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Please share your experience of receiving didgeridoo healing
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Which part of your body feels most affected by didgeridoo healing?
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Which deseases/conditions can be improved by didgeridoo healing in your experience?

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Name and Country Feedback
Adrienne from USA Any emotion or repression that one is willing to let surface and embrace. My belief is that disease is caused by issues in your psychological environment.
Anonymous Stress
Andrea from Italy In some cases I feel like a resistance in the person who I played on
Badu Bardthesque from Belgium Of course, one must believe and be open enough to feel the vibes, but I think many conditions can be improved by didj healing. If the player plays from the heart, that is.
Bob Robinson from Australia Back problems, and heal the soul
Cheryl Ludwig from USA I feel that the didj can heal ALL conditions, given the patient has the right frame of mind coming into the healing. And this includes healing of the mother earth~
Courtney from USA I don't know but I feel the possibilities are vast
Crystal from USA I know a massage therapist who clears emotional issues by playing the didj on your stomach.
Daniel from United Kingdom I have used didj healing on the emotional plane, helping people relax, when they are stressed and or ill
Daniela from Japan Anxiety,stress
David Naftalin from USA Stress and chronic back pain
Anonymous from USA Tension
Diego from Argentina I think it helps with chakras movement. And with the many things that related
Estela from Brazil Well, its a strange question, but what I feel, its, that, the didgeridoo can help you to put in order yous "chakras", than, its hard to answer.
Evan González from USA A feeling to dance with the body, relaxation, creativity.
Gabriella from Italy Physical, psychological, spiritual diseases
Gary from Australia Just gives a general sense of well-being.
Gert Ledelay from Netherlands Burn out, stress
Heather Star from USA Anything can be healed with sound, vibration, and intention.
Heather from USA I have worked with a range of conditions. I have clients with emotional disturbance to clients with fibroids or environmental toxicity or cancer.
Jai Kartar Singh from Chile Stress, anguish, rage, and all the diseases caused by the accumulated sadness
Anonymous Tension in body, mind and emotions
Jean-Baptiste from France The person have to feel, like and agree the vibration....
Anonymous Gallstones
Jennifer from Canada Migraines, anxiety, pain relieving
Anonymous from USA Psycho-somatic related/stress related illness
Joachim Schmid from Austria Asthma/cough
Anonymous Post-operative conditions.
John from USA I think conditions that effect the nerves, respitory, and heart are most likely to have a tremendous impact by this art. Though I find there is a general sense of well being that one attains when working with the didj.
John Watson from USA All conditions, mental, emotional, or physical can be affected by sound healing.
Jon from USA Stress
Juha from Finland In future almost everything
Anonymous Not sure as of yet
Anonymous Not sure
Lance from USA Stress,anxiety,depression,boredom,pretty much anything you can think of.
Louis-Philippe from Canada In my point of view, I'm sure that didgeridoo can do a lot about rigidity, about crystallized behavior and idea. This deep vibration allow the mind to calm down, the spirit to fly high with feet on the ground. I did not experimented a lot yet, but now that I think of it, the didg sound clean up the dust in the invisible dust around us that bring diseases, so it can help on any condition.
Marcus from United Kingdom Not enough experience yet,but I believe sound healing is the medicine of the future.
Mario Peters from Netherlands I'm to inexperienced to answer this question yet
Michael McCormick from USA All.
Anonymous We used only with a shamanic plant so we are speaking about and changement information and I thinks help
Mikko from Finland I don't really know
Nathan Robson from USA I believe asthma can be cured if not improved.
Nicolas from France Calm place in nature
Ola Kielbinska from Poland Defiantely energy blockages in the chakras and channels within the different bodies. I think it has a very positive affect on stress relief and blood circulation. I also believe that it must heal the organs at some level.
Patricia from Portugal - stress - muscular tensions - headaches
Peggy Adams from USA Sound effects your whole body/spirit and the disconnection of body with spirt causes dis-ease and this beautiful sound in my opinion can help unify body/spirt into one whole.
Peter from USA Anxiety, panic, depression.
Roberto Fioravanti from Canada None, unless you are considering relaxation, which I EXPERIENCED AS A HEALER and healed
Sam from Belgium Headache, or pain
Anonymous Grounding... lineage healings to the primal. To the beginning of all time.
Stefano Fusillo from Italy Articulations, head and stomach
Steve Weber from USA Aching joints
Stuart Kirkpatrick from Bermuda Tension.
Thaddius Davis from USA There was some emotional problems and scarring that with some constant didj playing brought out the depression and healed them back to a normal state of mind.
Anonymous from Portugal Basically brain conditions.
Travis Wernet from USA This depends on the willingness of the recipient, and how fully they wish to heal.
Vincent from France With a box of resonance

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