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Listening to recorded didgeridoo music for meditation

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Name and Country Feedback
António Campos from Portugal It is video tape of an Australian didgeridoo player,i was impressed by it's skills in playing the didgeridoo.And I loved the dance of an aboriginal,dancing at the sound of the didgeridoo,imitating the Australian animals .
Badu Bardthesque from Belgium I use it for daily routine and for more spiritual uses. One can always listen to a didjeridoo
Ben Thompson from Australia In one phrase ........ 'hauntingly beautiful and real'.
Bob Robinson from Australia My Grandmothers Dreaming
Brad Evergreen from USA Not as good as playing myself to meditate
Brandon from South Africa I always have very spiritual experiences when meditating, but the didj music connects me to mother earth more than any other.
Anonymous from Australia Just puts u into a state of relaxation, takes u places to help u get over what is bothering u or can just generally relax u
Brendan from Australia After a stressful few days working and moving house, I put on Bungarinyi and just lay down.
Brett from Australia I won a cd from an artist playing in Brisbane about 6 years ago and I listen to it a few times a week to help me get to sleep
Casey Kresnak from USA Result is very the same it can be better because of my comfort zone and it helps my anxiety a lot.
Chas from USA Before I go to sleep I listen to it. Its very relaxing and opens up one's mind
Cheryl Ludwig from USA I go into other worlds, other places. To put it into words is very difficult. It's hard to put into words. It's more like " FEEL WHAT I FEEL. Feel my heart, and you will know what I feel. To put it into words diminishes what I could impart otherwise.
Chris from USA I found a nice didj loop and left that playing for meditation.
Anonymous Very calming, but I didn't enter a meditative state
Cliff Garnier from USA I love Steven Kent and I sometimes play his cd and just lose myself in the music
Courtney from USA Just listened to different CDs
Craig Dupriest from USA It's soul-stirring because of its natural sounds of nature
Crystal from USA My mother went to Australia and brought back a beautiful CD. I listen to it in the mornings sometimes as I watch the sunrise and do morning Yoga and meditation
Dan from USA Very pleasing
Daniel from United Kingdom Helps to relax and get one into more of a trance state form of mediation.
Daniela from Japan As above but it's less powerful
Dave from New Zealand I love it. Not much use when I'm chanting, but when I'm relaxing/silent, it's great.
Diego from Argentina It blows my mind. I like it
Dorian Moriarty from USA Downloaded from a web site.
Elizabeth Churchill from USA It was on a cd and used as a backup type of instrument.
Anonymous When I heard a didj live, I knew it was perfect for meditation, so I purchased a CD. It has a very spiritual feel and really helps me to focus.
Anonymous from USA It is quite a unique area of music. It can't really be explained.
Evan González from USA Some of the best didj I've heard are on recordings. Especially the faster rate and different voices produced.
Gabriella from Italy Less intense
Gary from Australia Love putting some calm solo didgeridoo on my CD Walkman and falling asleep to it
Gert Ledelay from Netherlands Not the same as life music
Heather Star from USA Not as good as feeling the vibration of the live experience.
Heather from USA I use a number of cd for personal meditative practice as well as for my clients.
Henk Stange from Netherlands Its a very good feeling.
Anonymous from USA In my room with a cd player on
Hugo from Portugal A great experience that gave me the relaxation and peace I needed for the moment
Jan Vermeer from Netherlands To hear the real sound is for me better because you feel the vibration of the sound more
Anonymous Helpful to gain a more meditative state.
Anonymous I felt that I was connected to another time/place exactly as when I first heard didj music in Oz.
Jean-Baptiste from France It was great, but the vibrations are too much poor
Jennifer from Canada Wasn't as powerful as live, but seems to serve as a reminder that I am energy
Anonymous Yolnguboy, good but not as rewarding as life didge
Anonymous from USA This sound focuses awareness, helps release tension and has a similar effect to the sound of ocean waves or a waterfall.
John from USA It worked well but nothing compares to live sound. You don't really get the full effects of the vibrational frequencies.
John from Canada Purchased my first didj cd by the duo "Inlakesh". When I got home grabbed my Discman and went down to the park. Put on my headphones and sat looking out over the water. It was very peaceful and the rest of the world seemed to disappear. All the noise from the city and the bustle of people walking by became a painting that I was looking into rather than being a part of. Then as time went on I seemed to come back as a part of everything around me but separated at the same time
Jonathan Benham from USA Listened to David Hudson, an amazing player. I wanted to have longer, slower sounding pieces of music though.
Josh from USA Peaceful, relaxing, woodsy
Juha from Finland Great too ..but not same
Anonymous from United Kingdom I buy DIDJ cd's quite often, as I can learn from them as well as enjoy the vibe.
Kinsey from USA I find it very relaxing, calming and healing.
Kristan from USA I enjoy having some music while doing yoga and meditation. Sometimes I choose didj music
Lance from USA Does the trick , but personally prefer being instrumental in the sounds.
Leah from Australia Found it very relaxing and different to the usual panpipes variety of meditation music
Anonymous It really helps me to relax and am in complete peace with all creation
Luke Neill from Australia Overall relaxation. Reaching a state where the body is no longer reactive, but the mind is sharp yet predictable.
Maayan from Israel Relief
Marcus from United Kingdom Nice but best live.
Mario Peters from Netherlands Though I do enjoy listening to recordings, the real thing, listening to a live-didj goes deeper. It seems as if there is something missing.
Matt from USA Same performer Simon 7 his CD "Collective Unconscious". My sons and I would listen to it in the car on long trips and it would cut the travel time from 5 hours to 2 hours.. it felt as though w were traveling faster and time was compressed
Anonymous Grate
Michael from USA It brings spiritual thoughts into me.
Michael McCormick from USA It brought me right into an ancient part of myself, and I started moving and dancing.
It opened my heart more.
Anonymous Is not the same that in live we can feel the vibration
Michel from France The artist was Steve Roach, on "Origin" album, I've made some cover cd for Steve, and I've discover the didjeridoo sound for the first time with him, and it's change my life of listener, the breathe of the origins is in the sound of the didj
Mikko from Finland Well, I just put on some didj music and chill
Nathan Robson from USA I used a downloaded song from iTunes and it gave me a feeling as if I was floating over the clouds. An experience I wish I could have 24/7.
Nicolas from France Good to rest
Nicolle from Australia Yes love it. It makes me feel more in tune with Australia and spirits from Aussie animals, bush, past. (hard to describe!)
Ola Kielbinska from Poland As above, only the vibrational experience is maybe not as deep
Patricia from Portugal Is good too, but not so intense as in live.it's more difficult for me because I'm not feeling the direct vibrations of the didj.
Anonymous Allowed me to drift away.
Peggy Adams from USA I particularly like to add my music to the music I listen to.
Peter from USA I prefer silence
Anonymous from USA I had to read a boring novel that was assigned from school, so I played didj music which helped me to read the book and meditate on the story.
Rob Pelletier from Canada Peaceful, happy
Rudy Martens from Belgium Very quick and easy entrance of the alpha state!
Sam from Belgium Let the music, the didj vibrations enter your mind, and the meditation will be easier
Sam from Australia I listen to Ganga Giri, however a lot of his tracks are pumping and not real slow enough for me to meditate to.
Anonymous I do it almost every night before I go to sleep
Sasa from Croatia/Hrvatska It's important that I don't know the music I'm meditating to. This didg music made my meditation easier and more intense.
Scott Turner from USA Wonderful
Anonymous from United Kingdom Some occasions at home I just play recorded didge music and lie on the bed and let my mind free to think what it wants
Sharon Calvert from USA Not pure didj music by itself but mixed and blended with other instrumentation through the music of Yothu Yindi, who happens to be my favorite band. I promote Mandawuy and the bands music here at the uni in the USA whenever I have opportunity.
Anonymous Primal
Sharri from Canada I find didj music helps me attain a tranquil and relaxed state of mind, allows me to focus.
Simen from Norway The music gets me relaxed faster..
Stefan from New Zealand I listened to the "White Cockatoo" while out side during summer looking up at the stars.
Steve Weber from USA I can feel the vibrational shift in my body, easy to get to a meditative state.
Stuart Kirkpatrick from Bermuda The slow rhythmic tone almost always leaves me feeling rejuvenated but calm
Terri-Ann from Australia Found it soothing
Anonymous from France I really prefer to listen a player and not a cd
Tony from Australia I cant remember the cd, but it was by a well known aboriginal didge player. I think from memory his name was David Hudson. I found that the slower rhythms were easier for me to tune into for meditation.
Travis Wernet from USA Very healing
Vincent from Canada Very grounding

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