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How did you feel after playing the didgeridoo for the longest time?

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Name and Country What is the longest you did cicular breathing? How did you feel afterwards?
Aaron from USA 10-30 min Great...
Anonymous 05-10 min Tired ... kinda feels like singing opera
Anonymous from USA 10-30 min Great! Extremely relaxed. Lips a little sore though.
Anonymous >05 min None
Alex from USA >05 min Uplifted and energized
Alexandre from Reunion Island 05-10 min "Sorry, I think it would be better if I explain it in french: Je me sens beuacoup mieux après, car lorsque je joues, je me libère de toutes mes émotions de la journée, autant mes joies que mes peines, mon bonheur ou ma tristesse, voire ma colère parfois."
Allan from Brazil 10-30 min "Dizzy, but it felt quite good"
Alvaro from Chile 30-60 min Good.
Andi Branston from United Kingdom 30-60 min Incredibly relaxed and exhilarated if that makes sense
Andrea Cammarata from Italy 1-2 hours Quiet
Andy from United Kingdom 05-10 min "Relaxed, pleased, and ready for the long journey ahead of improving"
Anonymous from United Kingdom 05-10 min Tired but good
Anonymous from Israel 10-30 min "Very satisfied, relaxed and very very happy"
Ayal from Israel 30-60 min "Purified, in harmony, peaceful, connected with life - nature"
Brett from Australia 10-30 min "Good, wish I could work out a way to stop so much spit getting all over my mouth and didj"
Brian from United Kingdom 10-30 min Energised and very relaxed
Anonymous from USA >05 min I feel relaxed and have a clear mind. The resonating sound still carries on in my head.
Bruno from Indonesia 05-10 min "Good, relaxed"
Byron from USA 30-60 min "A bit lightheaded, tingly lips, but always a pleasure. its invigorating"
Carlos from USA 30-60 min "A bit light headed, my lips felt like they were vibrating for a long time after stopping."
Anonymous 10-30 min Ecstatic
Charles from Thailand >05 min "I didn't circular breathe for near 5 minutes so I never noticed much change, maybe an added calmness"
Anonymous from USA 05-10 min Light headed
Charlie from USA 05-10 min "A bit winded. I'm just learning. But the more I do it, the longer I can do it and the better I feel when I stop."
Chris Halliday from USA 05-10 min Like I had been cleansed
Chris Lilley from United Kingdom 05-10 min Elated
Chris Murphy from USA 30-60 min Like I was dreaming
Anonymous from USA 10-30 min Lil tired
Clive Wilson from United Kingdom 05-10 min Good
Cory from Canada 10-30 min Relaxed and centered. Completely removed from my stressful life.
Craig from USA >05 min "Tired, but had a feeling of accomplishment"
Dale from USA 10-30 min "Tired, like I had some kind of workout, but I recovered very quickly."
Dale Elliott from Australia 10-30 min I had very tingly lips.
Dan House from USA 1-2 hours Tired. but very energized from all the air flowing thru my
Dan Stoner from USA >05 min Great b/c I realized I finally got it. Ever since I have been trying to lengthen the duration of my play without stopping.
Anonymous from Spain 05-10 min Very tired
Daniel from USA >05 min Lips get numb.
Anonymous 05-10 min Exhausted!
Darren from United Kingdom 05-10 min Calm and relaxed
Dave from USA >05 min Exhausted
Anonymous 30-60 min "Lite-headed, very high, rejuvenated and empowered."
Anonymous from Germany >05 min Tired
Diederick Neels from Belgium 10-30 min I felt good and relaxed. I felt the band growing between mother nature and me it was really fascinating
Douglas Michon from USA >05 min Tired.
Dustin Henderson from USA 10-30 min "Haha, well a bit light headed, but very a peace with the world..."
Dustin from USA 05-10 min "Much clearer, thank you. :)"
Ed from USA 05-10 min "Got a little light-headed with one didj, switched back to my "beginner's model" made from PVC and had better back-pressure."
Ed from USA >05 min Exhausted
Erman Seles from Turkey 2-3 hours I felt good and relaxed
Anonymous 1-2 hours "I felt like a mixture of drugged(?) and wake up. I saw my reality with other viewpoint, more colors more beauty, now every time y play the didj , I can reach this level of pleasure."
Fernando from Italy 05-10 min "Got energy, feeling stronger."
Francisco from Portugal >05 min I felt great! I know I can do better. I need a D tuned didge to play guitar at the same time.
Frank Segui Franck from Canada 1-2 hours Relax ... open mind ... creativity and live its beautiful
Fred Stevens from United Kingdom 05-10 min Ecstatic
Anonymous from USA >05 min "It felt ridiculously good like being in an eternal slumber, and waking up."
Gabriel Zamora from Sweden 30-60 min Good... no problem but relax
Gareth Knight from United Kingdom 30-60 min Very relaxed..almost asleep
Anonymous 10-30 min High
George Haddad from Lebanon 10-30 min In a meditative state.
Gerard from USA 1-2 hours It was an out of body experience. I know why these guy do this.....
Anonymous 1-2 hours Really tripping
Glenn Taylor from USA 05-10 min Very good - not dizzy
Gregg Nardozza from USA >05 min Fine. No lightheadedness like I did when I first attempted this.
Gregory from USA 30-60 min "Well, first time lightheaded but relaxed. Now more of a calming feeling"
Anonymous from USA >05 min Motivated to try harder :-)
Hector Adrian Peralta from Argentina 4-6 hours Extasis
Anonymous from Japan >05 min "Elated, but slightly short of breath. I think the beeswax needs a little work to make the opening smaller and easier to circular breath."
Ian from United Kingdom 05-10 min Great the longer I can do it the better the sound seems
Isaac from USA 10-30 min AWESOME
Anonymous 05-10 min "Calm, meditative, open."
James Pierson from USA 1-2 hours Awesome. a little fat in the lower lip and in a light state of trance but awesome
Jason from United Kingdom 30-60 min Light !
Jean Paul from USA 10-30 min Very relaxed and content with my well being.
Jeff from USA 10-30 min "A little drained, but very high."
Anonymous >05 min Empowered.
Jeff from USA >05 min "I have wanted to play the didgeridoo for the longest time, and when I learned that circular breathing isn't about breathing in and out at the same time, but storing air in your cheeks, I immediately started researching the instrument and began playing. After first circular breathing into the didgeridoo I felt like I could master this instrument, although I am still not very good at circular breathing for long periods of time, the instrument is fun to use, making it easy to learn for me."
Jerry from USA >05 min High
Jezz from United Kingdom 10-30 min "Lips were a bit numb, a little short of breath, but really chilled out !"
Anonymous >05 min Happy
Jim Davis from Canada 10-30 min "Lifted, calmed and re-energized"
Joan from USA 05-10 min It is a feeling of being very alive and alert
Anonymous 10-30 min "Free, emotional, bit dizzy... but most happy!"
John from USA >05 min I wanted to do it more
John Heusler from USA 30-60 min At the first try's I was somewhat dizzy. I find its best to slow my heart rate down prior to playing and I can play without any discomfort.
John from USA 05-10 min No problem
John Mason from Canada 10-30 min A great feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction
Jon Harnum from USA 10-30 min Cleansed
Anonymous from USA 10-30 min My lips felt pretty tingly and ticklish.
Jordi from Spain 10-30 min "I feel like every time I play, complete relaxed, I can feel many part of my body, that normally it's difficult to feel. After play always i¡m satisfied, in peace."
Anonymous from Canada 10-30 min "Good, surprisingly, I thought I would be tired out, and a bit light headed but when I stopped I was quite alright. my longest was about 27 min and I felt very relaxed and even refreshed after playing"
Jouni from Finland 10-30 min Very relaxed
Julian from Australia >05 min Breathless
Justin Mayfield from USA 05-10 min Lightheaded!
Anonymous >05 min About to pass out
Anonymous >05 min Relieved
Kenneth Shapley from United Kingdom 1-2 hours Like a hollow cave full of lucid dreams
Kev Bates from United Kingdom 30-60 min Elated and hyperventilated.
Anonymous >05 min Very rewarding inside and helped applying it to music
Kim from Finland 05-10 min Okay
Klemens from Germany >05 min Tired
Anonymous from Japan 10-30 min Upset
Larry from Australia 05-10 min I felt fine.
Lars Ley from Luxembourg 05-10 min "Great, but a little breathless. I learned later on, also to expire through the nose, to get more ventilation in the lungs. But it still takes my breath away after a while. And I have to stop to swallow saliva. I do not find a possibility to avoid that. Maybe you have an idea? [OUR COMMENT: check out the FAQ's and the forum]"
Lasse from Denmark >05 min Great
Linda from USA 05-10 min Winded
Lloyd Goldstein from USA >05 min "I need to tell you that I can circular breathe in a basic way, but there is still a sizable gap in my sound. I am sure it will come with time, but I am a novice after only 3 days playing. Although I feel my history as a yoga teacher and practitioner is helping. I am also an accomplished double bassist."
Anonymous 30-60 min "High,
The normal buzzing in my ears was louder. I felt spongy."
Anonymous from USA 10-30 min Beyond words.....subtle vibes.
Marcel Schut from Netherlands 1-2 hours "Like after a good long meditation. Peaceful, and in tune."
Marcelino Andipatin from France >05 min Happy
Marciano Corona from Mexico 10-30 min So happy
Mark Cotterill from Australia >05 min "Great, relaxed, calm"
Mark from United Kingdom 05-10 min Spaced out... but invigorated.
Martin from United Kingdom 05-10 min Light-headed but happy
Matan from Israel 30-60 min The first times head aches and dizzy but now fine
Matthew Peterson from USA 05-10 min "Very loose, relaxed, meditative."
Matthew from Australia 30-60 min "Quite exhausted, like I just went for a run or something. It's a good work out."
Max from USA 05-10 min Relaxed
Anonymous 10-30 min You feel dizzy and your sight decreases but the sound is what counts not how I feel!
Meri from USA >05 min Tired :)
Michael Rampling from United Kingdom >05 min Fantastic!
Anonymous >05 min Dizzy
Anonymous 10-30 min "Relaxed, sometimes dizzy."
Anonymous from USA 05-10 min My lips hurt
Anonymous from New Zealand >05 min A little light headed
Oliver Heltewig from Germany 10-30 min "Lips were feeling funny, felt greatly relaxed"
Orit from Israel 30-60 min Dizzy
P.j. Belic from USA 10-30 min "Actually I could of continued, for how much longer I do not know. I was jamming with about 12 others, who were playing various instruments, the longest continuous songs lasted about 20 minutes. but apart from my lips being numb ,I always achieve a feeling of enlightenment, as well as a strong organin connection to the ancient earth"
Patrick Anderson from Australia 10-30 min "Extremely relaxed, happy, everyone in the room was too"
Patrick from USA >05 min Worn out!
Paul Bishop from USA 05-10 min "Elated! Also, I was buzzing. Excellent free feeling."
Paul O\'Keefe from Canada 2-3 hours Very relaxed. A little euphoric. swollen lips
Paul from Canada 10-30 min I felt great. Very relaxed. Everything seemed empty without the sound of the didge.
Pedro from Portugal >05 min Little buzzy..
Peter De Jong from Netherlands 30-60 min It felth great was like I was pumped up with extra energy
Phil from France 10-30 min Great just want to start playing again
Pierre from Germany 30-60 min Stoned
Ralph from USA 05-10 min "I always feel great, my right brain takes over and all time stops."
Reuben Horsley from United Kingdom 10-30 min Lightheaded but jubilant!!!
Richard Grossman from USA 30-60 min Wow! Very good. High. Centered. In my power.
Robbers Jan from Netherlands 10-30 min "Calm...very calm, and also very focused. My concentration was great!!"
Robert from USA 05-10 min Tired and out of breath. :)
Anonymous 10-30 min "I was playing with some of my friends and I only stopped because I was parched. I was very parched, but not a bit light-headed"
Robert from USA 10-30 min "Needed a drink, tired"
Robin Lorentz from Sweden 05-10 min Like if I had done something that was supposed to be hard. Extremely happy and in great surprise that I could do it.
Ron from USA >05 min Calm but exhilarated at the same time
Ron J Berkhout from Netherlands 30-60 min "Perfect and happy, we played in a group. Never forget it."
Anonymous from Ireland >05 min "Relieved, tired, accomplished"
Ryan from USA 05-10 min Winded!
Ryan from USA 05-10 min "Accomplished, calm"
Ryan Schacherl from USA >05 min Good
Sam Boys from USA >05 min "in the zone"...a bit light-headed...almost a trance-like state
Anonymous 05-10 min It was a very good feeling.
Sandra Fernandes from Portugal >05 min Tired.
Anonymous from Portugal >05 min I felt great! but my didgeridoo's are not its very difficult to make circular breathing..cause they let it go a lot's of air...but I've try in a authentic it was so easy for me to play!! perhaps it was for learning in the hard one's :)
Anonymous 30-60 min Euphoric
Anonymous from USA 10-30 min I felt very proud of my self and much more confident in my playing skills
Sean from USA 10-30 min Excited
Anonymous from USA 30-60 min "It was weird. you get into another place. its just you and sound, its amazing!"
Anonymous 1-2 hours "Hehe, that's a bit hard to describe with words.
ahhh, incredibly peaceful, all senses were enhanced (brighter colours, more pronounced scents, crystal clear hearing etc)... intoxicated with a deep, calming emptiness."
Shawn Nelson from USA 10-30 min "Charged" full of energy and a subtle yet profound enhancement of my own inner peace and content with myself and the world.
Siavasch from Germany >05 min Good
Anonymous from Australia >05 min "I find that every time I practice circular breathing becomes a lot easier, flows more and allows me to play longer. I have only recently learnt to circular breathe so I am on a steep learning curve."
Siobhan Mcelwee from USA 6 hours + Altered. I was at festival and seemed to be working in a time/space rift. Very cool
Soren from Belgium >05 min Great feeling! relaxed
Anonymous 1-2 hours I fell me great. I bit sleepy but great.
Anonymous 30-60 min I feel like going on but my mouth is dry gotta stop to drink water
Steve from United Kingdom 10-30 min Pleased and relaxed
Anonymous from France 1-2 hours Very peaceful
Tero from Finland 05-10 min "Elated, a wonderful, high feeling"
Thomas Robinson from USA >05 min Still too soon to tell
Thomas from USA 1-2 hours "A bit light headed, in a good way. I was also very happy. I was at a music festival in Canada and the energy there was amazing, like nothing I ever feet in the states."
Timmy Church from Australia 1-2 hours "Felt dizzy, lips numb"
Anonymous from France >05 min Tired... ok I know I must learn more
Todd from USA 05-10 min "I felt dazed, tired in a relaxed way and inspired to seek a new level of consciousness."
Tomer from Israel 30-60 min Realex!
Trey Sansom from USA 05-10 min "Very, very high"
Valentijn from Netherlands 10-30 min Exited! I was like wow did I do that?
Valerie from France 10-30 min Very well....
Vic Cherikoff from Australia 10-30 min Relaxed yet energised.
Victoria from Australia >05 min "I felt sooooo good! The stimulation of my lips allowed for chi, life energy, to go through me."
Wesley from USA >05 min I always feel better after I play.
Wojciech from Poland 10-30 min Very relaxed
Anonymous >05 min "I felt my perceptions canalised in a vibrating breathing like movement and great awareness, the blood and the flesh: a sense of flow."

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