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How did you feel after playing the didgeridoo for the longest time?

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Name and Country What is the longest you did cicular breathing? How did you feel afterwards?
Adrienne from USA 30-60 min Elevated. Different wave length than before. I find it difficult to verbally communicate for awhile afterwards.
Anonymous 05-10 min Blown
Alex from USA -05 min Exhilarated! and a little light-headed, it was a great feeling to know that I at least had the basics down!
Anonymous 10-30 min Tired
Alexis Vivas Muñoz from Spain 05-10 min Tired
Anders Nilsson from Sweden 05-10 min Exhausted! :)
Andrea from Italy 10-30 min I feel exhaust...
Anthony Molloy from Sweden 10-30 min Thrilled that I had played for so long! A little dizzy but most of all happy!
Anonymous from Iceland -05 min I felt exhilarated. Finally after trying for so long, the first taste of success... And it was sweet.
Badu Bardthesque from Belgium 1-2 hours I did not recognize myself.My body and soul were separated. I felt quiet, but in connection with all my knowledge and instincts. Divine feeling!
Barry Wiltshire from United Kingdom 10-30 min Almost like a natural high - I felt great.
Anonymous from Spain 30-60 min Relax
Blind Boy from Australia 05-10 min Swell.
Bob Robinson from Australia 1-2 hours In touch with Spirits of this great land.
Brad Evergreen from USA 10-30 min High
Anonymous from Australia 10-30 min Wasn't out of breath but lips were numb
Brendan from Australia 1-2 hours Clear, open, relaxed, unified
Brett from Australia 05-10 min Elated but a little light headed, and pretty keen to go again
Bruno from Australia 10-30 min Tired, sore cheeks
Cameron from United Kingdom 30-60 min Sore Lips! but the breathing is very similar to the breathing used in meditation, thus I felt very calm and relaxed
Anonymous from France 10-30 min Good :)
Chas from USA 05-10 min Exhausted, but relaxed
Chris Glover from United Kingdom 10-30 min Relaxed, a little out of breath free and light
Anonymous 05-10 min Normal
Cliff Garnier from USA 10-30 min I felt very relax and like I have just found a new lover
Clint from USA -05 min Mellowed with a body tingling
Anonymous -05 min My head feels tingly, maybe kind of like standing up really fast when you have been sitting down for a while. I don't know, hard to explain.
Crystal from USA 05-10 min I felt like I do when I meditate, very calm, peaceful, and joyful. I can't wait until I can play longer!
Daal from Australia 10-30 min Relaxed.
Dale from Australia 05-10 min Tired yet relaxed
Dan from USA 30-60 min Light headed and wonderful
Daniel from United Kingdom 10-30 min Complex answer really. many feelings.
euphoric, relaxed and also slightly exhausted.
Darren Searle from Australia 10-30 min Great..a little exhausted but more happy then anything else.
Anonymous from Australia -05 min Pretty good!
David from Australia 30-60 min I felt clean, relaxed, revived. I felt like I didn't have to breathe anymore, not exhausted rather fit and healthy.
David Naftalin from USA 1-2 hours Relaxed
David Overacre from USA 10-30 min I felt like my body had been massaged, or at least vibrated for a while.
Anonymous from Australia 05-10 min Not bad. my lips buzzed for a while, but I enjoyed that. got straight back on to get back that feeling. The feeling of accomplishment.
Den from Belgium 05-10 min Great , a little exhausted
Dennis from Australia 05-10 min Felt fine, but need better didj. Mine is a nice bloodwood, great for learning but need to move onto a more flexible didj with better back pressure and playability.
Anonymous from USA 2-3 hours Relaxed and in a better state of mind
Anonymous from Australia 05-10 min Fine
Didier from France -05 min Little bit dizzy
Diego from Argentina 05-10 min I felt concentrate and relax. May a bit like "dronk"
Anonymous from USA 30-60 min Pretty light headed
Dorian Moriarty from USA 10-30 min A bit winded and a little dizzy, but fine.
Dzarul Emran from Malaysia 10-30 min I feel very relax n seems like I'm having a brain wash!
Estela from Brazil 30-60 min I felt difference in my blood circulation, and I stay more introspective.
Eugene Leytin from Australia 05-10 min Great =) .. very accomplished. it was with a whole bunch of friends hanging out, it felt great to get a whole song out, especially one with a little story about a kangaroo and a dingo in it =)
Evan González from USA -05 min A bit out of air but so high from the sound and feeling of playing that I take another full breath and blow again.
Fabien from France 05-10 min Cool and happy
Francois from Canada 10-30 min Short of breath
Frank from Netherlands 05-10 min Great!!!
Fredrik from Sweden 05-10 min Quite exhausted...
Gabriel Eckert from Argentina 30-60 min I feel so good, floating,without thoughts,very, very calm..
Gabriella from Italy 05-10 min Great!
Gary from USA -05 min Fine. Didn't play so long as to become light-headed.
Gary from Australia 10-30 min When I play continuously without playing any fast rhythms my heart rate drops quite low so I feel very calm afterwards
Gert Ledelay from Netherlands 2-3 hours Whow my lips feels like a .....yeah
Graeme White from United Kingdom 10-30 min Relaxed
Gregor from Germany 05-10 min I was very relaxed but also had a lot of liquid in my mouth
Heather Star from USA -05 min I equate circular breathing to the yoga "breath of fire." It is a cleansing experience.
Henk Stange from Netherlands 10-30 min Light in my head.
Hugo from United Kingdom 05-10 min Fine but wanted to get better. Drove my wife mad practicing!
Ian from USA 05-10 min Light-headed, artificial reality
Jack from USA 05-10 min A little lightheaded
Jacob from USA 05-10 min Really relaxed
Jai Kartar Singh from Chile 10-30 min I feel full of energy, its like a quiet peaceful active energy, its like receiving a yoga lesson including meditation, its amazing. Amazing healing experience
Jaime from USA 10-30 min Exhilarated! oxygenated!
Anonymous 05-10 min Awesome. I am a classically trained clarinetist, and that's how I learned
Jan Vermeer from Netherlands 30-60 min For me it was a feeling of relaxing. it was 45 minutes past when I stopped but had the feeling of 5 minutes
Jarret Myers from USA 05-10 min Energized and euphoric
Anonymous -05 min Renewed
Anonymous 10-30 min Altered state of awareness, more alive and centered
Jean-Baptiste from France 1-2 hours Completely stoned.....
Anonymous 05-10 min Intoxicated, light (headed), and euphoric
Jérémie Terral from France 30-60 min Slackened
Anonymous from Belgium 05-10 min Tired
Anonymous 1-2 hours Fantastic but tired! elated.
Joachim Schmid from Austria -05 min Ok
Joakim Nilsson from Sweden -05 min Dizzy but at the same time refreshed, and of course tender lips
Anonymous 6 hours + Tired - thirsty but elated!
John from USA 1-2 hours Vibrational!
John from Canada 30-60 min Overall relaxed feeling.
Anonymous from Germany 1-2 hours A little bit drowsy, but trance-like happy
Jon from USA -05 min Really good about myself! I cant play many other instruments but I've always like didges and its awesome that I'm learning so quickly!
Anonymous from United Kingdom 10-30 min Great!
Jonathan Benham from USA -05 min In a trance state!

I actually learned to circular breathe before learning to play the didj, as a child I had an instinctive ability to do this, making sounds with my lips against my arm in a continuous way, snatching breaths and pumping air out of my expanded cheeks.
Juha from Finland 10-30 min Very good...clear
Keith Gordon from USA 05-10 min Fine
Kevin Patry from Canada 10-30 min Physically exhausted (I smoke) but mentally relaxed.
Anonymous from United Kingdom 10-30 min Very mellow, but aware.
Larry from USA -05 min Stoked! lightheaded
Ludovic from France 05-10 min A little bit stone
Luke Neill from Australia 10-30 min I felt as though I was drained in body yet soothed in my mind. Very relaxed and very content.
Anonymous 05-10 min Tickled to death :)
Marcus from United Kingdom -05 min Smiley
Mario Peters from Netherlands 10-30 min I felt good. Didj-playing has a meditative effect on me.
Mark from Australia 10-30 min Good and the audience feedback was positive
Mark from USA -05 min Frustrated that I can't go longer.
Mary Lindhart from USA -05 min Excited that I could manage it
Mauro from Italy 10-30 min Normal, not tired.
Max from Switzerland 05-10 min Very tired, my abdominal muscle were hurting a lot
Anonymous 05-10 min Very happy
Michael from USA 05-10 min A little tired! :)
Michael Del Quadro from USA -05 min Terrific, it was a great feeling to finally achieve something that seemed so difficult
Michael McCormick from USA -05 min A calmness centered in the back of my head
Michael Rhys from Japan -05 min I haven't yet kept it up long enough to feel any different...not yet at least!
Anonymous 1-2 hours In a meditation state
Mike from USA 05-10 min Very relaxed
Nathan Robson from USA 4-6 hours I couldn't feel my lips but other then that, I wanted to play more.
Nick Warner from Australia 10-30 min Lips are a little numb but no worries
Nicolas from France 10-30 min Very good
Nik from United Kingdom 05-10 min Great, calm and not out of breath, coulda carried on
Ola Kielbinska from Poland -05 min Nice, a bit exhausted but very calm
Anonymous 10-30 min I m feel great an relax
Patricia from Portugal 10-30 min I felt very clean and very light, with all my lungs and head very open. I felt very relaxed and good with my self.
Anonymous -05 min Happy
Peggy Adams from USA 10-30 min Exhilarated
Peter from Australia 05-10 min Light headed
Peter from USA 05-10 min A little out of breath, as I don't have a complete right lung.
Anonymous from USA 05-10 min I felt satisfied that I could play without stopping the sound for that generally happy :)
Rob Pelletier from Canada 10-30 min Tranced...fuzzy..hard to focus but good.
Robin Kalberg from Germany 6 hours + Always feel good
Rolan from Netherlands 10-30 min Fantastic! I close my eyes and just let everything go. I love it.
Rudy Martens from Belgium -05 min Good
Russell from United Kingdom 10-30 min Apart from my lips tingling a bit and a lot of didgeridoo drool I felt great
Sam from Belgium 30-60 min A little stone and very happy
Sam from Australia -05 min Stoked!
Sasa from Croatia/Hrvatska 30-60 min Buzzed, relaxed, content, hungry :)
Scott Stewart from United Kingdom 10-30 min A bit light headed. Whole front of my face was was having its own out of body experience
Anonymous from United Kingdom 30-60 min Like when you come out of a dream and you try and remember what you were thinking of and wondering if I was really playing all that time
Siebe from Belgium 05-10 min Tired.
Simen from Norway -05 min Exhausted.. dizzy... my lips hurt and I felt great..:)
Stefan from New Zealand 05-10 min So amazed that it was possible... when I was trying to learn I didn't believe it to be physically possible, then once I conquered it I was overcome with satisfaction.
Stefano Fusillo from Italy 2-3 hours Weird and calm
Steve Weber from USA 05-10 min In another world, the experience is mind altering
Stuart Kirkpatrick from Bermuda 10-30 min Drained but very relaxed! Did not realise where the time went...must have got into some "dreamtime"!!!
Anonymous from United Kingdom 10-30 min Tired
Tabitha from USA -05 min A little let down with myself. I really wish I could circular breath longer. I get going and then all of a sudden I lose it. I'm working on it though.
Tamas Feher from Hungary -05 min Feeling dizzy :)
Tautvydas Strazdas from Lithuania 05-10 min I feel good, so I always extend my playing session for another 10 minutes!
Thaddius Davis from USA 10-30 min My lips were a little swollen but I really enjoyed it and felt like I could just keep playing but my family don't like the sound of the didj like I do
Anonymous from France 30-60 min Zen and relax
Anonymous 10-30 min So good!!!
Tim Kelley from USA 10-30 min Numb and out of breath
Todd from Australia 05-10 min Really relaxed. I was buzzing, and not just from the drone motion either!
Tony from Australia 05-10 min A bit light headed, but really great
Travis Wernet from USA 1-2 hours Like I was ascending into the stars
Anonymous 10-30 min Relaxed but very alert
Tuomo from Finland 30-60 min Consciousness transformation
Urs Bischof from Switzerland 30-60 min I was fixed and finished
Victor from France 4-6 hours A little bit tired ...
Vincent from Canada 30-60 min I feel in complete harmony, in unity with the earth.
Vincent from France 30-60 min Feel fine in the body
Anonymous 05-10 min Relaxed but dizzy
Yoav from Israel -05 min Woozy, itchy lipped, high
Anonymous 10-30 min I thought that it was really cool to be able to get a good sound out of it for 15 minutes straight.

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