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Please share your experience of giving didgeridoo healing
Which part of your body feels most affected by didgeridoo healing?
Which deseases/conditions can be improved by didgeridoo healing in your experience?
2003/2004 Comments on receiving Didgeridoo Healing
2003 Comments on giving Didgeridoo Healing

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Please share your experience of receiving didgeridoo healing

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Name and Country Feedback
Adrienne from USA I receive a healing every time I play. The tone of D, stirs up and releases stagnant energy from the area. Any challenges in life due to psychological barriers, the didj is my solace, always assisting in abolishing the illusion.
Andrea from Italy After the player stop to playing, my back was really rigid and aching...
Badu Bardthesque from Belgium Ever since, I stay aware of my soft, didj-trained belly. It felt almost divine, man!
Bob Robinson from Australia Tingling
Cheryl Ludwig from USA I am going to start 4 weeks, of once a week beginning tomorrow (wed.). I will keep you posted on what all happens. I am very excited to begin. The one session I had at the art show was otherworldly, and my spine and neck vibrated soothingly all day.
Daniela from Japan A great feeling of warm energy
Anonymous from USA Seems to ease tension with the rhythmic vibrations
Diego from Argentina It was really good. First he teach me how to play and then heals me. The sound helps moving my chakra.
Dominique from Germany Fantastic feeling!
Evan González from USA The first time it was done to me I felt this other worldly being take me on this trancy laughy trip out of body. The movement of the sound was the only thing that existed.
Gabriel Eckert from Argentina I just tried,but I couldn't feel the correct healing
Gabriella from Italy Mystic experience! I felt good for weeks!
Heather Star from USA The lower chakras seem to atone to the low sound and slower vibration of the didj.
Heather from USA I have felt my heart open and expand beyond this dimension. Healing at many levels has occurred with the didj. healing sessions.
Jai Kartar Singh from Chile I feel like if I was making a trip to the mother earth's womb, I started getting images of my childhood some of them were sad others were happy, and then I started to see images like if it was other time, like if I had travel though time to another life, I see a woman and I knew it was me in some other incarnation, and a lot more things that it would be very long to write it down here.
Jennifer from Canada I have had severe chronic migraines for years. I went daily for didge healings and found a significant lessening of frequency and severity of pain.
Anonymous from USA The sound of the didj, directed over the chakras, helped me to get in touch with some negative baggage that was causing 'armoring' in the chest and shoulders.
Joachim Schmid from Austria Feelings of vibrations which soothed my asthma and cough
John from USA It is a very powerful form of healing. If I were to use an E over my solar plexus the effect would be the opening of that chakra. So in that particular case I would become more aware of telepathy and inward visions.
Juha from Finland My English is not good enough
Anonymous Can be erotic
Lance from USA It feels like a communication between past,present,and future.
Louis-Philippe from Canada I was at the end of a dance, sharing a smooth and sit dance with a girl. A guy come to us with his didg and turn in circle around us. I immediately felt love opening and my body become even more relaxed. Even if it is not a real healing session, I'm pretty sure that it heals.
Marcus from United Kingdom Happy molecules,total peace while remaining alert and buzzing.
Mario Peters from Netherlands I surrendered to the sound and felt the energy moving.
Michael McCormick from USA Felt it open my heart, and put me in touch with the part of me that has lived forever.
Mikko from Finland I listened it for a while and my headache was gone!
Nathan Robson from USA My chest felt as if my asthma was being extracted from my lungs as it became easier to breath both through my mouth and my nose. And the blinding headache I had when it started was gone at the end.
Nicolas from France Very good and reposant sensation
Ola Kielbinska from Poland It's a very deep and cleansing experience that can leave me energised or totally mellowed out. After each session I feel lighter, healthier and purged of draining energy vortexes.
Peggy Adams from USA I was very emotional and cried in a good way.
Peter from USA Not applicable
Roberto Fioravanti from Canada Not a big experience, I would like to try more, I am a Shiatsu practitioner, sometime I like to HUM during my practice but I don't feel powerful enough to give didj healing. I haven't found a healer strong enough so far
Anonymous My body vibrates all over... Feel mostly in pelvic area
Stefano Fusillo from Italy I had a strong headache an after it passed
Stuart Kirkpatrick from Bermuda First! Get into a comfortable position.Next! Play for yourself.When finished assess! You feel good all over.
Anonymous from Portugal As I said before when I managed to play a didjeridu, a sense o proudness invaded me and helped me at achieving some mental healing
Travis Wernet from USA I 'come into my body' when receiving didjeridu healings.
Walter from Italy Relaxing and more kimè

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