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Why do you play didgeridoo?

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Name and Country Feedback
Aaron from USA I am a professional musician and healer
Anonymous The sound is relaxing, its a pretty good exercise for my opera technique and I'm kinda using it for musical purposes other than solo
Anonymous from USA I play to relax, or to entertain.
Anonymous The spectacular sound
Alex from USA I love the beautiful sound of it even though I have a PVC one
Alexandre from Reunion Island Pour me détendre, après les cours au lycée, pour exterioriser mes sentiments
Allan from Brazil Its a sound that reminds me something pure and the same time aggressive,its like yin and yang
Alvaro from Chile I love the didgeridoo and the aboriginal culture
Andi Branston from United Kingdom It was to busk, at the mo its for pleasure, meditation and just for fun, cos I've moved to a new part of the country to study.
Andrea Cammarata from Italy Respiration
Andy from United Kingdom Because I enjoy it.
Anonymous from United Kingdom I enjoy it. one of the oldest and best sound in the world.
Anonymous from Israel Fun, way of life
Ayal from Israel I see it as a wonderful creative process,
it purifies, and so allows connection.
Brett from Australia Personal enjoyment, love the sound and the satisfaction I get from improving
Brian from United Kingdom I love the sound and playing helps reduce the stress of the day
Anonymous from USA Relaxation. Playing with my father in law who also has a didj. We play outside at the lakefront. I love the way the sound carries around the lake.
Bruno from Indonesia To relax. Love the sounds and the breathing exercises.
Byron from USA For fun. I don't have access to my proper wooden didj here in college, so not much practice time.
Carlos from USA I can escape. It feels like the BUZ is coming from deep inside of me. It is a cleansing feeling.
Anonymous Love the sound, circular breathing makes me feel calm
Charles from Thailand It's like picking up an old friend. There's a sense of comfort and challenge at the same time. Thank you for caring to ask.
Anonymous from USA To help heal the planet
Charlie from USA Because I like it. I know that's vague, but it makes me feel good and seems to have that effect on others that hear it.
Chris Halliday from USA To produce a beautiful sound
Chris Lilley from United Kingdom Sheer enjoyment.
Chris Murphy from USA Relaxation and spirituality
Anonymous from USA I love the sounds I create and the feeling I get from those sounds
Clive Wilson from United Kingdom It feels good and right
Cory from Canada I guess I don't have a clear reason, at least not yet. I've never been a musical person. But I seem to crave playing the didj.
Craig from USA It's relaxing and rewarding
Dale from USA Creating music
Dale Elliott from Australia For cultural also helps to relax me.
Dan House from USA No main reason, its fun, I like the sound, its good for me, meditation
Dan Stoner from USA Aside from wanting to get much better at it, I would eventually like to open a didj school teaching others how to play, and of course, pointing them to
Anonymous from Spain I like play the didjeridoo because I fun playing and it's different.
Daniel from USA To relax. To hear it.
Anonymous It was easy for me to learn.
Darren from United Kingdom Mmhhh, just love the sound and it winds me down after a hard days work
Dave from USA Enjoy playing & listening to sound
Anonymous Spiritual, meditative, and also communal music.
Anonymous from Germany I like this sound
Diederick Neels from Belgium Find inner peace
Douglas Michon from USA A dream that I had.
Dustin Henderson from USA I've always loved the sound,it was auditory love at first hear...haha
Dustin from USA I enjoy the sound and the experience. I am very musically curious, and have found that I very much enjoy playing the didj
Ed from USA Personal interest at this point...even have my younger son starting to make some noise! Eventually would like to get together with others...
Ed from USA Cultural mystique
Erman Seles from Turkey Personally,for meditation and I want to use it for my cartoon animation
Anonymous I don't know exactly , maybe cause I feel that I can represent with its sounds , the feels, ideas, messages of my head
Fernando from Italy Need to listen the sound...
Francisco from Portugal Get in trance and make beautiful sounds
Frank Segui Franck from Canada Deep peace ..and meditation whit the sound in the body...
Fred Stevens from United Kingdom Love the different sounds but there's something else it does... not really sure what.. but I like it!
Anonymous from USA Its my new favorite instrument, and girls like it a lot.
Gabriel Zamora from Sweden Like the sound and I have intentions of use it with my music band
Gareth Knight from United Kingdom I love it ! other people love it !
Goes down well at folk clubs too !
but most of all, as a Pagan and tree worker it is my way of being at one with nature,the green man. I sometimes take a didge to the beach at night and play to the rhythm of the waves. Also I teach the Didge and have been asked to teach at Drumcamp 2005 in Suffolk,UK.
Anonymous Personal joy
George Haddad from Lebanon Meditation, relaxation, .
Gerard from USA It's relaxing and challenging. It involves the body and a spontaneous creativity at the same time, like dancing with the breath.
Anonymous Relax, meditate
Glenn Taylor from USA Relaxation
Gregg Nardozza from USA Love the sound. Want to become proficient at the instrument.
Gregory from USA I enjoy the vibrations its for me another outlet for cleaning out my mind.
Anonymous from USA I really just enjoy listening to it, but I really enjoy trying to incorporate it with my other musical instruments. Different kinds of bagpipes, tin whistles... instruments like that - they can actually sound very nice together.
Hector Adrian Peralta from Argentina Sanación
Anonymous from Japan The sound is very unique - like taking a trip back in time.
Ian from United Kingdom Love the sound and would like to be able to play like some of the people I have heard
Isaac from USA I love the sound it makes.
Anonymous It's a beautiful instrument. It sounds neat. And it's fun to play.
James Pierson from USA Its a good way to meditate and I love just to bring it out with friends once and a while. I used to play a lot more but now its just at drum circles and gatherings
Jason from United Kingdom Enjoyment !
Jean Paul from USA Meditativeness and practice makes perfect
Jeff from USA To keep in practice with playing, for a little different meditative practice, and because I like the sound!
Anonymous Fun, relaxation.
Jeff from USA The main reason I want to learn the didgeridoo is because the sound of it is amazing; I never would have though such a simple instrument could produce such a beautiful sound.
Jerry from USA Relaxing plus I love the soothing sound. Since I've been didging, I,ve had practically no symptoms of my asthma as a result of the deep breathing and good lung exercise.
Jezz from United Kingdom Relaxing, enjoy trying to learn new techniques and exploring the sounds.
Anonymous I do not own one so it is when a friend of mine is in town only.
Jim Davis from Canada Love the sound, play to relax
Joan from USA Actually, I started playing to increase my lung power, as I was a smoker for 32 years. But now I just enjoy the challenge of sounding like the recordings and meditation
Anonymous Just being one with the sound - the sound brings my soul into peace I guess
John from USA Relaxation
John Heusler from USA To become good enough to record with a friends band is why I started. I am now good enough for that. I sit in all the time. It relaxes me and those around me which is another strong reason to play
John from USA Relax - and play guitar and didge at the same time.
John Mason from Canada Relaxation and enjoyment and sometimes just plain showing off
Jon Harnum from USA Love the sound. Great relaxation. Great for the chops after a hard practice session on trumpet.
Anonymous from USA Visited Australia and loved it so I play to remember what it was like.
Jordi from Spain I love the sound, the special sounds, the harmònics (i plays overtone voices, low voices, like the tuvinians and the Tibetans)... and of course I love the didge sound.
Anonymous from Canada Its a good challenge, to see what interesting and new sounds you can find. experimenting with double notes, screams, whistles, etc...
Jouni from Finland Relaxation, breathing training
Julian from Australia To integrate the didj sounds with the guitar and to perform one day
Justin Mayfield from USA I actually just play on a PVC pipe because I can't really buy a didj right now, but I think it's cool sounding!
Anonymous I just love the sound and the culture
Anonymous I enjoy the sound and the feeling of accomplishment as I learn new techniques.
Kenneth Shapley from United Kingdom It all stems from hearing it from the first time, just knowing it was the instrument for me, it was a guy called Gary Thomas. Now I feel that whenever I play in schools for the kids I help them find that ancient place inside them which is bursting with questions about the deep mysteries of life and also the place they feel excited about their creativity. It helps me feel linked into the Aboriginal peoples and the song within.
Kev Bates from United Kingdom Enjoyment and meditation.
Anonymous Music application and worship
Kim from Finland Its fun, and because I can't play any other instrument
Klemens from Germany Sound, meditation
Anonymous from Japan For joy and healing
Larry from Australia An irresistible urge.
Lars Ley from Luxembourg I love the sound and the peace in my soul it creates
Lasse from Denmark Makes me feel good
Linda from USA Enjoyment
Lloyd Goldstein from USA Feels like good breath work, meditation, clearing out the cobwebs, vibrating me and my environment, maybe actually make some music.
Anonymous Meditation,
Sound and rythem,
Showing others how to make a sound (live on campus at ANU, many international students),
Anonymous from USA Harmonic justice
Marcelino Andipatin from France I just live it !
Marciano Corona from Mexico Because it makes me feel so god, I fall in love with it, and that's the way I'm living
Mark Cotterill from Australia Love of music, relaxation, therapeutic, breathing for health.
Mark from United Kingdom Pleasure & meditation.
Martin from United Kingdom Love the sound
Matan from Israel Relaxing
Matthew Peterson from USA I really like the way they sound/feel, but for me it is one of the easiest ways to get into a meditative/healing state.
Matthew from Australia To relax,think,calm my self down,release my anger and just cause I love playin it
Max from USA Peace
Anonymous It relaxes and sound good!
Meri from USA It sounds cool
Michael Rampling from United Kingdom I love the sound,always have but recently visited Australia and bought some excellent didj's and am on listen out for more
Anonymous Relaxation
Anonymous Fun.
Anonymous from USA For fun
Anonymous from New Zealand I love the sound of the didge and one day would like to use it for healing
Oliver Heltewig from Germany Fun, meditation, giving lessons at school
Orit from Israel Its sounds
P.j. Belic from USA Mainly because I just love to.its also such an unusual and cool instrument
Patrick Anderson from Australia 1.sounds great
2.feels good
3.xavier rudd
4.want to grow musically
Patrick from USA It's relaxing.
Paul Bishop from USA I love the sound and I love the feeling when I play
Paul O\'Keefe from Canada I love the felling in my head when I play.
Paul from Canada I just love the sound.
Pedro from Portugal There is no main reason, I play it because I enjoy to.
Peter De Jong from Netherlands To have fun, creating new sounds a
Phil from France To be different from the other people with common musical instruments
Pierre from Germany It opens your mind!
Ralph from USA To relax and entertain my family
Reuben Horsley from United Kingdom Love the noise and want to get better
Richard Grossman from USA Both for my own growth as a musician and for helping others through healing sound work and meditation.
Robbert-Jan from Netherlands I love the music. It's a great instrument to play. Actually I think it's more than a instrument.. it's could be some sort of training for your breath and mind..
Robert from USA For fun.
Anonymous I play the didj, knowing that I can increase my ability, with much practice, and maybe even rival the pro's. I wish to rival them because the sound of the didj is so calming. Some people box or yell to relieve stress, but I play the didj.
Robert from USA I enjoy learning new rhythms and most importantly the sound
Robin Lorentz from Sweden Love the sound, the vibrations it creates and to play with the sounds.
Ron from USA I like it, it feels good. Sure is hard to play with a stuffy nose though!
Ron J Berkhout from Netherlands I love the sound and the culture behind it.
Anonymous from Ireland It's simply enjoyable.
Ryan from USA Meditation. Personal pleasure.
Ryan from USA Personal meditation, also play with my friends band
Ryan Schacherl from USA It's fun
Sam Boys from USA Meditation, and musical enjoyment
Anonymous It is my hobby
Sandra Fernandes from Portugal It's fun to frighten the dog. and to get a better breath.
Anonymous from Portugal The sound its beautiful..i feel great playing it.
Anonymous Meditation
Sean from USA The sound is very soothing
Anonymous from USA I also play trumpet and it helps breathing. But now that I know how I do it cause its fun
Anonymous Mainly, I just love it. love the feeling, the sound, the instrument, the affect it has on me.
i also play in a band, so we jam with didj's, djembe's & guitars too for fun and so we can share our music
Shawn Nelson from USA A way for me to creatively emote and recharge myself and to bring a positive tone into the world that will help to stabilize and balance the healing of people and the planet.
Siavasch from Germany Great instrument
Anonymous from Australia I love the sound, I love music and I feel the need to learn how to play and learn about an instrument that is of Australian origin.
Siobhan Mcelwee from USA I have no main reason...Healing, personal meditation and music are all equally valid reasons for me.
Soren from Belgium I like the sound and simply enjoy playing
Anonymous I love this instrument and I like the sound it makes.
Anonymous My pleasure and most of it meditation
Steve from United Kingdom Relax and meditate
Anonymous from France Don't know. Relaxing and enjoy music probably.
Tero from Finland To meditate and to relax myself
Thomas Robinson from USA Self-expression
Thomas from USA Meditation mostly but I do play backup with a few bands occasionally.
Timmy Church from Australia For entertainment, or when we dance
Anonymous from France For feeling the vibrations
Todd from USA Relaxation and spiritual cleansing
Tomer from Israel Practice
to know more about it
Trey Sansom from USA At first it interested me, however when I began using it in my bands stage show is when I started honing my skills.
Valentijn from Netherlands I love the sound, I can express my feelings and sometimes shake off all the stress of study/parents etc.
Valerie from France To escape my self. play didge makes me dreaming
Vic Cherikoff from Australia I love the instrument and if I was better at it I could incorporate playing into my overseas Australian cuisine promotions which I run nearly every month somewhere in the world.
Victoria from Australia Health benefits, to bridge the cultural gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, the sound of the music.
Wesley from USA I love the sound and love to play songs with friends. Campfire playing is my favourite.
Wojciech from Poland Love the sound, want to form some overtone (didj, Khoomei, overtone singing, bowls, jaw harps) music band
Anonymous Because of his sound and the breath techniques involved, because of the possibilities it seemed to offer concerning the areas of trance exploration and magic, because of the way perceive it.

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