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Listening to recorded didgeridoo music for meditation
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Listening to life didgeridoo music for meditation

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Name and Country Feedback
Aaron from USA With friends in various settings/ circles.
Anonymous Used for clearing the mind
Alison James from USA Sent me places
Andi Branston from United Kingdom It helps me focus when I play.when other people play I can spad off too easily sometimes
Andrea Cammarata from Italy Good
Andres Díaz López from Spain Simplemente maravilloso, imagino una onda que llega hasta el fin del universo
Ben from Canada On a grassy hill, I saw fairies and bears dancing.
Bruce Rich from USA Wonderful
Carolyne Williams from USA I don't own any c.d.'s and am thinking that I should now!
Chris Murphy from USA Only my own and a few opportunities I've shared with other players
Craig Freeman from Australia Do you mean live rather than life?
Dale Elliott from Australia It was a very relaxing environment to be in.
Dan Stoner from USA It's rewarding, plus I always like hearing didj mixed in with other instruments.
Dave from USA It really puts me at peace with myself. The vibrations flow through my body.
Denny from USA Earth binding.
Douglas Burson from USA I first heard the American player who runs the Inlakesh web site. he was providing a demonstration of his agave (non-traditional) didj's at an art fair here in Wisconsin.
Douglas Michon from USA Private meditation seems more productive.
Dustin Henderson from USA Very,peaceful, I felt mentally at one with everything in our reality...
Erman Seles from Turkey Only the person who plays didj knows what I feel...
Frank Segui Franck from Canada Incredible...deep and expansion
Gareth Knight from United Kingdom Only as the player, I have never meditated to someone else playing.
Greg from Switzerland Very inspiring for meditation
Hector Adrian Peralta from Argentina Maravillosa
Jackie from USA Was an out of body experience
James Pierson from USA Great! with the didj I find it quite easy (unless of course they are doing coyote sounds or other quick vocals) to go where I need to be. I've also done quite a few meditations with friends with them playing, or myself playing.
Jeff from USA The first time I heard the didgeridoo in person was at a Yanni concert. The player was in this music "battle" with one of the members of Stomp. The guy from stomp was banging these PVC pipes on this mat making a really cool beat, then the didgeridoo player would mimic a similar beat and try to top the Stomp guy. At the end of the battle the didgeridoo player grabbed one of the PVC pipes and started droning out of that. It was great; I wish I could see it again, but I’m afraid it was not recorded.
Anonymous Makes me feel happy and comfortable
John Heusler from USA Listening to one of many of my didge CD's I simple take my mind off everything in the world and go to another place...its always a good feeling place.
Anonymous They play it a lot in yoga class
Karl from Canada Shine Edgar, a player and healer from BC was in Calgary for workshops. We had the opportunity to listen in.
Anonymous A good focus for meditation
Kristin from USA I was at a small festival about 3 years ago. I had woke up one morning to the sound of the campers next to us playing the didj. It was a beautiful, crisp morning perfect for meditation, and the sound of the didj helped me slip away into my own quite, peaceful world.
Kua from USA It was at a seminar---it felt strangely...familiar...
Lance Moss from USA It"s not deliberate but at any time I hear musically droning sounds I find it takes me to a spiritual place.The bagpipes offer the same stimulus in ways
Linda from USA It was the most enjoyable experience of my life!!!
Anonymous When played non intensely allowed greater vision and relaxation.
Anonymous from USA Healing....anyone who dares.
Marcel Schut from Netherlands A was at a few sound healing concerts. At one of them I left my body and just floated around the small church it was given at. A life altering experience.
Marciano Corona from Mexico No la he tenido
Matthew Peterson from USA It was very powerful, Hearing a didge in person has really sparked my interest in wanting to learn to play the didge
Anonymous from France A out body experience
Anonymous from USA It was invigorating, empowering, euphoric, blissful, balancing and beautiful!
Oguz Anil from Turkey Was great nothing like it very original unique sound of didge make me always just happier
Richard Grossman from USA It's a powerful tool for inner work and Shamanic Journeying. I am in awe of the complexities of the sound, and it always takes me to a beautiful inner place.
Richard Young from USA Inadvertantly
Robbert-Jan from Netherlands It was good.. just me and some friends.. relaxing
Robert Smith from USA Music, at times, does enhance my meditation
Robin Lorentz from Sweden During a yoga class the teacher played for us. I was very relaxing and gave me a strange feeling inside, a nice strange feeling.
Anonymous from Australia I just zoned out. being drowned by the wonderful music. I went very, very fuzzy inside
Scott from USA Rafael Bejarano played at a spiritual healing center near my home. it took me to another plane, resonating on the didj vibrations!
Scott Michael from USA Very relaxing for me, seems to reach deep to my bones
Sean from USA I found it to be very helpful
Anonymous Live didj music?? my friend and I go up into the mountains and find a nice gully every now and then, to sit in stillness, with a didj being played, with stops to allow natures music to be heard is something I'd recommend for any person that way inclined.
i can't describe the experience beyond the word beautiful.
but if life didj is the question, I'm not familiar with that term.
Sheree Hennessy from Australia It seems to fill my body with energy, from my feet up. I swear I can feel the energy when the aboriginal shamans make their medicine up north.
Siobhan Mcelwee from USA My own....I'm usually part of the music makers at festival and whatnot....I LOVE the experience of didging WITH drummers
Soren from Belgium Calming
Anonymous It was great. All my bad feelings changed in good feelings.I was relaxed.
Anonymous I follow the music with my didj
Anonymous from France With didj circle, when the others play, we are often doing meditation et relaxation on the ground.
Thomas Robinson from USA It connects me with archetypal forces which is very useful in my practice as a clinical psychologist.
Tim Mcclune from United Kingdom My own..though I'll relax more when I get the breathing bit cracked. The vibration is hypnotic
Tim from Belgium Incredible vibe, love the bass frequencies
Tomer from Israel In India poshkar his name is niro
Anonymous from Croatia/Hrvatska I rather keep my experiences in meditation for myself.

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