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Playing the didgeridoo for other peoples meditation

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Name and Country Feedback
Aaron from USA I have worked as a healer and facilitator of meditation.
Andi Branston from United Kingdom It seemed to do the trick
Bruce Rich from USA Satisfying
Carolyne Williams from USA My friend plays a professional didgeridoo, he is one of the best in our city and has played at drum circles, etc. I love the animal noises he can make, and so does my dog!
Chris Murphy from USA Two girls I know like to zone out to it when we hang out so they ask me to play for them.
Dale Elliott from Australia I was very pleased to have had the result of relaxing people around me, playing the music I love.
Dan House from USA Long slow drones
Douglas Burson from USA The couple down stairs.....but they really weren't conscious that this was happening...they just reported that when I practice that afterwards they seem to feel more calm and at ease than they usually are
Douglas Michon from USA I am more proficient in hypnosis and other methods.
Dustin Henderson from USA Friends with long tubing and funnels..Great fun!...
Erman Seles from Turkey Everybody got in to trip and they said to me that "it was the best meditation experience in my life" and than I felt good
Frank Segui Franck from Canada Thanks from the heart...
Anonymous from USA Most times I play for myself but at a friends house we'll both meditate together sometimes more if people are there.
Gareth Knight from United Kingdom I was asked to play at a Buddhist retreat for their meditation. Very special moment indeed, much better than when I was asked to the druid ritual at Stonehenge for summer solstice.. druid order was made up nothing but Americans ! and so up their own ar##s !
Hector Adrian Peralta from Argentina Gratitude
James Pierson from USA I usually just move around the people and focus on one person at a time and in between each person I go back and forth a little bit. Each person gets a little different style to fit them.
Jason from United Kingdom They get to fall asleep and I m making the teas.
Anonymous Nice feeling that people let themselves being touched by my playing
John Heusler from USA I play for half an hour at a time and watch the people or person I play for. I always play slow unabrubt tones in the deep ranges.
Jon from USA They liked it.
Kristin from USA Not yet!
Lars Ley from Luxembourg I was the player, but it was a very nice and great experience, to lead the others into the music.
Marcel Schut from Netherlands They have a very 'grounding', experience, and afterwards in silence it is easy to meditate and be still.
Marciano Corona from Mexico I have not
Mark Mark Andrews from USA We use it at church, for added depth to the songs.
Myke from USA I played as a part of a drum circle.
Oguz Anil from Turkey They don't usually like here people around me!unfortunately!!
Paul O\'Keefe from Canada People flock to the didge many who have never heard it before. It is wonderful to see others get pleasure from my playing.
Ron J Berkhout from Netherlands I think so??
Ryan from USA While camping
Anonymous A friend and I practice this fairly often... going out into the bush and letting go of "social conditioning".
just sitting, playing, relaxing & mainly just feeling.
getting back in tune with nature & the didj, being such a beautiful, natural instrument can be part of this.
Siobhan Mcelwee from USA I love working with trance dancers!!!!!!!
Anonymous Everybody was relaxed after that.
Anonymous When I have the occasion, but the only times I did it, the other person really feel my vibes and really enjoy it
Anonymous from France Always in my didj circle association.
Tim Mcclune from United Kingdom My wife gets a bit shirty, it tends to make our dogs bark. I play when they are in the garden.

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