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Other Didgeridoo and Healing comments:
Please share your experience of receiving didgeridoo healing
Please share your experience of giving didgeridoo healing
Which deseases/conditions can be improved by didgeridoo healing in your experience?
2003/2004 Comments on receiving Didgeridoo Healing
2003 Comments on giving Didgeridoo Healing

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Which part of your body feels most affected by didgeridoo healing?

2005: Jan - Mar | Apr - Jun | Jul - Nov

Name and Country Feedback
Adrienne from USA Sacral area.
Anonymous All my body
Andrea from Italy The back
Badu Bardthesque from Belgium Belly
Anonymous from Spain Head
Bob Robinson from Australia Back
Cheryl Ludwig from USA They worked on my spine and neck, as I had been in a very bad accident in 1988.
Courtney from USA Stomach, feet
Crystal from USA Solar Plexus.
Daniela from Japan Lower back
Anonymous from USA Back of my scull and neck
Diego from Argentina My base chakra
Dominique from Germany Head
Estela from Brazil My feet and my abdomen
Evan González from USA Heart center, crotch, head.
Gabriel Eckert from Argentina I do it to myself when I was a little bit sick
Gabriella from Italy The seven chakras
Gary from Australia Calming my mind, and the controlled breathing lowers my heart rate.
Gert Ledelay from Netherlands My whole body
Heather Star from USA The didj primarily seems to effect my lower chakras, however, I can feel the vibration traveling up and down my entire body.
Heather from USA My heart/chest and my lower back.
Jai Kartar Singh from Chile That time I feel the vibration first at my 4 chakra then I experienced the vibration at my 7 chakra.
Jean-Baptiste from France All....
Anonymous Back
Jennifer from Canada Heart chakra.
Anonymous from USA Chest
Joachim Schmid from Austria Torso
John from USA I think this depends on what key the didj is in. Each chakra is effected by different notes.
John Watson from USA 3rd eye, or (depending on focus) specific areas designated by blower/recipient.
Jon from USA Torso
Juha from Finland Hole chakras
Anonymous Core body
Anonymous My head
Lance from USA Mind and soul
Louis-Philippe from Canada Heart
Maayan from Israel Mind
Marcus from United Kingdom Every cell, every molecule,every electron.
Mario Peters from Netherlands Whole body, it removed energy-blockades
Anonymous Mouth
Michael McCormick from USA The Heart.
Mikko from Finland My head, I was suffering from a severe headache.
Nathan Robson from USA My chest and head.
Nicolas from France All the body
Ola Kielbinska from Poland Stomach
Patricia from Portugal - head -backs - chest(heart)
Peggy Adams from USA My heart chakra
Sam from Belgium Head
Anonymous 1st & 2nd chakra mostly
Stefano Fusillo from Italy Head and stomach
Stuart Kirkpatrick from Bermuda Upper body
Tautvydas Strazdas from Lithuania When I play didj I close my eyes and trying to concentrate on sound, so I don't feel body. Maybe I doing wrong way?...
Anonymous from Portugal My brain and lungs.
Travis Wernet from USA My whole body does.
Vincent from France The brain, the interior of the rib cage and the lungs
Walter from Italy Hearth...kimè

2005: Jan - Mar | Apr - Jun | Jul - Nov

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