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Please share your experience of giving didgeridoo healing
Which part of your body feels most affected by didgeridoo healing?
Which deseases/conditions can be improved by didgeridoo healing in your experience?
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2003 Comments on giving Didgeridoo Healing

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Please share your experience of receiving didgeridoo healing

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Name and Country Feedback
Aaron from USA I have found the didge to be very successful in treating serious physical and emotional trauma. Head injuries, broken bones and emotional trauma from these as well as sexual abuse/violence. There is a soothing/ meditative quality to the didge that allows deep relaxation and release of negative vibrational pattens.
Alison James from USA It went thru all of my body in waves it was incredible.
Andi Branston from United Kingdom The tension in my back lifts and I can free energy from my center easily
Andrea Cammarata from Italy Force
Andres Díaz López from Spain Podía ver en la oscuridad como uan onda blanca bailaba junto al sonido
Anonymous Resonance passes through heart
Carolyne Williams from USA I have a very hard time grounding myself and tuning into the Earth's magical rhythm's and staying there. I also breathe backwards due to the constant stress my adrenal glands are under. I also prefer animals to people, and the didgeridoo makes me feel completely grounded and in tune with the ways of the ancients. Animals are all around me, and all of my chakra's are singing to each other.
After playing, I am relaxed, focused, and grounded. I can feel all of the cells in my body strumming in perfect tune. It is a highly intense way for me to get in touch with my inner light, and to allow my brain to breathe with life.
Charlie from USA Different keys affect different areas of the body physically
Dale Elliott from Australia Its a very hard emotion to describe but after experiencing it I was very relaxed.
Dave from USA It tingled through my feet and vibrated up slowly through my legs and to my chest. It felt wonderful.
Debra Latimer from USA It was a wonderful experience. The didj was played from my toes up to my head, around my body, up and down my spine and into my heart. I am changed by this for the better.
Douglas Michon from USA Not too useful. Perhaps this was due to the player.
Dustin Henderson from USA The subtle, yet pounding vibration and sound of the earth rotation is a very special experience..
Erman Seles from Turkey Only the person who plays didj knows what I feel...because it changes person to person!
Frank Segui Franck from Canada Not pain ...and relax
Anonymous Headache - gone
Hector Adrian Peralta from Argentina Liberación
James Pierson from USA The vibrations and focus are what raise my levels of health. I simply allow the tones and movement to enter my body and move my body to vibrate at the same frequency.
Jeff from USA I just felt a little more "charged" after.
Jim Davis from Canada I feel the sounds and vibration help ride the body of tension
Anonymous When my back gets affected, it's a wonderful feeling, which means I can let myself go and give trust to the music/world
John Heusler from USA I have mitro valve prolapse and at times my heart flutters about in a painful manner. It happened once while with a didge player and she layed me down, played all around my body. Almost instantly my pain stopped and I fell asleep...deeply and totally relaxed.
John from USA Relaxes my brain and relieves stress
Julian from Australia I was feeling tight one day around my chest and I was stressed out from study so I decided to play the didj for a good half and hour and at the end of it I felt more relaxed and had an over all feeling of well being.
Kenneth Shapley from United Kingdom I could not move for 10 mins after my first experience . My body felt at peace and twice as heavy as normal. My joints felt like they were free of the arthritic pain I sometimes feel and I felt balanced and powerful, friendly with the world.
Anonymous from USA Tingling all over.
Marciano Corona from Mexico Fue muy reconfortante
Mark Cotterill from Australia Hard to put in words but very powerful and enjoyable
Matthew Peterson from USA It was very relaxing, it made me want to incorporate the didge into my life
Paul O\'Keefe from Canada I had a didge healing session at a music dome called the integration. many people surrounded me and I was overwhelmed with the sensation that overcame me. The didge engulfed my body.
Richard Grossman from USA I really feel it in my heart. Like all of the pain is being vibrated out.
Scott from USA Rafael Bejarano played at a spiritual healing center near my home. it took me to another plane, resonating on the didj vibrations!
Scott Michael from USA I don't know how, it just seems to relax my back and give me rest
Sean from USA Spiritual
Anonymous The vibrations of a nice didj are so very soothing & give a gentle massage to the area surrounding where the didj is placed.
minor aches and tensions can be dissolved.
Shawn Nelson from USA The Didj has inspired something in me that I can only relate as coming from the source of creation itself to be brought into this world. I will send you an email Svargo on what has happened to me since I have gotten this Didj and how this has manifested as something I can barely comprehend.
Siobhan Mcelwee from USA Makes me giggle and enter a waking dream state
Anonymous I felt all vibrations on my chest.
Anonymous from France With two didjeridoo's and a bowl, it was the nirvana. lol
Tero from Finland I had severe back cramps, and a friend played didj on my back. after a while the cramps eased (but didn't vanish completely), and the pain eased as well. My mind felt extremely clear, not clouded by pain anymore
Thomas from USA I was at a music festival in MN and after day one I had a tension headache and we had a healing circle, were we would use massage and music to heal and at some point some one was above me playing a didj. That combined with the massage, I could feel my tension melt away.
Vic Cherikoff from Australia It's not something I can get off on.

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