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Other Didgeridoo and Healing comments:
Please share your experience of receiving didgeridoo healing
Please share your experience of giving didgeridoo healing
Which deseases/conditions can be improved by didgeridoo healing in your experience?
2003/2004 Comments on receiving Didgeridoo Healing
2003 Comments on giving Didgeridoo Healing

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Which part of your body feels most affected by didgeridoo healing?

2005: Jan - Mar | Apr - Jun | Jul - Nov

Name and Country Feedback
Aaron from USA Variable, it is relative to where healing is needed.
Anonymous Mouth
Alex from USA Lips and mind
Alison James from USA My heart and then brain
Alvaro from Chile My head and my heart
Andi Branston from United Kingdom My back and my stomach
Andrea Cammarata from Italy Center
Andres Díaz López from Spain Con mi mente
Anonymous from USA My heart and mind. Concentration is clearer
Anonymous Heart
Carolyne Williams from USA My brain
Charlie from USA Depends on the key of the didj
Dale Elliott from Australia My mind.
Dan House from USA All of it
Dave from USA From my feet up to my chest.
Anonymous All over
Debra Latimer from USA It was an overall body sensation
Denny from USA Never had it.
Douglas Burson from USA My soul
Douglas Michon from USA I can't remember well, but I think that it moved around.
Dustin Henderson from USA Mental/heart..
Erman Seles from Turkey All of my body affected but mostly my head affected
Fernando from Italy All
Frank Segui Franck from Canada Depending the day....
Gabriel Zamora from Sweden The head
Anonymous Head
Hector Adrian Peralta from Argentina Plexo
Anonymous Abdominal area
James Pierson from USA My heart but it also depends on what it is for
Jason from United Kingdom Feet, hands and heart generally, can differ with each tone.
Jeff from USA Entire body
Jim Davis from Canada Inner core
Anonymous from France Legs
Anonymous The back...
John Heusler from USA My heart
John from USA My temples
Jouni from Finland Mid-body, lungs
Julian from Australia My chest, and upper body
Karl from Canada Chest
Kenneth Shapley from United Kingdom It all depends which key the didge is in. Generally speaking a c will be the base of my spine and legs and a d will be lower back E will be solar plexus and so on up. Having said that the vibration will contain a myriad of notes and for sure whatever the player is thinking will also effect what changes take place.
Anonymous from USA Crown.
Marcel Schut from Netherlands Hard to say; it's like receiving an energy shower that cleans my aura and leaves my whole body vibrating with energy.
Marciano Corona from Mexico La cabeza
Mark Cotterill from Australia Mind, body and soul
Mark from United Kingdom Never received
Matthew Peterson from USA My spine and neck, also my lungs
Nicolas from France Head
Oguz Anil from Turkey My lungs?i think I have a different taste in my mouth though
Orit from Israel The stomach
Patrick from USA The part between my toes and my head
Paul Bishop from USA I have answered as I did because the act of playing is healing to me. Each time I play I am better than before I started. The whole body, but especially the hands and head, is affected.
Paul O\'Keefe from Canada Neck back and belt area.
My lungs (asthmatic) and my heart (rhythm difference)
Richard Grossman from USA Chest and heart.
Rodrigo from Brazil My mind.
Scott from USA Chest
Scott Michael from USA My back... a problem site for me.
Sean from USA Heart
Anonymous Stomach, and rib cage.
Shawn Nelson from USA Every part, including "intangible" aspects of myself. The tone that is emanated from a Didj is a "living life wave" that travels all the way through any portion of the body.
Siobhan Mcelwee from USA Heart chakra area and third eye
Anonymous My chest.
Anonymous from France That wasn't very poetic, but the sacrum was the part of my body who was the most positively affected
Tero from Finland My back, but also my mind.
Thomas from USA My upper body, my back shoulders neck and head.
Vic Cherikoff from Australia I can't say that I felt it did anything.
Yann from France Head

2005: Jan - Mar | Apr - Jun | Jul - Nov

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