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Listening to life didgeridoo music for meditation

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Name and Country Feedback
Adrienne from USA Earthdance 2004, Laytonville CA. Walking about the festival, drawn to a particular stage with about 10 didj players. I sat down in front of the stage, closed my eyes and fell into a trance. My body was vibrating at a different level than I had ever experienced. The group was energetically united! We all joined in dance after the meditation. The experience completely inspired and activated me. Life will never be the same.
Anonymous I don't know if I it was the music that took me away, but I suddenly found myself in the hollow part of the didj..
Alex from USA I listen to myself playing, it is great to concentrate solely on the sound emanating from the didj, it is one of the few things that I can concentrate exclusively upon
Anonymous Absolute experience
Amy from USA I encountered a street musician in the NYC subway. As I waited for the train to come, he played, I achieved a meditative state. It was wonderful.
Badu Bardthesque from Belgium The coalition of deep peace, touched me deeper them I could expect before.
Ben Thompson from Australia The music of the didjeridoo simply captivates me and takes my mind to a better place.
Bob Robinson from Australia In touch with Spirits of this great land
Anonymous Helps to set the tone by adding focus and blocking extraneous noise
Brett from Australia Once just recently in Darwin at mindil beach markets a band EmDee was playing and I just chilled out and felt good
Casey Kresnak from USA Very healing and calming, you can get lost in it very easy even with other instruments,
Cheryl Ludwig from USA I have heard the live didj since the 80's. It has ALWAYS mesmerized me, filled me with a deep familiarity, soothed me, bathed my soul in comfort. I have never forgotten the first time, nor will I ever!
Chris from USA I used to go to drum circles every week in my hometown and oftentimes didj players would come. It is easy to meditate on the music there, at least after the circle gets a beat going.
Courtney from USA I have some close friends who play; I feel very centered when I am close to the sound of their didges- ican feel it in me. also, they have played over me
Crystal from USA I went to a Kan Nal concert and the Didj player played afterwards for a while as I closed my eyes and drifted. It was wonderful! Also, my friend plays for our meditation group and it always brings us up to a higher vibration and awareness.
Daal from Australia Helps me clear my mind. Very relaxing.
Daniela from Japan It's easier to calm down the mind
David from Australia Every time I hear the didge, something stirs inside, things change. regardless of wether its meditation music or not, that sound sends me into a spiritual high. everything else fades out and for a while, nothing else matters.
Dennis from Australia The vibrations of a good didj played well do wonders for activating energy centres. Can really feel the vibrations as they move up and down through the centres. Also relaxing.
Diego from Argentina It was really good, that's why may now I play too. It makes feel fine
Duane from USA It was a Summer Solstice meditation a couple of yeas ago. The player was capable of circular breathing, so the experience was of being wrapped in vibratory sound for several minutes... Awesome...
Anonymous from USA I wish I could have muted EVERY sound around me just to hear what was on stage more clearly.
Evan González from USA Mainly body movement meditation, dancing. I feel connected to dreamtime roots of creating my reality through movement and feeling the movement move me.
Gabriella from Italy Deep connection with spirit
Anonymous Indescrivibile
Heather Star from USA The sounds of the didj take me into a meditation of connectedness with the earth. I feel "rooted", possibly because the didj itself was at one time rooted into the earth.
Heather from USA I have been to meditate with a local didj. master many times.
Jack from USA It is a all over-washing of my mind and soul.
Jai Kartar Singh from Chile I went to listen to a group named Subira, I have a friend, gurufatah, and he is an expert playing didj, so he invite us and we met at a theatre her in Santiago it was like 150 persons and I think we all established the same introspective and healing state when we started listening to this marvellous sound.
Jan Vermeer from Netherlands It makes me very calm and give me feel complete after
Anonymous In a room at a party, it felt like gentle aliens climbing around the room
Jennifer from Canada Greatly enhanced my experience.
Reminded me of forgotten parts of my energy body.
Anonymous Overwhelming, a personal experience
John from USA The general effect is like an induced meditation. It takes no effort to get to the necessary zones that achieve a heightened form of awareness.
Jon from USA Sputhing peaceful
Juha from Finland It's great ...my English is not good
Anonymous A friend has played for me and on me with sound healing - peace
Anonymous Surreal
Kinsey from USA Didj music is very calming and relaxing.
Lance from USA Transcendental,deeply spiritual.
like a bridge connecting ancestral thoughts of yesterday with future endeavors and experiences resulting in various depths of awakenings.
Lidia from France I felt relaxed and transported to another place
Luke Macrae from Australia I have seen Xavier Rudd (great musician who plays with 3 didjes on his sets) perform at concerts.
Anonymous Does "Otherworld" cover this question?!? :)
Marcus from United Kingdom Beyond words.........blending the best of heaven and earth
Mario Peters from Netherlands I have enjoyed several sound-healings and meditations while listening to didj-music. It moves my energy, removes energy-blocks and brings me into contact with nature.
Matt from USA Street performer 'Simon 7' in Grand Central Terminal NYC. The vaulted ceiling is about 5 stories high and the acoustics are amazing. He played and I stood and listened. I felt like my life had changed, like something opened up inside me that helped me remember who I a really am.
Max from Switzerland It was only my own, I liked the way you can put your feelings in the didge and just let them flow out of you
Michael McCormick from USA The didg was being blown a few inches from my body, centering mostly on my lower parts to open them up.
Anonymous Help for alfa level
Michel from France It is too personal to be explain
Mikko from Finland I was on a holiday in Germany and stopped to listen a guy who played a didj.
Nicolas from France In live, I prefer other music
Ola Kielbinska from Poland The vibration definitely changes the brainwaves to an alpha state so the dream-like state of meditation is easier to attain and much more intensified. With didgeridoo I feel like I become totally integrated with the soundscape.
Patricia from Portugal Is very good, feel very calm, and very relaxed,i feel all the vibrations in may body and mind and I start to do a trip in my mind
Patrick from France It was a concert and I just felt relaxed, away from the place where I was
Peggy Adams from USA It is very freeing and allows the chatter to stop quickly.
Roberto Fioravanti from Canada Can't really say I listened FOR meditation, rather WITH meditation
Rod Frost from USA I like to play it more than hear it
Sam from Australia The didge is good to listen to while meditating if I cant get somewhere completely quiet to meditate. Just a low plain drone is good.
Sharon Calvert from USA While at GARMA 2004 I heard didj music from various sources while walking around taking in the sites and meeting people. It is possible to go into meditative states while in physical motion.
Tabitha from USA Several times while camping with friends I've had the chance to relax outside and listen to nature and several didj's playing at together all around me. It goes beyond just listening, you can actually feel the music.
Terri-Ann from Australia Put me in a far off place
Thaddius Davis from USA I just love to listen to didj music to relax and take things easy or listen to some fast paced didj when I am in a great mood and feeling happy and jumpy
Anonymous from France It's really great. U feel the resonance of the didgeridoo in your body,it's slow and after heard it I feel good.
Anonymous from Portugal I found the didjeridu sound very calming and relaxing.
Travis Wernet from USA Well, it was beautiful and I felt connected to the Divine.
Walter from Italy Relax,trance and spice.quite and pace

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