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Why do you play didgeridoo?

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Name and Country Feedback
Adrienne from USA Consciousness raising music.
Spiritual vibrations and healing.
Anonymous Passion
Alex from USA It is soothing/relaxing, it expands my creativity, it adds a unique sound to my music, and it opens up more "doors" for me to creatively express myself through sound.
Anonymous Meditation
Alexis Vivas Muñoz from Spain Enjoy the music
Anders Nilsson from Sweden I love the sound!
Andrea from Italy Relaxing and learn new rhythm
Anthony Molloy from Sweden I enjoy it, I find it has a calming effect and helps me un-wind. I would like to think I can sing but I know I can't. Playing didge to me is like singing almost.
Anonymous from Iceland I love the way it's sound washes through me and helps me to forget everything around me. It feels like I'm on my own island of sound.
Badu Bardthesque from Belgium To contemplate myself and my surroundings
Barry Wiltshire from United Kingdom Makes me feel good, makes me feel happy.
Anonymous from Spain Because play didj is the best to find yourself
Blind Boy from Australia I'm addicted. Going cold turkey overseas without my didge right now.......
Bob Robinson from Australia It is part of my Grandmothers Dreaming.
Brad Evergreen from USA I love the vibe, the meditation, and to stop smoking
Anonymous from Australia Sounds cool, I like all types of music, and love all Australian music from John butler trio, Xavier rudd to natural Australian meditation music.
Brendan from Australia I'm obsessed
Brett from Australia Makes me feel connected to the earth, Australia really, just a good feeling from having a go when I get a chance
Bruno from Australia Enjoyment, become a proficient player
Cameron from United Kingdom Enjoyment
Anonymous from France Meditation, music and fun
Chas from USA I love the sounds that can come out of just a hollow tree
Chris Glover from United Kingdom Meditation and to relive stress also for entertainment for friends and family
Anonymous Find a personal style that supports meditation.
Cliff Garnier from USA Love the sound and now that I have made two I want to get better at playing
Clint from USA To relax
Anonymous I love the sound.
Crystal from USA Spiritual, for my family and friends. I want to get good enough to play in public.
Daal from Australia Fun and forget about life for a while. Meditate while playing.
Dale from Australia I was inspired by a musician called Xavier Rudd. Hes a multi-instrumentalist who plays the didj to his guitar playing. Such an inspiration. He follows the plights of aboriginal people and mother nature.
Dan from USA The sound and relaxation
Daniel from United Kingdom Love the sound, vibration and the felling one gets whilst playing
Darren Searle from Australia Loved the sound and just set myself a goal to learn. now I cant stop, I'm really enjoying the creation of sounds that I'm making.
Anonymous from Australia Enjoy the sound, the people and culture
Dave from Canada For fun, not generally in a musical context, but I'm hoping to change that soon.
David from Australia Purely for the love. love of the sound and love of the joy it brings me and others around me.
David Naftalin from USA Meditation and for shows
David Overacre from USA To become a better player, learn new techniques, and because I like the sound of it.
Anonymous from Australia Saw one on sale. always wanted one, but thought they were expensive.
Den from Belgium Fun
Dennis from Australia Just love the didj. Feels like it provides a link to something deep inside.
Anonymous from USA Meditation
Anonymous from Australia I enjoy it.
Didier from France - the sounds of a didj
- I would like to be able to make sounds of animals
- one of our track (composer/player in a very instrumental band) has didj parts
Diego from Argentina I love it.
Anonymous from USA For fun and to impress my friends
Dorian Moriarty from USA Personal exploration
Estela from Brazil Well, I play it to meditate.
Eugene Leytin from Australia It became an obsession after the first time I tried.. I love it, love the feel, and the sound.. especially in the shower where it bounces off the walls so strongly.
Evan González from USA It sounds out of this world and it is very enlivening.
Fabien from France I enjoy all variation of sound
Francois from Canada Different sound, unique
You get strong sensations when you play
Frank from Netherlands Love the sound of it. and I like to play it
Fredrik from Sweden I feel good doing it!
Gabriel Eckert from Argentina To know me, fun,entertainment,meditation,no think,to keep my mind free of thoughts...that's the best!! I really love it
Gary from USA Interested in learning to play better.
Gary from Australia Just utterly love it. Sounds fantastic, makes me feel good and those around me love listening to it.
Gert Ledelay from Netherlands Its just a part of my life
Graeme White from United Kingdom Relaxation
Gregor from Germany To learn a more complex technic(rhythms,animal-sounds)
Heather Star from USA I AM seeking out the didj as a source of healing for myself and my community.
Henk Stange from Netherlands Because I like it and its a very good meditation!
Hugo from United Kingdom Fantastic ethereal sound, unusual instrument.
Ian from USA I enjoy the primitive nature of the instrument. I enjoy doing my part to keep the instrument alive
Jack from USA Enjoyment..personal meditation
Jacob from USA Its fun and relaxing
Jai Kartar Singh from Chile I want to develop the capacity of healing through the didj sound.
Jaime from USA Its fun and it sounds cool.
Anonymous I have only had the opportunity to play it once, but I would like to own one soon
Jan Vermeer from Netherlands Because of relaxing and it is nice to do
Jarret Myers from USA It's fun.
Anonymous To be able to play a unique and ancient sacred instrument and feel the spiritual attributes to it.
Anonymous Love of the sounds
Jean-Baptiste from France I like to make all this songs with simply a wood pipe.....and I love didgeridoo vibrations
Anonymous Spiritual
Jérémie Terral from France That is my favourite hobbies and I can't stop it
Anonymous from Belgium Vibrations
Anonymous Enjoyment, meditation, fan club
Joachim Schmid from Austria Practicing to do someday meditation by playing
Joakim Nilsson from Sweden I love the sound and I think it's and awesome instrument to play with other musicians, such as a DJ-crew I play with.
Anonymous I play professionally. My "real job" is as a tuba player, but I give regular lectures for schools about the didge and its history, and also play the didge for film and TV soundtracks, and for recording sessions.
John from USA I play the didg because of the ancient properties of meditation and healing capabilities.
John from Canada I love the sound and feeling I get afterwards. it is different than any other instrument on a variety of levels.
Anonymous from Germany Having fun in creating fast grooves,
getting together with friends
Jon from USA I've liked them for as long as I can remember and the sound is like no other instrument. It helps me relax and enter myself and builds a lot of self esteem that I can be so creative.
Anonymous from United Kingdom Just a beautiful instrument. Good to relax with.
Jonathan Benham from USA Like the way it sounds and the way I feel when playing and afterwards.
Juha from Finland Now future..heal people and mother earth,if you don't can ask from your higher self
Keith Gordon from USA Annoy my wife (just kidding). I enjoy the deep rumbling sound. I have also made 3 pipes for the kids and 5 for my son's scout troop. I think their parents got interested too because they started fighting their kids to use the things.
Kevin Patry from Canada I enjoy being able to express my immediate thoughts and feelings with music and I also enjoy the intrigued response I get from onlookers.
Anonymous from United Kingdom I feel the need and have to satisfy it - can't explain it any other way..!
Larry from USA To incorporate it into worship.
Ludovic from France I love this sound mate! It's all good!
Luke Neill from Australia Love of the sound. The way people not only listen to you play, but give you their whole undivided attention.
Anonymous To play with other instruments and for the pure joy of playing!
Marcus from United Kingdom Sound healing and big fun
Mario Peters from Netherlands It makes me feel good and I like the sound. I also like to listen to didj-music, especially "outback" and mark atkins
Mark from Australia Enjoyment
Mary Lindhart from USA The challenge of the sounds that I can make up
Mauro from Italy For myself, because it relax and excite me. and than because I like to play for people with my friends in our didj music band.
Max from Switzerland It fells good
Anonymous To increase my musical knowledge and because I like it
Michael from USA I enjoy the sound.
Michael Del Quadro from USA Meditation; relaxation
Michael McCormick from USA To blow pure spirit through it, and accelerate the awakening of others within this lifetime.
Michael Rhys from Japan I loved the sound, the natural look and feel of the didge itself and the idea of circular breathing.
Anonymous Its connect me with the nature with the all with the earth
Mike from USA Tension release
Nathan Robson from USA I'm 120% addicted to the sound. The rhythms of the didjeridoo fill my insides and it is hard to set it down. I also enjoy playing it to spread this awesome instrument to everyone within earshot. In multiple occasions, people have listened to me play and then gone and bought one for themselves. Then came back to me to learn how to play.
Nick Warner from Australia Get better to play in a band
Nicolas from France I like the sound and all the possibility to plays it. I am also passionate by the aboriginal culture.
Nik from United Kingdom To relax and have some fun with other musicians
Ola Kielbinska from Poland I'm a born musician and I love the healing feeling of the didge
Anonymous I like
Patricia from Portugal - I love the sound , the spirit, the sound healing, the vibrations, the philosophy. But to feel good with my self and with the others and with nature and all that surrounds me.
Anonymous I enjoy playing it.
Peggy Adams from USA Meditation
Peter from Australia I enjoy the feeling I get when I play + it seems to be good for me.
Peter from USA I get lost in the sounds
Anonymous from USA I love music, and play many instruments. The didgeridoo is one of my favorites...
Rob Pelletier from Canada Pure love and passion.
Roberto Fioravanti from Canada Self discipline, discover, meditation, exploration.
Robin Kalberg from Germany Like the sound
Rolan from Netherlands It makes me feel good and makes other people feel good. It is a very good instrument to mix with other musicians.
Rudy Martens from Belgium I like (love?) overtones
Russell from United Kingdom I play for fun
Sam from Belgium I really like the sounds and the feeling of the vibrations
Sam from Australia Just really like the sound and do it to relax, chill out.
Sasa from Croatia/Hrvatska It makes me feel "conected". Amazing sound. Constant musical growth. Didg is simple :)
Scott Stewart from United Kingdom Love the sound. Despite its simplicity, it is amazingly varied and complex.
Anonymous from United Kingdom Practice to improve at the moment, but to relax and escape if I find a nice place to play
Siebe from Belgium To practice and hear the lovely sound.
Simen from Norway First is the sound. Then comes the breathing ability. I train Wing Chun Kung Fu so I hope I can increase my breathing capacity in my Wing Chun training.
Stefan from New Zealand Just love the sound it produces and so do my flat mates
Stefano Fusillo from Italy Sense of calm and tranquillity
Steve Weber from USA I enjoy the sound, it puts me into a meditative state
Stuart Kirkpatrick from Bermuda Love the sound.The drone relaxes me. I go off to another plain when I play.
Anonymous from United Kingdom Relaxation, and to challenge accepted music forms
Tabitha from USA I love the way it sounds. Plus my dogs LOVE it. They're bloodhounds and when I play they like to howl along with it. I'm sure our neighbors LOVE it when we play outside together.
Tamas Feher from Hungary This is a party instrument for me, very good in home parties.
Tautvydas Strazdas from Lithuania I like World culture, so didj is one of the most ancient instruments in the World. Playing also gives a good meditation. And also we have a good live performance, when other my friends joins with drums and computer!
Thaddius Davis from USA I play the didj because it makes me happy and they are a blast to play. Once you get the circular breathing down, it makes it even more fun to play for hours if I could. I just wish I had an opportunity to play for a community.
Anonymous from France It bring me very good things and it's good for the mind
Anonymous The exams. And always when I have some times.
Tim Kelley from USA Its relaxing, fun, and entertaining
Todd from Australia I wanted to get good at an instrument that was unique and nobody I knew played. I also simply love the sound of them.
Tony from Australia I've just always had an interest in it, and I love the sound it makes
Travis Wernet from USA Health, happiness and wholeness
Anonymous My mom is from Australia and I wanted to make her happy
Tuomo from Finland That beautiful ancient sound
Urs Bischof from Switzerland That sounds so lovely,that I must learn it
Victor from France I like his sound.
Vincent from Canada Relaxation, also as a music instrument
Vincent from France The unique sound and the many harmonics.
the large collection of sound with a single tube!
Anonymous Relax, practice
Yoav from Israel Fun and focusing
Anonymous I love the way that it sounds.

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