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Playing the didgeridoo for your own meditation

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Playing the didgeridoo for other peoples meditation

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Name and Country Feedback
Amy from USA This will fill me with joy! The instrument reaches far beyond this world, and can only bring good to all beings.
Badu Bardthesque from Belgium At first they were sceptic, but afterwards they all bought there own didj!
Brad Evergreen from USA Very healing
Casey Kresnak from USA You can just see people fall into a relaxed state its even comforting to yourself.
Anonymous from France Not easy, people have to be on same vibrations, and yet my didj is not really good...
Cheryl Ludwig from USA I only answer no because I am just now getting really into playing (my friend's didj). I've always loved the music, but now I am VERY SERIOUS about playing.
Daniel from United Kingdom Often play for people when they are stressed and upset, it helps them a lot.
Anonymous from Australia Nothing much to share really. I'd only been playing for about a week. :s
Diego from Argentina But I may play on the street.
Evan González from USA To my partner practicing body dance movement with eyes closed. She said it was great. It was for me too. It's great for live didj player and dancer to collaborate.
Gabriella from Italy Spiritually nurtured
Gary from Australia After a big night when everyone was winding down I was coaxed into playing. Everyone was completely chilled out afterwards despite having sore heads.
Heather Star from USA I want to use the didj for sound healing!
Heather from USA Although I cannot circular breathe, I can make many sounds with the didj that are very healing for my clients.
Jai Kartar Singh from Chile I played for my girlfriend, she lie down and I started playing vocalizing the sound in her head so the glands in her brain stimulate, she said it was an amazing experience, totally relaxing, she told me that she feels like if she was connected to the mother earth very strongly just by letting the sound gets into her physique.
Anonymous Helped to center and deepen the meditative process
Jean-Baptiste from France They were completely stoned by the vibrations..
Anonymous I felt extremely excited and good for sharing something so special
John from USA I think every time one plays the didj who ever is around becomes entranced and invoked to become still. It doesn't matter if they are intentionally meditating or not, it just happens.
Juha from Finland Peoples go to the higher energies
Anonymous from United Kingdom I have played didj accompanied by drummers, which has been incredible!
Lance from USA Played in drum circles, for about two years
at my old employment(drum and African art shop) many great experiences
Louis-Philippe from Canada Soon I'll do ... ;-)
Matt from USA I would like to.
Michael McCormick from USA Yes, it helped calm and center them. They felt it's sound was removing blocks in the body.
Anonymous In shamanic session my friends tall me that the didj increase the feeling for the deep side and vision
Nathan Robson from USA Many of times. People at my high school crowd around me to listen to me play and many of them comment after words that they feel like a huge weight was lifted off of their shoulders as they listened to me play.
Nicolas from France They like this
Patricia from Portugal Was very good , I felt very proud and very good to made and to proportionate the same feeling that I have the privilege to feel.
Rob Pelletier from Canada Some people just close their eyes and listen. At my workshops, some just come to hear and listen.
Roberto Fioravanti from Canada It is really awesome, really fulfilling, is like guide other trough an amazing experience of discover.
Stuart Kirkpatrick from Bermuda My girlfriend,who wants to learn how to play, asks me to play for her so that she can relax
Tabitha from USA I've played the didj for my son since he was just little guy. I play it while he's doing his homework. Not totally meditation, but it does calm him while he works.
Travis Wernet from USA I find that listeners feel the power and grace of the didjeridu , especially when in Nature.
Victor from France In seminars

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