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Listening to life didgeridoo music for meditation
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Listening to recorded didgeridoo music for meditation

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Name and Country Feedback
Aaron from USA I have recorded didge for shamanic journey, and also for general meditation/healing.
Anonymous Almost daily in the car to and from work
Alexis from Canada Fullness, mindfulness, travelling in time and space, rebirth
Alison James from USA Foundation for Shamanic Studies Studied with Dr. Michael Harner
Andi Branston from United Kingdom It makes for a relaxed space not like live didg tho'
Anthony Curmi from Malta It takes you far away ! Great
Ben from Canada I sat in my room and listened.
Bruce Rich from USA Wonderful
Anonymous Deepened the experience as it set up resonance
Carolyne Williams from USA I have only ever heard it live.
Charlie from USA The didj CD I listened to was a healing, meditative didj. Not a fast percussive CD. Made it very easy to get centered and felt very grounded. It seemed to help with the visual aspect of the meditation.
Cherie Fullarton from Australia I will say yes because it has been in the back ground of tapes I have used before, but it brings you back to a natural peaceful state
Chris Murphy from USA I record my own music and listen to it when I need to relax. Adam Plack CDs are awesome too.
Craig Freeman from Australia Synchronised breathing rhythms
Craig from USA It's a peaceful and almost primal sound that is unique
Dale from USA I used it for shamanic journeying. It was a potent, focusing sound for me to follow.
Dale Elliott from Australia I listen to it every day from and to work and at home.
Dan Stoner from USA I play it over and over. Band called Brother from Australia. I'd like to get a broader collection of didj related music to share with friends and for meditation.
Dave from USA It made me very relaxed. An awesome experience.
David from USA Mostly through Mickey Hart, etc.
Anonymous from France It helps to be more "zen" in meditation.
Denny from USA I have a very stressful job. On days of high stress I try to lock myself in my office for 15 mins. and put didj music on the headphones. Some times I blow my B didj but then the rest of my office know what I'm up to! Who cares...I'm the boss.
Don Kepple from USA Found that the rhythm helped me concentrate better. Also the rhythm seemed to envelope my whole being.
Douglas Burson from USA Before I even got my traditional Mallee Eucalyptus didj I picked up the CD: The Healing Sounds of the Didjeridoo...just because I was just sort of lead there by intuition. then I found the CD: Dreamings by Will Seachnasaigh. when I researched my didj the I eventually purchased [name and URL deleted] I spoke to them of wanting a healing didj. they picked out a beautiful sounding didj in the key of A and they also sent me a CD: Kooyar by Richard Walley
Anonymous You can feel the spirituality in the drone. You can feel the earth moving.
Erman Seles from Turkey It was good for my rhythm experience
Fernando from Italy Everyone should try once.
Francisco from Portugal I heard to xavier rudd really loud and I got myself the creeps
Frank Segui Franck from Canada Interesant
Gabriel from Canada I like to listen to some really slow rhythmic sounds and let myself drift away. Ideally outdoors.
Gary from Australia It' s soothing and put's oneself into another plane
Georgie from Australia A friend had a Cd of David ? Didj Meditation Music & yeah it was Good!
I Liked It.
Greg from Switzerland Very inspiring for meditation
Anonymous from USA Meditation is not easy for me, and music is a very good way for me to clear my mind. I find that didj music helps my mind to find that peace it needs.
Anonymous from Luxembourg A powerful experience, somehow reminded me of Tibetan monks music. Very relaxing
Jackie from USA Awesome
James Pierson from USA I find I necessary to have a good stereo for this but it works just as well for me. I usually use it to go to sleep with but meditation as well.
Jan from Slovakia I had many kinds of thinking and feelings, can't just explain it
Jason from United Kingdom A lovely detached state quickly reached, grounded and focused in a flat B.
Jason from USA Meditation is very personal and can't really be shared but listening to the didj changes the space of the meditation. It seems to help maintain focus and keep me grounded.
Jean Paul from USA I have some good didj music that I can put on some headphones to and get lost in its colorful sounds
Jeff Nelson from USA The sounds a good player can create with a didge are amazing for taking you on imaginary adventures. they can be experienced as a peaceful ride down a slow moving river, and can suddenly come crashing at you like rapids. one way or another the journey is never ever dull.
Jerry from USA Very effective!
Jezz from United Kingdom Difficult to describe, helped me to focus and relax into the correct mind set.
Jim Davis from Canada It takes you too another place, a place too relax and find yourself
Anonymous Not the same as life!!!!!!!!!!
John Heusler from USA Same as above
Jon from USA It's a gut level feeling.
Anonymous from Spain I felt something strange in me, really deep
Jouni from Finland Not as good as playing myself but sometimes easier to arrange.
Julian from Australia I sit up straight and reflect on my day, bringing in the good energy and releasing the bad to start a fresh for the next day
Justin from USA I was able to open up my mind, let free will take over and feel intent
Anonymous Peaceful
Karl from Canada Actually a number of CD's from the local library. Can't remember the artists.
Karolina from Australia It take s you far away, all your problems seem to disappear
Anonymous See above
Kent from USA Like I said above, I pick out some of my favorite aboriginal, and didj music and allow myself to get lost in the sounds.
Kirk Jaskoviak from USA But I am interested in buying some CD's for that purpose.
Anonymous I love the first Jamiroquai cd's, they have lots of didj playing. It's very calm. Good for studying and chillin.
Anonymous With my sister doing yoga
Kristin from USA I recorded myself playing some basic drones and I have found this the most "meditation friendly".
Lili Stampe from Denmark No personal
Linda from USA Same as before....just awesome!!!
Anonymous Very soul touching - carries you away
Anonymous from USA Expanding into unknown realms.
Marcel Schut from Netherlands It's ok, but doesn't come close to the real thing.
Marciano Corona from Mexico It was so god and deep
Anonymous While performing energy work I listen to a trance music CD which contains didg music
Matthew Peterson from USA After I first heard a didge on Jamiroquai's Traveling Without Moving I went online and bought David Hudsons Gunyal. It has some very meditative tracks. That is not a pure didge cd but I really like it.
Merv from USA Mellow
Anonymous from USA The sound of the didj brings right to center without effort in a matter of seconds. It's magical.
Anonymous Not as soul lifting as having someone playing it right there but a great way to quite the mind and really focus on something that leads you awakens your soul.
Myke from USA I was facilitating a retreat for people living with HIV/AIDS. One of the workshop presenters played a didj.
Nicolas from France Experience très agréable et très personnel sur que j'avais à accomplir.
Oguz Anil from Turkey Just great
P.j. Belic from USA I listen to music when I am working or doing artwork.It draws me into a state of meditation.Didj music is one of the best types for this.
Anonymous I felt like if had heard that sound somewhere before it was amazing
Patrick from USA Personal
Paul O\'keefe from Canada I find it has its place for entertainment but does not replace the real thing. A good way to expand your knowledge of the didge.
Phil from France It helps me go into my one world and be away from noises and the daily things of life
Richard Grossman from USA Same as above, though less focused and intense.
Robbert-Jan from Netherlands Ow..not so very special.. you don't feel the vibrations of a real/life didj...
Robert Smith from USA Again, occasionally, it is helpful
Ron from USA It supplies an incredible auditory focal point and brings on a deep meditation more quickly, at least for me.
Ron J Berkhout from Netherlands It helped me to relax after a long stressful day.
Anonymous from Ireland It was relaxing and it's easy to forget everything around you, responsibilities etc.
Roxy Gatliff from USA It is a very relaxing, serene time for me.
Ryan from USA The deep resonance qualities help clear the mind.
Ryan from USA Not really for meditation but I really like Xavier Rudd
Ryan Schacherl from USA Just listened
Anonymous from Australia At school we have an elective called Black Tracks and every lesson we listen to aboriginal players play the didj while working. sometimes we are allowed to just sit there and be taken away into the music. brilliant feeling.
Anonymous It is good
Sandra Fernandes from Portugal I felt like I was far far away
Scott from USA I regularly meditate, and dance, to didj tapes. I find it takes me into a meditative state very quickly, and deepens the experience.
Anonymous Not the same as live music, but it's the mind that matters during meditation, not the music
Sean from USA Same as above
Anonymous Sort of, sometimes if I'm a bit tense, I'll lay down before bed and listen to some nice calm didj playing to relax.
Shawn Nelson from USA I have started using Brad Go-Sam and Pablo Russel's CD. I also use Charlie McMahon's CD when driving long distances.
Siobhan Mcelwee from USA The sound/feeling of the didg has always altered my head space....It's an easy sound to "ride"
Anonymous It is great , to. But nothing goes about life Didg music.
Anonymous from France I listened often some artist as blanasi or perris in order to meditate.
Thomas Robinson from USA Again, it connects me with archetypal force.
Tim Mcclune from United Kingdom Low volume background for yoga
Tim from Belgium Nice cd's like Trance Mission, Lights in a fat city ,etc ...
Anonymous from France It helps but you don't have really the vibrations it is a simple cd
Tomer from Israel I have didj media from the net
Tony Kiser from USA Euphoric and transcending
Anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska Transcendal
Wendy from Canada I bought the sounds of the outback when I was in Australia and love the peace it brings

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