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Please share your experience of receiving didgeridoo healing
Which part of your body feels most affected by didgeridoo healing?
Which deseases/conditions can be improved by didgeridoo healing in your experience?
2003/2004 Comments on receiving Didgeridoo Healing
2003 Comments on giving Didgeridoo Healing

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Please share your experience of giving didgeridoo healing

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Name and Country Feedback
Adrienne from USA The didj reminds others of their "roots". This enables them a certain level of comfort. The vibrations overtake a person and relaxation happens, which is when repressed things can surface. I enjoy combining energy work through the didj.
Bob Robinson from Australia In touch with Sprits of this great land
Cheryl Ludwig from USA I am in the beginning stages of the healing experience, so I will keep you posted on all that happens. Thank you for your time.
Daniela from Japan Help to calm down people
Anonymous from USA I have been told by others that it helped with there stress
Diego from Argentina I were in "date" but with many people and with the man who teaches me so I try to heal some people, and they like it. I can't say what they felt
Evan González from USA Well I was playing for my partner Chelsea and she seemed very reciprocal and responding to the sound while she danced her body in sacred wave like relaxed delight.
Gabriella from Italy People felt relieved
Gert Ledelay from Netherlands Playing didj help me in 2000 to heal from a burn out period off 10 months. Perhaps I will start giving didj healings myself
Heather Star from USA I look forward to adding the didj experience into my study and use of "western medicine".
Heather from USA I have found that the sound of the didj. penetrates to the core of the issue helping the client breakthrough very deep unresolved areas of their lives or lifestyle.
Jennifer from Canada I gave a friend a healing and she had reduced anxiety and pain immediately
Anonymous from USA Please see above
Joachim Schmid from Austria It was self- healing so see above
Anonymous A friend was depressed and uncomfortable after an op. Gentle low-pitch didge notes passing over the affected area were found to be very helpful.
John from USA I have asthma and today I rarely feel it's effects.
John Watson from USA 21st birthday, a sort of initiation festival for my and all my friends, it was a lot of fun and pretty wild!
Juha from Finland I have done only one healing play in last week...i have just start
Louis-Philippe from Canada My friend was at home, I make him lay on the floor and I play around him for about 15 minutes. I saw the energy field getting out of the didg, yellow and circular. Eyes closed, my friend just breath deeply, letting the sound reach him inside. I don't really know the effects of my little treatment, but for sure, he stand smiling, floating and loving.
Marcus from United Kingdom Looking for a concert quality didge to do research and also learn more.
Michael McCormick from USA All.
Anonymous Body dolors disappears quickly
Nathan Robson from USA I really would like to learn how to give healing through the didjeridoo, it is just one more thing I can challenge myself with.
Nicolas from France Excellent
Ola Kielbinska from Poland Well I feel very relaxed after a session, even if I get loaded with energy. I've noticed that I move easier after a session, which would explain the effect it has on the chakras and channels. Yeah, and I definitely have a better metabolism now :)
Peter from USA I had others use click sticks/rattles while I didged. They reported feeling much better.
Anonymous Unity and primal.
Stefano Fusillo from Italy I played and it had a good healing feedback
Steve Weber from USA Temporary relief
Stuart Kirkpatrick from Bermuda Whenever I have had a hard day at work if I play one of my didges for an hour or so any tension headaches I might have had disappear completely
Thaddius Davis from USA I really enjoyed doing this because it helped someone's life with doing something that I love to do and that is play the didgeridoo.
Travis Wernet from USA I played for a woman at a Sacred Hot Springs. She expressed that during the session, she had a vision of her two-years passed away son coming to her, and seeing her heart broken, and barely attached by a thread at the bottom. During the session, she felt and saw, with her mind's eye, roots coming out of the bottom of her heart, and a tree growing up through that5 space in her body - she said her hear was knitting itself up while that tree was going up through her chest, and that the branches spread way out into her entire being, bringing a feeling of peace and happiness between herself and her son.

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