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Please share your experience of receiving didgeridoo healing
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Which part of your body feels most affected by didgeridoo healing?
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Which deseases/conditions can be improved by didgeridoo healing in your experience?

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Name and Country Feedback
Aaron from USA I have found the didge to be very successful in treating serious physical and emotional trauma. Head injuries, broken bones and emotional trauma from these as well as sexual abuse/violence. There is a soothing/ meditative qu laity to the didge that allows deep relaxation and release of negative vibrational pattens.
Alex from USA Lungs and mouth and mind
Alison James from USA Dr. Gary Holz at Holzhealthcenter.com FYI.
Allan from Brazil Muscular, and believe it,hangover too!
Alvaro from Chile Healing the stress
Andi Branston from United Kingdom I know little about this it certainly allows people to sort themselves out more easily
Andrea Cammarata from Italy Sometimes head turns
Andres Díaz López from Spain Creo que ninguna
Anonymous from USA Depression. Sitting on a lake listening to a drone with other friends lifts everyone's day.
Carolyne Williams from USA Adrenal Exhaustion, Endocrine imbalance (pituitary/adrenal/kidney axis)
Attention Deficit disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Poor Memory, Holding all of your energy (good and bad) within.
Charlie from USA Anything can be improved or healed if the recipient is open.
Chris Murphy from USA To my experience stress can be improved by didj healing. I'm sure with it's relaxing tones a good deal of psychosomatic effects could be attained by someone who isn't feeling well.
Dale from USA Emotional, energy blockages. It accentuates and focuses other types of energy healing
Dale Elliott from Australia Stomach problems
Dan House from USA Stress
Dan Stoner from USA Muscle soreness.
Dave from USA Don't know yet.
Anonymous I think anything can be improved with the right mentality
Denny from USA Bad nerves. Low back pain. Headache
Douglas Burson from USA From my ongoing and humble research, it is my opinion that just about any disease/condition can benefit from some type of sound-didj healing. there are so many levels of healing and different stages....even if someone has a terminal illness, the healing nature of good sound, especially from a didjeridoo can help ease the "pain" of their soul and help them be more at peace
Dustin Henderson from USA Many mental conditions as well as a few physical,I'd bet...
Fernando from Italy Stress disease
Frank Segui Franck from Canada A love focus ... bliss and bliss
Gabriel Zamora from Sweden Stress
Anonymous Cramps - headaches
Hector Adrian Peralta from Argentina Sanación
James Pierson from USA I mostly have worked with people who are feeling under the weather. nothing to serious. I have worked with people though whose chakras were unbalanced and worked on balancing and moving energy through their body.
Jason from United Kingdom Stress, muscular tension, cramps, insomnia, digestion disorders (E + C#)
accelerated bone tissue growth !
Jeff from USA I believe it is a very good tool for balancing one's energy field. beyond that, I don't know
Jim Davis from Canada Mental freeness
Anonymous Depends on how often and how open you put yourself I guess... I believe that it can go quite deep
John from USA Stress related discomforts
Jouni from Finland Depression, tension
Julian from Australia Tightness of the neck, shoulders, and chest
Karl from Canada Breath issues
Kenneth Shapley from United Kingdom Certainly anxiety and depression and stress generally. I feel the didge can clean up the flow of a persons own self healing capacity and so it is a great overall tonic. If the mind body and spirit can come into harmony self healing will follow. Didge healing is a deeply shamanic experience and though I have given over 50 treatments I am still learning . I just let the didge guide me and try not to direct beyond having a few basic patterns I follow around the body.
Anonymous from USA Speaking more clear.
Marcel Schut from Netherlands That largely depends on where the intention flows before and during a session. Where intention goes energy flows!
It seems that depressed and stressed people cross my path frequently. After two or more sessions their energy levels are up and their outlook on life changes in a very positive way.
Marciano Corona from Mexico Bueno en realidad no era la idea , pero despues de estarlo tocando la gente me ha dicho que se le quito el dolor de cabeza , de pecho etc.
Mark Cotterill from Australia Respitory and chest problems(lungs)
Mark from United Kingdom Tension, poorly tummies
Matthew Peterson from USA Tension, energy blocks, can help someone feel grounded/connected
Nicolas from France La mentalité des personnes bornés, à condition qu'elles le veulent bien.
Oguz Anil from Turkey Maybe someone with breathing problem diseases can be cured
Orit from Israel All kinds of aches(stomach/head/feet and so...)
Patrick from USA All of them
Paul Bishop from USA MS, mental conditions
Paul O\'Keefe from Canada I think the didge can help someone's emotional and psychological well being I'm not sure the physical medicinal part of it. I have experienced it helping depression and anxiety.
Ralph from USA Common ills cold, flu, etc.
Richard Grossman from USA All emotional conditions. Sometimes it seems to really help in back pain as well.
Rodrigo from Brazil All kind of disease that makes the mind confused.
Scott from USA My overall sense of peace and well-being! more grounded now.
Anonymous Anything can be affected by music - the vibration affects our energetic body and brings us to balance
Sean from USA Tension
Anonymous Slight aches, tense muscles, stress can all be improved/eliminated with didj healing.
Shawn Nelson from USA I believe all "dis-eases" can benefit from having a Didj used as part of a healing modality "spectrum".
Siobhan Mcelwee from USA Muscle spasms being the most immediate, bowel sluggishness and blockage, nerve pain(bad back for instance),
Anonymous Busy people can be relaxed after this.
Anonymous from France With a friend, on a very peaceful beach. It was great.
Tero from Finland Muscular cramps, physical pain in general.
Thomas from USA Tension/headaches/depression
Yann from France Healing should be considered more as a concept here.
I think that in certain circumstances, at specific moments and in a defined environment, music healing can bring moment of clarity and internal peace, that can help cure some symptoms.
I have not gone far into the search and this is more of a feeling than a position.

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