So it was so good that I found it incredibly relaxing and wonderful
Tim Kelley from USA Its the only way I can clear my mind
Tim Mcclune from United Kingdom See above
Anonymous from France It is not easy because I can only play 5 min
Todd from USA Once I get into a rhythm of relaxed circular breathing, I am able to reach a private place away for the rest of the world
Anonymous from USA It was cool.I sat on a mountain overlooking a river and played for about 4 hours.I was not stoned.
Tomer from Israel When I practice
Tony from Australia I'm only an intermediate player, but I try and get a rhythmic drone happening which helps me to relax and unwind
Travis Wernet from USA It is ever-expanding
Trey Sansom from USA It is cleansing to only concentrate on keeping the didj going it clears everything out of your mind
Tuomo from Finland Consciousness transformation
Tyler Loube from Canada I do almost always play for my own meditation. It allows me to clear my mind at little bit faster than silent meditation, or chanting alone.
Valentijn from Netherlands I got real calm and I had some flashbacks. Memories, bad and good, the bad ones I could put aside and forget. The good where placed in a 'safe spot'.
Vic Cherikoff from Australia In the past, when I'd been playing for a while over time, I found it to be very relaxing. But the more you play the better the relaxation.
Anonymous Just close my eyes and leave this world
Vincent from Canada Playing the didj get me in a unique mood that is great for meditation
Wojciech from Poland I'm rather a beginner in terms of meditation. Just try to focus on the sound, calm down breathy, relax, clear my mind

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