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How did you feel after playing the didgeridoo for the longest time?

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Name and Country What is the longest you did cicular breathing? How did you feel afterwards?
Anonymous 30-60 min Very happy
Adam from USA 30-60 min Relaxed, centered, at peace.
Alessandro from Italy 05-10 min Good
Anonymous from Canada 05-10 min AMAZING!
Anonymous from Canada 30-60 min Totally energy filled
Amber from USA 05-10 min Crazy
Andreas Engebrethsen from Sweden 05-10 min I really couldn't wait to get a real didgeridoo on witch I could develop my now experienced skills on. I have a bamboo didj.
Anonymous -05 min I feel, that I have to keep practicing
Andrew from USA 1-2 hours My vision was slightly altered and my mouth was numb. I remember feeling very peaceful and wanted to breathe another long stretch.
Andy from New Zealand 05-10 min Great
Andy from USA 10-30 min Energized. Calm. Clear thinking.
Anonymous 05-10 min Dizzy high but well relaxed & peaceful, stresses gone.
Anjani from USA 05-10 min In an altered, meditational state
Anthony from Australia 10-30 min Invigorated!!
Anonymous from Portugal 05-10 min A little tired but very relaxed. also happy for doing it.
Antonio-Elias Vale Tavares from Brazil 30-60 min God presence
Anonymous from United Kingdom -05 min Slightly dizzy but I'm learning to overcome that.
Bart Vrancken from Netherlands -05 min Tired
Ben from USA 10-30 min I felt very good. that's really all there is to it
Anonymous 05-10 min Very relax
Benjamin from France 30-60 min Mind open and relax
Bent Lønrusten from Norway 10-30 min Light head
Boaz Gilad from Israel 10-30 min Good, little dizzy, wooziness...
Bob Yellin from USA 10-30 min Relaxed
Anonymous 10-30 min Good - a little short of breath for a moment, but generally very good. Like I'd been for a swim... lungs really clear and heart beating smoothly and strongly...
Braden from USA -05 min If I could find a way to get the spit lake out of my mouth I could have gone one infinitely longer...I felt like I could have done better.
Bradley from USA 05-10 min My stomach was very tight and sore, and my lips felt kind of numb, but I was very refreshed.
Brent Hilton from USA 05-10 min Oh dude, I felt like I had really accomplished something great. It is a real challenge to circular breath and when you finally get it, you feel great. I want to be able to play for hours though. I am totally into the sound.
Anonymous 05-10 min Perfectly fine but a little tired
Anonymous from Brazil 30-60 min Me senti muito calmo e tranquilo.
Burton from Canada 05-10 min It felt good...i learnt how from reading instructions off your web site
Anonymous from Australia 05-10 min I felt like I went into a very relaxed state, good feeling
Cedric Boehler from Switzerland 10-30 min Relaxed
Chris from New Zealand 10-30 min Quite exhausted, but at the same time pretty stoked.
Chris from South Africa 05-10 min Normal. as if I've been doing nothing. its not the circular breathing. its the didj that makes me feel relaxed.
Chris Murphy from Australia 05-10 min In one word, buggered. it was in Alice springs at the starlite theatre on stage.
Craig Snyder from USA 2-3 hours How did I feel? relaxed
Damien from Australia 05-10 min Fantastic!
Daniela from Germany 30-60 min Stoned ;-)
Darren McIntyre from Australia 05-10 min Knackered and great at the same time
Darryl from Australia 10-30 min The back of my throat and soft palate seemed to 'give out' and I could no longer keep a back pressure after continuous playing for about 20 minutes.
Anonymous from United Kingdom 10-30 min Good and tired
David from Belgium 05-10 min Because I also play the trumpet it wasn't that hard, but I have never done it longer than 10 minutes.
David from France 30-60 min My lips were a little soar and numb, but I felt very proud of myself.
David Watts from United Kingdom 05-10 min Relaxed and tired at the same time!!
Denis Richard from France 10-30 min Find, relax, with a sort of peace in my heart
Anonymous 1-2 hours Very calm.
Also, very proud. I have had an unnoticed listener, who applauded at the end. Strange feeling
Douglas Vroonen from Belgium 30-60 min I feel great like a really deep meditation, I feel like all the cells of my body are rejuvenate
Anonymous 30-60 min A little tired, it takes a while to learn to conserve your breath and not hyperventilate , but I was proud of myself :)
Anonymous from USA -05 min Worn out.
Eugene Leytin from USA 10-30 min Very at peace, and accomplished. proud and happy
Fernan Rodriguez from Costa Rica 05-10 min Fully relaxed...
Anonymous from Germany 05-10 min Dizzy :)
François Rey from France 30-60 min I felt like totally in another world, I couldn't really speak with peoples who were sitting next to me. I think the didgéridoo is a really mystic instrument and when you play it in a meditation attitude and in the nature, it can transport your mind very far away.
Gabor from Hungary 10-30 min It can be very soothing or a strong physical exercise depending on the tempo and breathing methods
Gareth from Australia 05-10 min Thrilled I had gone that long
A little dizzy
Glad I was on a tiled floor so it was easy to wipe up the dribble
Gareth from United Kingdom 10-30 min Relaxed - my reality changed
Gary Standen from USA -05 min In tune with my inner being.
George from USA 10-30 min Tired! I'm still learning and building my skill. Very satisfying when you forget to concentrate on the breathing and it just happens anyway.
George Harrison from USA 1-2 hours Euphoric
George from Australia 05-10 min Tired but happy and great. It's great for lungs as I have Cystic Fibrosis
Ian Marshall from United Kingdom -05 min Felt like I was finally getting somewhere. A little out of breath though, as I still find it tough to keep the right amount of air in my lungs
Anonymous from Germany -05 min Relaxed and's just that as a beginner the tones dies off after some time...the breathing is relaxing and feels good
Anonymous -05 min Euphoric but tired
James from USA -05 min Okay. I can't believe that you have "over six hours" as an option. haha
James from USA -05 min I felt kind of light-headed, but I also felt a great sense of accomplishment.
Jamie from USA -05 min Gratified
Jay from USA 05-10 min Playing for lengths of time ( longer as I progress in my ability) is a release and something I look forward to every day
Jeff Kimes from USA 30-60 min Somewhat exhausted physically, but alert and excited.
Jim Bane from USA 05-10 min GREAT!! Circular breathing was one of the best feelings in the world!, I've only heard of people who could do it and was always amazed.... I learned circular breathing on the didge and have begun to apply it to my tuba playing, I feel like it's one of my greatest accomplishments...
Joao from Portugal 05-10 min At peace with myself and very connected with nature and present
Joel from Canada 05-10 min My lips felt numb but I was happy that I played that long
Joel Sjöbom from Sweden 10-30 min It felt like I had gigantic lips (but only on the right side of the mouth).
But otherwise it felt great!
John from Norway 2-3 hours Tired and spaced out
John Judish from USA 10-30 min Great
Anonymous from USA 05-10 min A little winded, it helps not to think about the breathing too much.
Jorge from USA 05-10 min I get a very funny tingling sensation all over my face after playing.
Anonymous from USA 30-60 min Like I was coming back to reality. Kinda like waking up, but I wasn't sleeping, or wasn't even really in a trace per say, just in a different state of mind.
Julien from France 05-10 min Very good !
Justin Kaysing from USA 05-10 min Slightly dizzy the first time, now along with using the instrument for relaxation purposes I feel a definite change in mental outlook.
Keith from United Kingdom 30-60 min Good
Keith from USA 10-30 min Vibrating head
Ken Pincince from USA 10-30 min When I do a good job I feel great. If not done well or my lips stop working I feel exhausted. At time it feel effortless and other times impossible to get good tone.
Kev from United Kingdom 10-30 min Energised, elated and proud that I achieved what I did.....I also had very numb lips !!!!
Kevin Paul from USA 30-60 min Enlightened. Seriously. I felt extremely present and at ease.
Anonymous from Sweden 30-60 min Dry in my mouth. ready for some water and slightly "sticky/ numb" around my mouth
Leandro from Argentina 10-30 min Deeply introspective, full of oxygen, some times, a little scary... I hope to reach the trance state some day
Lee from United Kingdom 10-30 min Buzzin sweetly
Lindsey from Austria -05 min Excited
Lionel Durupt from France -05 min "vibrating"
Lloyd Cosway from United Kingdom 05-10 min Inspired, relaxed, harmonized, 10 minutes may well have been longer, playing with others I stop much more and am aware of the time but solo may well be much longer...
Lone Macloud from Australia 30-60 min Pretty good & exhilarated!
Lori from USA 05-10 min Happy that I could actually DO it. <grin>
Luis Figueira from Portugal 30-60 min Relaxed, like after a meditation. Have no idea that I was so high until I'd stopped! Great feeling!!!
Anonymous -05 min It's an excellent feeling when you get it. Unfortunately, I'm not very consistent at it and need to practice more.
Manuel Bayardo from USA 30-60 min Relaxed and calm, a nice tingle on my lips
Anonymous 30-60 min Relaxed
Mario Carranza from Mexico 05-10 min Very good , is something that is difficult to explain, its like a peaceful breathe, relax, and a strange but amazing sensation of harmony with nature and the hole creation
Mark Earhart from USA 05-10 min Focused
Anonymous 10-30 min Tired
Marty from USA 05-10 min Buzzed - it was a good feeling!
Massimo Gambirasio from Italy 2-3 hours Strange how I didn't feel tired..but relaxed..and just like in a trance while playing..very nice sensation!!Try it!!
Mateo Ripple from USA 1-2 hours Like every molecule in my body was loosey goosy
Mathieu from France 05-10 min It depend of the kind of song; when I play fast, I feel more tired than cool...
Anonymous -05 min A little bit tired
Matt from USA 10-30 min GREAT!
Matt from United Kingdom 10-30 min Calm, and the only thing stopping me from saying "at one", is my throbbing top lip.... better go practice some more ;)
Matt Meers from USA 05-10 min Energized; it was though the didgeridoo had become part of my self. It began to feel as natural as any other organic rhythm; heartbeat, regular breathing. It was a connection to the music that I did not know was possible.
Anonymous 10-30 min Bo ???!!!
Matthew Brewster from South Africa 10-30 min Great,I had mastered something awesome
Anonymous from Netherlands 10-30 min A bit high
Michael Forster from USA 05-10 min This was very similar in effect to some yogic breaths I've used, but unique and invigorating. It definitely took me out of an "ego" space, but left me feeling very grounded.
Michael from Australia 05-10 min Relaxed. Low pulse rate, but a little tingly in the lips from blowing raspberries!
Mike from Netherlands 05-10 min Still pretty good! But with diaphragm breathing exercises sometimes a bit dizzy.
to much oxygen..
Anonymous -05 min Numb lips and slighlty out of breath towards the end.
Anonymous from Spain -05 min Very good
Mil Grindstaff from USA -05 min Fine really.
Moses Frederic from USA 10-30 min Empowered, giddy, aware, excited.
Nathan Barnard from Australia 05-10 min Stoned
Anonymous from Finland 05-10 min My mouth gets wet and I don't want to expel too much saliva into a wooden pipe, so I have to swallow or wipe my mouth now and then.
Other than that, I easily get stuck in a didge loop - that is, I keep on playing forgetting about the time.
Numa from Belgium 1-2 hours I felt ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE
Anonymous 1-2 hours My lips were rather tired
Oscar from Mexico 30-60 min Very calmed and relaxed, happy, tired.
Anonymous 30-60 min Comprend pas la question!!desole
Paul from USA -05 min Felt very relaxed and calm
Petri from Finland 10-30 min I felt great. Like I was given some power
Phil from France 05-10 min Reeved up and ready to take on any task!
Philip from Thailand 10-30 min Energized, my head was light, it is a great feeling.Buzzed.
Randy from USA 05-10 min Good
Ravinderjit from Malaysia 30-60 min Alright, but my lips were really red and felt a bit numb
Ravinderjit Singh from Malaysia 30-60 min Simply great!! you cant imagine how quiet it was when I stopped afterwards!!
Remco from Netherlands 30-60 min It feel great !!!!!
Anonymous from France 10-30 min I felt very happy and a bit drunk...
Ric from Canada 05-10 min Great!
Richard Gillis from USA 05-10 min I felt elated to learn circulating and experimenting making different animal sounds. I still have more to learn as I hear more experienced players play, like Trevor and Dennis.
Rick from USA 10-30 min I always feel lighter after playing, as well as recharged but in a very relaxed and open way.
Anonymous 1-2 hours Fine
Ron from United Kingdom 10-30 min Relaxed, sound in mind and rested in body.
Rowan from USA 10-30 min I had entered into trance and come back from it, so I felt very peaceful and centered.
Roy Páramo from Spain 10-30 min Good and very relaxed, but my lips really hurt !
Anonymous from Belgium 30-60 min This is like meditation
Shane Cox from Australia 05-10 min I cant explain. it was awesome
Sheldon from USA -05 min Light headed
Stano Betak from Slovakia -05 min Sometimes relaxed (when I played slower one), sometimes breathy (when I played faster one) :)
Stephan from United Kingdom 05-10 min After fast percussive playing a bit dizzy (I'm not too good at also breathing out...). In general very relaxed, peaceful..
Stephane Guerraz from Canada 10-30 min GREAT! Each time, I feel energy on my lungs, inside. This is why I bought one now that I am not a student and can afford it.
Anonymous 1-2 hours Relaxed
Anonymous -05 min Great just need to practice more
Sue Radlett from United Kingdom -05 min Pleased with myself.
Anonymous from USA -05 min My lips hurt, but I was exhilarated. I have not been able to repeat the phenomenon since (that long, I mean). Working on it.
Sylvain from France 30-60 min Totally relaxed and empty, but paradoxically totally fully of energy, nothing better after a day of work!!!
Sylvain from France 05-10 min I was very happy, even if I knew that it's not a lot :-)
Anonymous from Finland 30-60 min Like floating
Anonymous from United Kingdom 10-30 min I felt calm and refreshed
Anonymous from Australia 10-30 min Diiiizzzziiiiieeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tobias Devinck from Belgium 2-3 hours GREAT! proud en a bit dizzy
Tobin Caldwell from USA 10-30 min Fresh, revived, calm, ready for more
Anonymous from USA 10-30 min Very cool.Very relaxed.Very good.Then I did another round!
Tom from USA 05-10 min Fine, a little light headed
Tony from USA 05-10 min A little lite headed. My lungs felt expanded also :D
Tony Teele from USA 05-10 min Slightly lightheaded but nothing bad.
Tyler from USA -05 min I felt proud
Tyler Loube from Canada 05-10 min Very light headed. lips feeling rather numbed and slightly swollen. This was not a negative feeling though.
William Bode from USA -05 min High, Pranayama. Breath of Life. I need to play more, my Didj is huge. I made it from bamboo and bees wax of Chiapas Mexico and feel I need one a bit smaller to improve my circular breath.
William from France 05-10 min So great 'cause I succeeded in a quite good circular breathing and I played well!!!
Yann from France 10-30 min I fell fine, happy, with good felling.
Anonymous 10-30 min Stoned!

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